Manifest Season 2, Episodes 9-10 Breakdown!

It’s all connected!!!! Or at least that is the theme going into the last few episodes of this season. Not only that but we are beginning to question the intention of the callings all together!

It’s All Connected

Last season one of Cal’s callings was him looking out of the 828 airplane saying ‘It’s all connected’. Well now we get to see what is connected. This episode opens with the same scene but then follows it up with him venturing into the baby’s room. There he finds the crib and the urge to build what he saw in his dream. The trouble is he can’t remember specifically what he saw. However, he does believe that he was awake during the those missing 5 years.

While that is happening, TJ and Olive work in the other room on deciphering the journal now that TJ is on the mend. Tj is dealing with a case of survivor’s guilt and wondering why he was saved when other died in the fire. As they work through the journal they learn that Alzura’s ship was lost at sea for 10 years. Must like 828 his men didn’t age and heard callings after returning home. On top of that, they also had a death date. However, TJ becomes worked up when he begins reading about Alzura’s thought that the callings weren’t just a blessing to help but a curse as well. He felt that for every good thing that happened there was an equal bad thing. Oh, and there is talk about a silver dragon. With TJ recently surviving the fire he worries that there is something bad coming.

This fear is only heightened as Cal becomes frustrated with not being able to build what the calling is tell him to build. Ben is getting frustrated that he is frustrated and Grace is feeling sick. Not to mention the storm. Well, we probably should mention the storm since it is actually a calling that only Ben, Grace, Cal, and TJ are experiencing. This relates back to season 1 with the Captain Bill Daly. At the time they think that the black lightning had something to do with the disappearances. While they still think that, they have become more focused on this death date. I guess this makes the question, why now? And why is everyone so angry?

Reading further into the journal they come across two pages they haven’t seen before. The first is this page with Alzura’s crew. The description talks about when they attempted to cure themselves of the death date they all went mad/crazy. This connects over into Saanvi’s storyline that I will talk about in a minute. But for the Stone family, we are seeing a touch of this as well with everyone running around like crazy. It is Olive that realizes that they are like the people on the ship, seeing things that arent there, paranoia, and Grace is even experiencing sea sickness.

TJ’s paranoia reaches the point that he wants to leave because he thinks being here is putting them all in danger. It isn’t until Ben steps in to stop him and says, ‘They’re all connected’ do they start putting things together. The storm outside seems to get more intense and when Ben looks outside he sees the exact lightning pattern that it painted in Alzura’s journal. When he looks at the page a little longer it is also highlights what it is that Cal has been trying to build, the mast and ropes of the ship.

Together they build a replica of the ship. Once they complete it Cal, Ben, TJ, and Grace are all taken into a calling where they are standing on Alzura’s ship. The silver dragon in the sky that was mentioned earlier is actgually their plane, flight 828. This shows them that they and Alzura’s ship were both in the same place at the same time. Makes you wonder where Captain Dally is and where Zeke was in his missing years.

Going Mad

Like I mentioned, Saanvi is going mad herself this episode however, her madness may be permanent. Zeke visits her for the second phase of his testing to remove the genetic anomaly that all the passangers and Zeke share. However, Zeke quickly realizes that Saanvi is not okay and decides that he will not go through with the testing because of her state. She is really in a manic type episode to the extreme. She hasn’t slept, she keeps repeating conversations, she is losing things and we know that she has had a black out before. Zeke gets through to her enough to get the name of the only other doctor that Saanvi trust, Alex, her ex.

Zeke finds Alex and convinces her to come back to check out Saanvi. After running tests she finds that Saanvi’s dopamine levels are off the chart and gives her something to counteract that. In the conversation Saanvi almost tells Alex about 828ers and what they have been experiencing but Zeke steps in and guides her off subject. After some sleep she comes to and is back to old Saanvi with no memory of what took place beforehand. She tells Alex to go and never come back to her again. I think she knows that she is in a bad way for sure.

In one of the last scenes of the episode, Ben and TJ are again looking through the journal with Ben coming to the conclusion that maybe to beat the death date you have to go through with the callings, like they are what guide you to safety. The trouble is, Saanvi has experimented and removed her genetic anomaly so what does that mean for her? Well, we see her face right there in the crowd of Alzura’s men that have gone mad.

I Just Saved Your Life

Meanwhile, Mick is in her own trouble. In the last episode she found out that Jared is now an Xer, but we know that he is really working undercover to bring them down. However, she turns this into the chief who then sends it up the chain to Internal Affairs. Jared is upset about this but the Chief knows that if she didn’t then Mick would, so at least the Chief can now keep some sense of control.

Mick openly talks with IA but quickly finds out that that doesn’t mean they are going to take it easy on her. In Fact, the tables turn because Simon slipped in Mick’s cases which raise questions about how she has been able to close so many cases that involve her family, 828ers, and anonymous tips. They even think that she had something to do with the nightclub fire because they have proof that she talked with Isiah and was at the club prior to the party that night. With all of these accusations pointed at her she calls in her Union rep.

Even with the Union rep things escalated to the point that Mick feels that she needs to turn on other officers. This is obviously dangerous and not the location to be ratting on half the precinct so they agree to meet downtown later.

