The Rookie S2E12 ‘Now and Then’ Breakdown!

After the last two very intense episodes, this episode is all about getting back to normal as Lucy heals from her traumatic kidnapping and attempted murder. We also have Nolan’s son Henry and his finance in town this episode with Abigail aspiring to be a police officer like John. Plus, there is some relationship drama for Jackson as well.

Back in the Saddle

Four weeks have passed in the timeline since last week’s episode and Lucy is coming back for her first day after being passed both physically and mentally. However, both Tim and Nyla know from being experience as an officer and as two people that have dealt with trauma that this is going to be hard. Tim’s plan is to throw her in and let her fight it out, which is a good plan, but Nyla wants to work with her about how to handle this situation as a woman. Tim agrees to allow for Lucy to ride with Nyla to help her work through some of those things.

For Lucy, one step in her recovery is going to be getting the tattoo removed which is going to require four more weeks before that can happen. In the meantime, she is covering it with concealer. She also doesn’t want clapped into the morning meeting which they do for officers that were injured in the line that come back on shift. Nolan is unable to pull the strings to make that happen. She gets her assignment with Nyla and then heads out on the street.

Lucy is obviously confused about why she is with Nyla instead of Tim and Nyla eventually tells her it is because she can relate better to what she is going through. Of course, for Lucy, until you have had a serial killer date that tattoos the day, he is going to kill you on your ribs, you can’t relate.

When Jackson and Angela get a call later Lucy is ready to jump in and aid. Then later at the station her and Abigail talk briefly and even hug, they know each other just from hanging out last time Abigail was in town. Tim takes the moment of down time with Lucy to make sure she is going okay or if she needs anything. She only replies with her wanting a time machine which he wishes he could provide.

After shift, Nyla and Angela decide to get Lucy not only back in the saddle at work, but also in the dating department. Nyla knows that after going on a date with a serial killer that Lucy is not trusting her judgement and this is a way for her to talk with people to get back that feeling of trust within herself. For the most part this goes well until a guy goes to remove a piece of string from her sweater and she puts him down on the ground.

The next morning Angela tells Tim about Lucy’s moment and they both agree that she will work through it. Then with Nyla, she takes the time before going on patrol to share with her a situation that happened to her when a fellow officer took advantage of her when she was drunk. While it is not the same, it certainly is trauma and she just wants Lucy to face it instead of burying it like she did.

At the end of the shift, Tim finds Lucy working out on the punching bag. He sees her tattoo which him and John talked about earlier, but Tim knows all to well that the scars on the inside are just as bad. He confides that in Lucy now, and they both recognize that they are not the same thing. However, he sees the tattoo on her ribs not just as the day she could have died, but the day that she survived and the first day of the rest of her life.  He then tosses back to her the ring he found in the last episode that led to him finding her. He is giving it back to her now that they are going to be back on patrol together. Yes, I know you guys are shipping them now, but honestly, they have had this chemistry all along.

Ride Along

For John, he spends his day riding with Tim and Abigail. She is interested in becoming an officer after being inspired by John himself. Henry does not want her to be an officer and hopes that his dad will scare Abigail out of wanting to be a cop. However, this girl is tough as nails. Not only does she handle the scene of a possible jumper well, but she also goes with John and Tim to the family’s house to notify them that Heston, their son and brother is dead. With the sister, she comforts her until her brother’s friend Everest arrives. The sister is certain that Everest had something to do with Heston’s death but he says that he didn’t. However, because of the altercation they had, John and Tim take him back to the station. And yes, Abigail totally nut kicked him.

While Everest is by no means a stand-up guy, he does have an alibi for the time of Heston’s death. This also completes Abigail’s ride along. Tim is impressed with her but when he finds out about her previous arson incident, he tells Nolan that there is no chance she will become an officer. While Abigail is heartbroken this is the first loss that she has suffered because of this one incident. When she leaves the room, Henry admits that he is glad that she can’t be an officer and this is when John almost tears into him about not supporting her. That as a husband he needs to not control her and call it protecting, instead he should be showing empathy and honesty.

Back at work, John and Tim learn that Heston wasn’t a suicide but murdered. Plus, he had chemical burns are his arms. They think that he and Everest must have been cooking meth since they were previously arrested for stealing cleaning supplies. They head back to the trailer park looking for Everest when they see the biker gang pull in that was leaving last time they were there. They realize that Heston and Everest must have been making and selling meth in their territory and Heston paid the price.

Tim and Nolan call in back up, when they move in John realizes that his truck is there. Abigail came back to check up on the sister and now her and Henry are being held inside by the biker gang. The team moves in and Nolan saves both Henry and Abigail.

Afterward, Henry comes clean with Abigail and while she is disappointed in him for being underestimates, she agrees that they can work it out.

In the Spotlight

For Jackson, this episode explores the strain that being in the public eye can put on an officer. The night before him and his boyfriend, Sterling, did a red-carpet event for his work where Jackson was photographed. Grey calls in out in the morning meeting but he only thinks that he is being razzed. Angela warns him that it was more of a warning to no do it again. The consequences drop on Jackson when he is recognized by a group of girls when him and Angela are trying to make an arrest. Luckily, Lucy and Harper were there to help.

He asks Angela for advice and she thinks that it may be wise to end things with Sterling. That night, Jackson tries to talk Sterling into staying in because being in the public effects his job, however, these events are part of Sterling’s job and he leaves. Jackson then eats two whole pizzas while in the bowels of depression.

All is not lost though, because Sterling and Jackson stage a very public break up to make the press think that they are no longer together while they secretly still date.

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