Black Lighting Season 3 Finale, Episode 16 ‘Book of War, Chapter 3: Liberation’ Breakdown!

The end of another season with some drastic changes leading into season 4! This whole season has revolved around the ASA and their control of Freeland with this threat of Markovians looming over head. The last couple of episodes we finally got some Markovian action with this episode set up as the final showdown!

Invasion of Freeland

Episode 15 ended with Gravedigger arriving in Freeland and turning Jennifer into a bogie, seriously. This episode begins with the resulting fight with Black Lightning and Gravedigger. With Gravedigger all juiced up on Lynn’s meta booster he really has the advantage in any fight. Here he uses these microwave powers to cook Jefferson like a Hungry Man meal, even after Jefferson explains their relation. Jefferson musters up enough strength to fly away but not before Jennifer is taken by the Markovians.

Loose Ends

Jamillah, who we have seen sporadically this season, is documenting the invasion for her news site when she is gunned down in the street by the Markovians. Her news doesn’t make it out of Freeland with Odell blocking the transmission. He then makes the plan to pull the ASA out of Freeland. The first step of that plan is to tie up all the loose ends. This includes Dr. Jace who is killed by Commander Williams at Brandon’s apartment. This also includes Lynn who is working on an anti-booster which will strip Gravedigger of his extra powers. She tries to talk Williams out of killing her but is unsuccessful. Luckily, she gave herself meta powers and blocks the attack. She then knocks Williams out and gets back to work.

Lady Eve is another lose end, but before they kill her, they need the location of that ASA case. She gave the case to Gambi which she tells Sergeant Grey. Grey then tells her she will be relocated to Gotham City to become a member of the shadow board. Since Lady Eve has been around a while, she knows that this isn’t the move they would typically make. She realizes that the ASA is planning to nuke Freeland if the Markovians win. This revelation results in a shootout with Grey and her men. Lady Eve is hit but does get away. She tells Destiny to send word to Lala that they must get rid of the Markovians or Freeland will be destroyed.  We see this play out when Lala helps Henderson by taking out a group of Markovian soldiers.

Finding Lightning

The priorities for Gambi and TC are to locate both Jen and Odell. Gambi takes on looking for Jen and locates the building she is being held at by tracking her lightning signature. Gravedigger is holding her in a box that contains her powers but doesn’t dampen them completely. I thought this was weird since we know that meta dampeners are a thing.

Jen and Gravedigger do have a conversation where they argue the about the effect of Martin Luther King Jr and President Obama, but all this does is work them up. Gravedigger then leaves her there in order to find the pit so he can release the metas and build this Meta Eutopia he talked about.

Once Peter has Jen’s location, he sends Black Lightning and Brandon to get her and together they make quick work of her breakout. Jen and Black Lightning then head to the pit so they can stop Gravedigger together. Brandon doesn’t fly so he doesn’t go with them but we will see him at the pit later.

Pain Killer VS. Khalil

It wouldn’t be an episode of Black Lightning anymore if we didn’t have a Khalil fight scene in his mind. However, if you are going to have one it was probably the best timing. In last episode Painkiller escaped the room that he was tucked away in within Khalil’s mind and in a role, reversal trapped Khalil. He then sets out on his final ASA mission, which was to kill the Pierce family. Since he is a poetic guy, he decides to start with Jen who is mid-flight on her way to the pit. Just as Painkiller is going to take the shot, we have the fight and this time Khalil wins, hopefully once and for all. Obviously, this means that Jen is not shot down.

The Pit

Under Gambi’s direction, Henderson is at the pit entrance. The entrance ended up being some unassuming field guarded by ASA agents. When Gravedigger lands he puts the guards to sleep after ordering a small group to keep watch of the entrance in the wood and to take out Black Lightning when he arrives. To have Black Lightning’s back Henderson begins taking out the guards and in the process is shot and killed. It was a very sad moment and I really think that he was an underutilized character. Jeff stays with Henderson once he arrives until Henderson passes. They were best friends after all.

Once he passes on, Black Lightning and Jen makes their way inside where Anissa has already been working on gathering up the metas and moving them to a safe room within the pit. They say that it is designed to withstand a nuke so it should be okay against Gravedigger too.

Anissa and Grace get the meta kids hidden away just in time to face off against Gravedigger. However, this is another one of those fights that doesn’t really last long. Instead of fighting them Gravedigger influences Grace to attack Anissa. Anissa tries desperately to fight her off and, in the process, puts Grace in a coma. By the end of the episode she is still in the coma which is probably be a challenge early next season.

Black Lightning finds Lynn who has completed her work on the anti-booster serum and has it ready to shoot into Gravedigger. The plan is for Black Lightning to distract him for Lynn to take the shot. Meanwhile, Jen and Brandon have their shot with Gravedigger and go with the lava lightning method. It was cool, but not effective in stopping Gravedigger. He then uses Superman/Supergirl/Cyclops heat vision to attack them and escape.

Now for the final fight. Just as planned Black Lightning and Gravedigger fight with Lynn shooting Gravedigger in the back. With his loss of extra powers Black Lightning easily handles him and knocks him out.


Back to TC looking for Odell. Well Tc has trouble getting passed the firewall that the ASA has in place. It causes him to pass out and must rest but he comes back determined to find Odell. When he does it is just in time to learn that Odell has set a self-destruct on the pit. This leaves the team just about a minute to get out after defeating Gravedigger. While he only sees Lynn saved by Black Lightning everyone made it out in time.

For Odell, his escape is not uneventful. He gets into his black SUV with Khalil in the back waiting for him. He attempts to use the sleep word on Pain Killer but with Khalil in charge it doesn’t work. Khalil plans to kill Odell for making him kill his own mother. Black Lightning makes it in time to stop Khalil and while he lets Odell live, he does shoot him several time in the spleen.

The Tailor

The last request that Odell made was for Grey to get the case. After everything at the pit, we see her and a small team head into Gambi’s shop to get the case. However, Gambi is a one-man army on his own and with TC’s help they eliminate the last people at the ASA that knew about Black Lightning’s identity. The shop wasn’t so lucky.


With Freeland now liberated from ASA and the Markovians that only leaves tie up all of this with a pretty bow. Oh, and setting up for next season. All the metas have been stabilized and will have a same place in Freeland since most of them now have no home to go to.

Black Lightning Testifies in Gotham City to what happened in Freeland. He also turns in the ASA case as proof of the testing on black men and women. This results in not only Odell being prosecuted but the disbanding of the ASA.

As for set up for next season. Lynn is still on Green Light as we see her taking some before testifying. Gravedigger is still alive and we see him at the hearing but disguised as a witness to the testimony. We also see Tobias in Markovia planning to return to Freeland now that it has been liberated.

Black Lightning has been renewed for Season 4!

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