Batwoman S1E14 ‘Grinning From Ear to Ear’ Breakdown!

A Dent has entered the building! But not the Harvey Dent we would have like to have seen. Instead we get his crazy ass niece with facial dysmorphia, but even that is better than no Dent at all, right? Batwoman in this new post-crisis Earth has been interesting with the appearance of a new Beth that was quickly shot and killed an episode later. However, with that storyline everyone thinks that the real Alice is dead, Jacob is released from prison, and Alice discovers that her originally foe and kidnapper, Courtright is back in Gotham.

Duela Dent

Like I said, we have the introduction of Duela Dent in this episode with a look into the past when she used a mirror to carve up her own face. Since that time, she was forced to have plastic surgery by her mother and then spent some hefty time in psychiatric care. However, not she is taking her cutting a step further and fixing other socialites. We don’t see the first attack but have the pleasure of seeing the second which puts this on Batwoman and the Crow’s radar.

Kate seeks out Mary since she is also from the socialite scene even if she has fallen from grace with the death of her mother among other things. She tells Kate that all the victims have one thing in common, they have all had plastic surgery and all saw Dr. Campbell.

This should ring a bell. Dr. Campbell is the forensic plastic surgeon that helps Jacob get out of prison. He is also Arthur Courtright in a mask. Mary offers to help because she has secretly figured out that Kate is Batwoman, but Kate denies the request.

Instead Kate sends in Sophie to talk with Dr. Campbell. He tells her about one patient that may fit the bill, Duela Dent. Batwoman then heads to her house to find a hit list with Myrtis Dinker circled as the next target. Well, after she kills her mom right in front of Batwoman.

Again, Batwoman heads to Mary for help to identify Myrtis Dinker since she is not coming up in any records. Mary tells her that she changes not only her name, but her face, and goes by Veronica May now. Plus, she practically lives in her cosmetic truck promoting her products. Luke locates the hot pink van with Batwoman heading to check it out. Sophie arrives on the scene around the same time to warn Batwoman that the crows are on the way. From the scene they realize that Duela has already been there and has taken Veronica.

She has Veronica in a nearby warehouse where Veronica’s products are made hanging over a vat on something that looks serious. Sophie and Batwoman arrive in time to stop Duela. They tie her up, alert the crows and then leave. However, when the crows arrive, she is gone. Well, she has been moved and is not faceless. More on that in a second.

Where is My Mouse?

So, Alice knows about Courtright being in town posing as Dr. Campbell and that he has Mouse. Not only does she have some unresolved issued with Courtright but she really wants Mouse back. When she learns about a 16-year-old that claims she had surgery performed on her by Dr. Campbell that she did not consent to, Alice realizes that she can use this. It just so happens that this girl is Duela.

When Batwoman and Sophie leave Duela ties up for the Crows, it is Alice who cuts her lose for them both to get revenge on the same man that ruined both of their lives. Alice takes her face and uses it to get close to Courtright. She then kidnaps him and bring them back to her hideout. He basically wants her to just kill him but she not only wants him to die a slow painful death, but she wants to know where her Mouse is, he agrees to tell her.

Of course, it isn’t that cut and dry. Courtright told Mouse that Alice is dead, shows him the obituary and then pumps him full of fear toxin. This is going to be an interesting reunion.

Never Be More Than This

In the last episode we had the sizzling kiss with Batwoman and Sophie. Now, Sophie still doesn’t know that Kate is Batwoman, but what does that matter? Sophie confesses to Mary about her fling with Batwoman which concerns Mary since she found out on her own that Kate is Batwoman. While Luke warns Kate that if Batwoman is in a relationship the other person is always in danger. This is something that he learned working with Bruce.

Batwoman then asks Sophie to meet up to end things but that just results in another kiss. However, that is broken up by a surprise visit from Sophie’s mom. We know from earlier conversation that Sophie’s family is anti-gay which is why she has never felt comfortable coming out.

Her mother isn’t happy to learn that she is not only suspended from the Crows but split from Tyler. Sophie says that she fell out of love with Tyler and that her beliefs may no longer align with the crows, but instead Batwoman. Now while her mother supported Batman, she does not feel the same about the lesbian Batwoman.

Later, after bringing down Duela, Batwoman finally takes the moment to talk with Sophie and tell her that this is more complicated than she thinks and that it cannot go on. Obviously, this is for her own protection, but Kate knows too that Sophie could never be in a public relationship with a woman. However, Sophie then goes to her mother and tells her that she broke up with Tyler not because she fell out of love, but that she was never in love. She also tells her that she was once in love and it was with a woman. Her mother is very disappointed and ends up leaving upset.

Trust Goes Both Ways

I have mentioned a couple times now that Mary figured out the identity of Batwoman in the last episode and for most of the episode she seems fine with it, although I think she wants in on the action. However, when she runs into Alice and learns that she has known, Mary gets upset thinking that Kate just hasn’t trusted her. At the end of the episode Mary goes and sees Kate. She tells her that she never once feared that Kate would turn her in for her illegal clinic/Double life and it would have been nice to have the return trust. Basically, telling Kate that she knows that she is Batwoman. However, Kate doesn’t admit it and lets her walk away.

Trouble with the Crows

One last little storyline thrown in here. While Jacob was in prison he was attacked and then saved by a man named Reggie Harris. Reggie is the man convicted of killing Lucius Fox, Batman’s tech guy and Luke’s father. Now, there were already issued with his case because of the corruptions brought to light by the Executioner from a few episodes back. Now, he is calling in a favor to Jacob to get out of prison. However, the more that Jacob investigates the case the more he thinks that there may be corruption in the Crows. Apparently, there is a payout on the case to the shop owner where Lucius was killed and missing surveillance. This has Jacob calling Sophie hoping she can come back and help him investigate this. Even though she has Batwoman issues, he ultimately trusts her.

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