Walking Dead S10E11 ‘Morning Star’ Breakdown!

It has finally come to all out war with the Whispers. That is not to say that we haven’t seen them fighting all season long, but in this episode the much-awaited horde shows at the Hilltop with Alpha ready to take them all out. This was pushed by Lydia choosing Darryl in the last episode instead of her essentially pushing Alpha to cut ties with Lydia once and for all.

Make Them Beg

After Negan and Alpha hooked up, he has almost become the new Beta. They trade romantic beating with switches and he even tries to give her tactical advice. He is hoping that she can push her to make the Hilltop people beg for their life and then make them join the Whisperer ranks. She does seem to agree to this plan for now, but this is more of Negan’s style than Alpha’s, even if Negan now officially has a Whisperer skin. One thing for sure, they have a plan going in with these sap sacs.

A Date

It’s been awhile since we have seen Eugene with everyone stuck in the cave thanks to Carol among other things. What we shouldn’t forget is these conversations he has been having over the radio with this mystery girl, Stephanie. They’re conversations are just between them with both promising not to tell their people because her people are abundantly cautious and won’t take this well. If you read the comics then you know this is most likely leading into the Commonwealth storyline. However, the show is different sometimes even if it still seems the likely scenario. What he does learn in this conversation is that she is also located in Virginia because she saw the satellite fall back in the first episode of this season. Eugene thinks that it is time to finally have a face to face since they are closer than originally thought. She agrees to talk to her people but doesn’t want him yet telling his people.

His people find out anyway, or at least Rosita finds out. She is in from Alexandria after the attack. She arrives with Aaron and Mary. She overhears Stephanie on the radio while Eugene is busy and answers her. Eugene jumps in but not fast enough. From this point, Stephanie goes quiet while a frustrated Eugene takes his anger out on Rosita.

Later, Rosita finds Eugene out working on part of the Hilltop defense. They talk not only about Rosita keeping the incoming attack from Gabriel and Alexandria, but also Eugene’s love life. She uses the offer of a kiss to test Eugene’s feelings making him realize just how much he is digging this Stephanie. When he returns to Hilltop right before the battle, he sings to her the song they talked about in the opening and she sings back to him, it was a real Dustin/Susie moment. They then set up a location and agree to meet in a week.

She’s not the Enemy

Like I mentioned, Mary came to Hilltop with Rosita and Aaron so that she would have the chance to meet her niece. However, the niece has been taken care of by Earl after his wife and the others were killed by the Whisperers last season. So, not only are Earl and Alden attacked to the baby but they are distrusting of the Whisperers that left the baby in the field and killed their loved ones.

That doesn’t mean that Mary doesn’t try. At one point she does get within a few feet of her nephew but is stopped by Alden who makes it clear that Earl is a good father and is doing in the memory of the ones that died. On top of that, these kids are the reason that they fight to begin with. Even with Aaron making it clear that she is against Alpha, Alden doesn’t budge. She does fight with the Whisperers later so I guess we will see in the next episode (if she lives) if she gets to see the baby.

My Mother’s Coming

Shortly after Aaron and the others from Alexandria arrive, Kelly and her crew plan to head out to the cave looking for Connie and Magna. However, just as they go to depart Lydia and Darryl make it in with the news that Alpha is on her way with the horde of walkers. This makes any plans to save Connie and Magna out of question. However, it doesn’t mean that their other plans are cut and dry.

Initially the plan is to get the kids and other non-fighters out of Hilltop and make it to Oceanside where they will make a stand against the Whisperers. However, the Negan-style roadblocks make them head back to Hilltop. If course now they know that Negan is with the whisperers. They also must mount a defense in a short amount of time with only a few able-bodied fighters. They also know that even with a call out to Alexandria and Oceanside that they would not get here in time to help fight.


I guess lonely is the best way to describe Carol. Her and Ezekiel finally have a talk after she has been avoiding him since Henry’s death. I mean, they do more than talk, but with Ezekiel’s cancer diagnoses he only has a short time left to live anyway. Mostly this is just an old itch that gets scratched because when it is over, she is still closed off from him.

Lydia is the one that sees her best. She knows because she is also grieving Henry and dealing with complicated feelings about her mother. She points out that people recognize that she is grieving Henry and Alpha is a terrible mother which makes people distance themselves from them. That makes her lonely which is why is the same way that Carol is feeling.

Get the Kids Out

As Yumiko, Kelly and others are fortifying the walls and making a barrier they see mice running from the woods which is a sign that the horde is getting close. They pull into their defensive positions.

Inside Darryl talks with Ezekiel and while they haven’t always seen eye to eye, they make an agreement that if Hilltop gets to the point of no return, that one of them will work to get the kids to safety. Darryl then talks with Judith and while she is ready to fight, she is still too young. He admits to her that he is scared which makes her admit that she is scared for RJ, Michonne, Darryl, and Carol. He tells that is just a reminder of who she is fighting for, which is probably exactly how he is feeling as well. She then gifts him an update to his signature vest, a blue angel wing.

We also have these two moments with Carol. She is first looking at the picture of Glenn that was hung by Maggie when she was running Hilltop, it hangs with the other members of her family. Then we have Darryl out where Glenn is buried. Carol sees him there and she makes a comment about him hating her now. However, he tells her that he could never hate her and then walks away.

The Battle of Hilltop

While this battle only lasts moments, it is monumental for the show. The defenses that they have put in place are just not enough as both the electrical wire and the barrier give way quickly. They also didn’t count on these sap sacks. They are shot at them and then set on fire with arrows. This basically traps them between the barrier they created and the now burning walls of Hilltop.

With Negan and Alpha, he asks her about her tactics since she agreed that she was going to give them them the chance to join. However, her plan is for them to join, as members of the horde. The episode ends there but I will link the trailer for the next episode below!

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