Manifest S2E8 ‘Carry On’ Breakdown!

In the last episode we have a pretty devastating club fires that killed several 828 passengers including TJ and Finn. In this episode we have everyone dealing with the aftermath. For Olive and Ben, this mean grieving for TJ while Mick and Drea investigate not only the fire but whatever Jared has been up to.


One of the last things TJ did before he died was to secure this journal from Al-zura, the creator of the tarot deck with the peacock. When Ben looked through it at the end of last episode there was the picture that mimicked him saving Olive and a bright light. In this episode when he re-examines the book, he gets a calling of chanting. Worried about what this means he calls Mick, but she did not get this calling. Since Ben’s last calling led to people dying, he feels this calling more urgently than most.

Since Olive was in the image, he thinks that maybe she in connected to this now, but she isn’t really interested in helping as she is still upset with grief. He suggests going to the memorial but she isn’t ready for that right now either. So, Ben heads to the memorial alone and while there he again has the chant calling. This time he follows it and it leads him to a Buddhist meditation center. If you remember, TJ’s mother was Buddhist and he talked with Olive about giving her a ceremony when he returned home.

When Ben gets home, he tells Olive about what he found and this piques her interest. Together they brainstorm and think that maybe this calling is telling them that they should have a Buddhist memorial for TJ. While Olive doesn’t care about what the calling says, she thinks that TJ would have liked it.

Together this time they head to the meditation center. They hold a little remembrance of TJ and talk about him. However, when leaving Ben once again hears the chanting. This time it leads them to the basement of the center and a door that leads into old mining or coal tracks. As they move further, they begin to feel the ash in the air which means they are close to the club from last episode. As they get closer the chanting stops and they can hear another voice, TJ’s voice! Turns out he wasn’t dead after all. To explain the bracelet Mick found, TJ says that Isiah ended up with it in the struggle at the club.

Simon and the Xers

At the beginning of the episode as the family is grieving for TJ, Simon stops by and talks with Ben. When he ‘goes to the bathroom’ he sneaks into the garage and takes pictures Ben’s board and investigations. This gives him tons of knowledge about the 828 passengers. He later meets with the Xers and while we don’t get specifics, we know that there is something big in the works. Jared and Simon have a brief conversation and raises concerns about other Xers like Billy potentially ruining the plan.

Jared later brings up Simon’s concerns to Billy but Billy is the typical hot head and this leads to an argument with Jared and Billy. Jared walks away for now.

Stake Out

While Jared is worrying about getting in with the Xers, Drea realizes when Jared is sure about the Xers didn’t have anything to do with the club fire that he may be in with the Xers himself. She shares these concerns with Mick and together they investigate it. They follow him to the bar and see him leave after his argument with Billy and witness him kissing Tamara. Mick admits that it is awkward but she also needs to know what Jared is up to since this type of bar isn’t really Jared’s scene.

Mick can’t exactly walk in because she is a well-known 828 passenger so Drea goes in. She hustles Billy not only for money but also learns that he is in fact and Xer. When they come out Mick takes pictures which they use for facial recognition and get information on Billy. This is enough to confirm Drea’s findings. But where do they go from here?

Mick calls in a favor to the judge from Zeke’s trial and heads to the bar herself. She talks with Tamara and warns her that she knows about Jared and Billy being Xers and that there is going to be repercussions. This is kind of her moment to warn them that something bad is going to happen and this is their out. Tamara doubles down not giving any information, but mick didn’t need her to, she planted a bug.

They take their findings to the chief about Jared and Billy along with recording from the bar and the warrant. The chief takes the information and tells them that she will take care of it. Michaela is concerned that this is all her fault, but Drea being an excellent partner comforts her. As for Jared, the chief shows him both the recording and the information that Mick collected and this really confirms that Jared is working undercover and not really a Xer.

Freezing to Death

Mick has other problems as well. After the fire last episode Zeke discovered that he didn’t burn from the fire but instead got frostbite and it is only getting worse. He is basically freezing to death. Saanvi investigates it and admits to him that she has a serum that got rid of the anomaly and the callings. Zeke is interested in using the serum, but there seems to be issues with the serum.

Saanvi isn’t just not getting callings but she is also now missing gaps of time after kissing her ex in the park and then not remembering it later. This is pretty concerning not only for her but the other passengers and Zeke.

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