Jared pays Simon a visit and learns that he is planning on having Mick killed because she is coming for the 828ers. Jared also remembers seeing the Union Rep with Simon and realizes that it is the Union Rep that is going to kill Mick on the way to this separate location for questioning. Jared has to act quickly and moves in arresting Michaela because she leaves the office. When he puts her in the cell he makes it clear to her that he just saved her life.

Our Place

By the beginning of episode 10, Mick’s lawyers have been called and we see her being released from jail. Zeke is still pretty distrusting of Jared for obvious reasons but Mick is now wondering what Jared is up to. Jared moves in to ‘take care of Mick’ for Simon to ensure that she doesn’t get killed. As she is leaving the station he slips her a piece of paper that says to meet at their place.

Their place is the park bench where he proposed to her and we see that briefly. In present time he tells her that he has come here a lot over the years. Most recently the day she turned on him in court. That led him to the bar where he realized he was in the belly of the Xer beast. Instead of joining though he began working undercover to bring them down and protect her. The bartender, Tamara, was unforeseen, innocent, and Jared really does have feelings for her. Mick admits to bugging the bar, and Jared admits that he already knew that.

On Board

With Mick and Jared talking in the park she is now on board with taking down the Xers. I love Bowers show that she puts on for the rest of the station. They share all that information they have on the Xers including that Simon is the leader. Of course, Mick know him because she met him at Ben’s house. She also finds out that he took pictures of Ben’s board from the house as well. The problem is they have nothing on Simon that would hold up in court.

they get much further though; Jared gets a call from Tamara telling him that he is needed at the bar. When he arrives, he finds that Billy has taken it upon himself to kidnap Zeke. He then breaks Jared’s phone because he found Jared’s number in there and thought that some how Zeke was using it to track Jared. Jared pulls Billy back into the main room of the bar after telling Tamara to leave. This room of the bar is bugged and he uses it to communicate with Mick. He sends not only how many guys are there, but the guns, that Zeke is there, and that they are calling Simon in.

When Simon Arrives at the bar he is not happy about what Billy has done, but one thing is clear, they have to get rid of Zeke. With the pressure from his wife he decides that they need to kill Zeke and link it back to Michaela. They then leave the bar so that nothing can be linked back to Simon. However, Michaela as well as the NYPD are waiting for him outside and with the bug now in Jared’s pocket the whole exchange was recorded.

Inside Jared steps in saying that he is going to be the one to kill Zeke since he ruined his life, but before Mick shows up he has to turn on Billy and break cover to save Zeke’s life. Mick and Bowers come in and help clear up the scene. So, Zeke is safe and for now the Xers are disbanded.

Zeke and Mick take a moment to thank Jared and put aside their hatred of each other. And while, Tamara is gone because she thinks Jared used her to take down the Xers, he is in line for a promotion to Lieutenant for his good work.

The Shadows

Meanwhile, over with the rest of the Stone’s, Olive and Cal prep for the arrival of their new little sister with a book that will explain the complicated situation surrounding the Stone family. In order to do so they are going to have to explain callings which brings out Calls sketch book. This makes them realizes that callings are pretty scary, even if they have a happy result. They end up picking the one that led to Zeke, but Cal also realizes that one of his earliest callings with the shadows was never figured out.

A Call for Help

Grace and Ben end up chasing a calling this episode that Grace has where she is standing on the banks of a river by a bridge. When looking up local brides they realize that this is the High Bride in Harlem. They head there only to find that Adrian is there. This is pretty coincidental since they talked about finding him as a way to get Mick off the hook with the club fire.

When chasing him Grace takes a small stumble which Ben doesn’t see but Adrian does. When asked what Adrian is doing here he says that he too had the calling and came to check it out. This makes Grace realize that they cannot turn him in just yet, that they need to figure out this calling first. However, that is going to get put on hold because Grace’s water breaks.

Adrian stays behind with Grace and Ben heading to the hospital. Since the pregnancy is 29 weeks along the baby should be able to survive but there is a further complication with the placenta that is going to require a special surgery. If not, the baby could die. There is one specialist in the city that can perform this surgery but they haven’t been able to reach him. This leaves Ben and Grace with deciding to save the baby by having the surgery with an untrained surgeon in the procedure risking Grace’s life or to wait. Grace wants Ben to save the baby and that is what he decides at first.

Later Olive and Ben talk on the phone where Ben tells them about the baby and they head over to the hospital. On the phone Cal sees the shadow picture and the shadows begin to expand across the page. However, they then head to the hospital to see their mom. This is when Ben decides that he needs to make sure that Grace lives for the two children they already have and ops to have the surgery without the specialist.

Over with Adrian, he stayed on the banks of the river. After some time and serious frustration he hears the calls for help that were in the callings. He sees a man in the river and jumps in to save him. He then takes him to the hospital, the same one that Grace and Ben are at, and it turns out this is the specialist they have been trying to get a hold of for Grace’s surgery.

Baby Eden is then safely born with Grace also making it through. The specialist then tells Ben about his crazy ordeal in the river and that the man that saved him is still out in the lobby. Adrian and Ben talk and while this was all proof to Ben that the callings are for good, Adrian thinks that this proves the opposite. He feels that Grace was lured to the river and fell, this led to the early labor. Sure it all worked out this time but he thinks that it is a manipulation to make them trust the callings instead of questioning them.  

This is then followed up with both Cal and Adrian seeing the shadow figures at the end of the episode. With only three episodes left this season, I am hoping we get answers!

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