Supergirl S5E14 ‘The Bodyguard Breakdown!

This episode finally brings the long-awaited launch of the new Obsidian Lenses we have been hearing so much about. Obviously, this isn’t going to be a smooth launch because, well, it’s a superhero show. On top of that, the story lines are getting all muddled with Lex having his hand in everything trying to get at the leviathan. However, I think this will all lead to some sort of pay off in the finale.

Non Nocere

The Obsidian launch isn’t the only breakthrough happening this episode. With the deal negotiated by Lex between Obsidian and Luthorcorp, both the lens and Non Nocere are ready for their next phases. While Lena is not ready to launch her experiment on the general population, she is ready for human testing and Lex basically gives her a prison to do it in.

This re-introduces us to Steve a man in prison that is bullied by another prisoner Toby, but also the newsletter writer that loves Kara but hates Supergirl. With Lena’s experiment Toby goes from a torturer to a friend that invites Steve to lunch. However, Steve who has been conditioned to being beaten by Toby cannot handle this nice new part of Toby and now he wants to act out against Toby on revenge.

Lena then struggles with how to help Steve. Back at the lab it is Lex that helps her and reminds her that the project she is working on here is going to be life changing but she needs to make sure that she is doing it out of the betterment of the human race and not revenge on Supergirl, he has lived that life and it didn’t work out for him. When Lena visits Steve again she has a fix that takes away all the negative feeling he had which deems this part of the project a success.

The Launch

With the Launch of Obsidian, we have an attack on Andrea to stop the launch from happening. Andrea is on the elevator when she is attacked and then saved by Supergirl. When arriving in her office she finds her would be killers manifesto citing that this launch is bad, specifically that it will prohibit real world interactions.

However, no attack is going to stop this launch. At the DEO, Brainy learns of the attack and Lex thinks that this is the perfect time to get in further with the Leviathan. Not only is Gemma the head of Obsidian, but she is also a Leviathan. He then calls up Supergirl and uses the leverage of knowing her identity as a way of forcing her to be Andrea’s new bodyguard. With Supergirl on board, Lex then approaches Gemma with an offer to take care of this situation in order to give her and her people the anonymity they want. She agrees with the guarantee that there will be not be a second chance.

Meanwhile, Supergirl stops over at the Tower with J’onn and Alex to tell them about the attack and that the suspect is likely a Chlorophyllian because of the pink energy that was emitted. Alex and J’onn head over to the alien bar to get any information about a known Chlorophyllian. They learn about a Chlorophyllian that was living in an old farmhouse outside the city into military tech. Alex calls Brainy hoping he will give her information on Chlorophyllian in that area and while he finds some, he tells her there is nothing. After he feels guilty and consults another version of himself in the big brain and is reminded that he must stay this course even if it means he won’t get invited to the next Thanksgiving.

Still on Bodyguard duties, Supergirl runs into William who is also following Andrea around all day for a story. This gives them time to talk about his doubts about the lenses as well. He even confesses to her that it was Kara that helped him to see that the feeling of having friends and connections in the real world is superior to the feeling in the Obsidian reality. As soon as this love fest is over, they are attacked again by the Chlorophyllian. Supergirl saves Andrea with her super cape and the alien leaves. Kara is ready to lock Andrea up in a secure location, but Andrea convinces her with the ‘this is my father’s legacy’ talk and Kara decides to allow her to finish the launch.

Alex and J’onn follow up at the farmhouse even though Brainy told them there wasn’t a Chlorophyllian there. However, they find evidence showing not only that an alien lives there but they are making these specialized military gauntlets. Upon further digging they even learn that there prime Chlorophyllian suspect has been dead for awhile when they read the suicide note he left for his wife. In it he talks about being consumed by the VR Obsidian world. When he was fired from Obsidian, he became upset and killed himself.

This leads them to believe that the wife is behind the attacks which is proven moments later when she comes in the barn and attacks J’onn. The gauntlet can absorb his psychic energy and he passes out. Not that Alex is no longer a member of the DEO she doesn’t have a weapon which means that she can’t stop the alien or save J’onn. So, she calls for Supergirl.

Supergirl flies in, puts out the fire, and saves Alex and J’onn. Then she immediately heads over to Catco/Obsidian where Amy is now attacking looking to stop the launch.  However, these gauntlets also suck Supergirl’s powers. William jumps in front of her to save Supergirl and then Dreamer stops Amy’s attack, however, Amy does run off.

She ends up in the Obsidian Chamber and is absorbing the energy that is powering the Obsidian servers. With their power depleting Brainy and Andrea work to stop the Obsidian servers sucking up the city’s energy and blowing all the Luthor Power Cells. The hitch is that there is a fail safe that Brainy can’t get past that was put in place by Lex. Luckily though Supergirl talks Amy off the ledge before the city blows up.

Brainy later takes this up with Lex, but Lex is uninterested in hearing about the people that could have been hurt when his sole purpose was to get on the Leviathan’s good side. While this seemed to be a disaster, Lex can spin this to Gemma which allows for him to be the ambassador for the Leviathan in exchange for the chance to meet them.

Walking Through Walls

One thing I didn’t mention was Andrea accidentally walking through a wall with her shadow ability. We know that she can do this from the good ol’ Earth-38, but on Earth Prime that storyline played out different and she was never called upon by the Leviathan. However, now she is discovering this new power.

Hand of a Soldier

Alex really struggled this episode with her departure of the DEO. Almost like she isn’t sure what her purpose is anymore. J’onn recently experienced the same thing and tells her that this is going to take time, however, he does give her a way to protect herself. A Martian device that allows her to have any weapon that she can imagine in her mind, but I imagine that they will stick to her trusty gun. With some training she will be back in action in no time.

It’s a Date

And for this Kara and William thing they have going on. Last episode Kara told William that she didn’t like him because she didn’t want to have a relationship built on lies. However, with some consideration she has decided that she will go out with him for dinner. Yes, we are going to have to witness this.

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