The Rookie S2E13 ‘Follow-Up Day’ Breakdown!

Finally, back in the regular swing of things, we have an episode filled with long lost half brothers, strippers, and a shit statue. Yes, a shit statue. There are also those touching and heartfelt moments that we love as well.


This episode John finds out toward the beginning that his father is dead after not communicating with him in the last 35 years. With the news came a fourteen-dollar check and a Chevelle, the same car that his father left in all those years ago. This news hits Nolan in a weird place and has him a little off focus in the morning meeting and when first hitting the streets.

All the rookies this episode work on follow-up on cases for detectives that are in danger of going cold. For Nolan and Harper, they stop at a gas station that was recently robbed and left the wife dead. During the initial report the only thing take was some money and alcohol, the owner says he later noticed there was also a book of lottery tickets stolen as well. With all the tickets monitored by the state this is going to be the way that they catch him.

However, Nolan gets yet another surprise. A brother. Played by Pete Davidson, Pete Nolan was unexpected but hilarious this episode. His introduction to John is punching him in the face after John makes a comment about his dad not being worth much. From there it is only uphill. Nolan chooses not to press charges and instead invites Pete to hang out but Pete is giving a pass on that and heads out.

It’s a Date

Also, this episode, John finally works up the courage to ask Grace out on a date when running into her at the hospital. She agrees and the plan is to meet that night for dinner and John’s recently renovated house. Before that though, John must get through the rest of his shift. At the station they are alerted hat there is a subject in custody for their case.

They know that she isn’t the robber because the suspect was a male, but she did have one of the stole lottery tickets. Chastity tells them that it was given to her at the strip club she works at. Then john and her review video together. He tells her about his date and she gives him the advice to be honest with Grace about his fears. When walking Chastity out of the station Pete is there waiting to apologize for the way he left things. He then leaves with Chastity for dinner after bumming the money from John.  

That night John and Grace have their date and he takes Chastity’s advice on being honest when things get awkward. This leads to an almost kiss as they are interrupted by Pete stealing John’s inheritance from in front of the house.

 He knows that Pete was behind this and they head to the motel. He is there with Chastity and the car. Grace and Chastity go for a walk together while Pete and John have a chance to talk. Pete admits to John that he and their father spend hours working together on the car and he thinks that it was overcompensation for leaving John. Of course, considering he was an alcoholic, things weren’t rainbows and sunshine either. John realizes in this conversation that he was probably better off not knowing his father. Pete decides to give John to car to honor their father, oh and he also gives him half the ashes.

While this is not the date, they had planned this is certainly one for the books and ends in that kiss they started. By the end of the episode they agree over a phone call to go on another date. John also agrees to let Pete keep the car after he steals it again.

Stand Off

With all of that there is still a case to solve. The next day Nolan and Harper are told about another man that attempted to cash in a ticket. He tells them that he got the ticket from a friend named Cole. Later there is a call letting them know that Cole was spotting attempting to cash in a big ticket, however, lottery rules prohibit large tickets from being cashed at the gas station so Cole is going to have to make a trip to Sacramento.

Harper and Nolan head to the bus station looking for Cole. Nolan finds him which leads to a chase. Instead of going down without a fight, Cole holds a gun to a baby’s head. He just wants to get on a bus to cash his ticket, he didn’t mean to kill anyone. With some tough ‘the world doesn’t owe you anything’ talk from John, Cole finally gives up and is arrested.

Moving on Up

Over this season we have seen Tim working to move up in the force, specifically to a sergeant. Sometime recently he took the test and today is the day the results are gong to be in. Before they learn anything, they must do their follow up. They go see a man named Neven who recently calling in a home invasion. Neven was once a man of the street but recently straightened up after a stint in prison and turning his life around by opening a donut shop. However, Marquel a local gang leader has other ideas. He not only was behind the previous call, but he is also there at the shop when Tim and Lucy arrive.

Neven refuses to give any information knowing that it will only make his situation worse in the long run. Just them being in the shop gets Neven beaten and in the hospital. Tim and Lucy talk with his wife who finally admits that Marquel is putting pressure on Neven to launder money for him through his shop and is giving Neven 24 hours to decide.

This puts Tim in a tough position, if they arrest Marquel then his men will kill Neven. However, they must do something to help. He talks with Sergeant Grey about it and he thinks that they should allow the laundering to happen so they can arrest Marquel and all his men, but this will also hurt Neven and his shot at leading a clean life. Grey tells him that this is the kind of decisions that a Sergeant must make and Tim needs to get used to it since he placed 8th in the exam placement which means he is looking at moving up soon. Maybe even in the next two weeks, something he must think about.

Tim and Lucy head out and talk with Marquel thinking that maybe they can talk some sense into him but he tells Tim and Lucy that he has plans for Neven and isn’t willing to let him off the hook. Tim comes up with an alternative plan. He turns Neven’s donut shop into a cop hot spot for donuts making it undesirable for illegal activity. He also tells Lucy that he isn’t ready to move up, he isn’t done training her yet.

A Shit Statue and Hidden Garbage

For Angela and West, this episode is out of control. Their follow up case is chasing down a stolen statue that looks like a turd. When talking with the family it turns out that the wife hated it as well. Then they canvas the neighborhood and the neighbors agree. When checking on the last house they find the culprit literally stuck under the shit. When booking him at the station though, Angela finds an unexpected person in lock up, Wesley’s mom.

Melanie is being held for having an unregistered gun in her car during a traffic stop. Angela calls in Wesley and his mom confesses to him that the weapon was giving to her by Christian, a younger man that she has been seeing that works at her house. He promises not to tell Angela where the gun came from right before she fires him for the family lawyer.

Angela then delivers the bad news that the gun was not only unlicensed, but it was used in an armed robbery making his mother and accessory. Tired of the games, Wesley convinces his mom to take him back as the lawyer and then talks her into turning on Christian. West and Angela then head out looking for Christian which results in a hilarious chase with West ending up hit with a sprinkler and Christian hiding in a trash can. By the end of the day, Angela and Wesley end up at dinner with his mom and promise to spend more time with her.

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