The Flash S6E13 ‘Grodd Friended Me’ Breakdown!

Based on the title we all know that our friendly neighborhood gorilla is going to be dropping in for his annual episode, but in this post-crisis world things shake out a little differently. The team is pretty scattered this episode with Cisco still on his trip around the world cataloguing Metas and changes. Ralph is off in search of Sue Dearbon after she left him at the bank last episode, and Iris is trapped in the mirror dimension while this mirror doppelganger takes over her life. At the beginning of this episode Frost is out talking with Ramsey Rosso in prison but will be appearing in the episode as well.

Stuck on the Past

Barry struggles at the beginning of this episode with letting go of the past, more specifically his Earth-1 past. In the first scene he is looking for his parent’s graves which have moved when he gets a meta attack call. This call has Hartley Rathaway attacking a jewelry store which is different from how Barry remembers Hartley. Now he is the Pied Piper with powers beyond just his gauntlets that allow for him to get away from The Flash.

Then back at the lab Barry deals with the changes to the ‘team’. With all of them off in different directions he now has Kamilla and Chester on comms, two relatively new faces. Chester learns in this scene that Barry IS the Flash, so he really has some learning to do. Barry is currently working on his earpieces when Chester makes a modification. Barry gets upset and lashes out that he isn’t even a member of the team and should not being messing with things. Upset Chester leaves and Barry confesses to Kamilla that he is struggling with this new Earth Prime.

Later Barry tries on the earpiece and with the modifications it causes him to pass out. When he comes to, he is in a cage at the mercy of Caitlin and Eobard Thawne’s Harrison Wells. Barry attempts to communicate with Eobard and Caitlin but it isn’t until Eobard calls him a Gorilla that he realizes he is in Grodd’s mind.

Grodd attempts to explain to Barry that he is a changed Gorilla and that he is not doing this to hurt Barry, however, Barry knocks him out the first chance he gets and attempts to escape his mind. Of course, there is a problem with that, Solovar is the gatekeeper blocking his exit.

Second Chances

When Frost returns to Star Labs, they find Barry passed out in the speed lab. She hooks him up to the memory machine recognizing that he is in someone else’s mind after recently dealing with Bloodwork. It isn’t long before she realizes that Barry is stuck in Grodd’s mind. If you remember back to last season, the last time we saw Grodd he stole King Shark’s crown to mind control the people of Central City. That crown was later modified to trap him in his own mind which is where he has been. However, with Barry in Grodd’s mind this is causing stress to the crown which will soon begin to fail since it wasn’t designed for two minds.

Chester is upset thinking that he did this to Barry and walks out. Frost follows him and offers him a second chance. She also tells him that at one point or another they have all almost killed Barry, even the janitor. However, Chester is still reluctant to accept this second chance.

For Grodd and Barry, they must agree to give each other a second chance if they are going to make it out of this alive. Barry goes on a limb putting the past aside and not only works with Grodd, but they mind sync in order to take on Solovar. Apparently Grodd aspires to move to Gorilla city and live a life in gorilla peace.

Through the memory machine Frost sees the merge of their mind and finally can communicate with Barry. She informs him that if they exit Grodd’s mind trap together then they will both die; this means that they are going to have to un-sync at precisely the same moment they exit. This is when Chester steps in with the idea to have Gideon linked in to make that possible. The first problem though is to motivational speech Grodd into defeating Solovar and making to the exit. By reminding Grodd to look to the future Barry helps Grodd fight off Solovar, plus Grodd has his speed.

After the encounter Barry talks with ARGUS and they work out a probationary agreement for Grodd to move to Gorilla City to live his life in peace. For Barry, he talks with Chester and makes him officially part of the team plus Chester helps locate his parent’s graves.

Buying Time

Iris is still working on getting out of the Mirror Dimension with her Mirror Doppelganger is still investigation Joseph Carver. She goes to the CCPD to talk with Joe about any leads he may have and while he has some, he cannot share them with her because this has become a whole task force affair. She gets pretty upset with Joe but reels it in quickly and invites Joe to lunch later. Then she ‘forgets the time she told him’ so she can use the moment to sneak back into his officer and download all the information the CCPD has on Carver.

Meanwhile, the real Iris is motivating Eva to work on getting out of the other dimension. She goes back to the beginning and thinks that the project that Eva was working on may be what they need to get out of there. She builds the machine but then acts reluctant to use it. When Iris is confused, she shows her that the machine does open the barrier but when passed through they become badly burned making this not an option.

Iris patches her up but when leaving to get more bandages, Eva drops her injured act and talks with the Iris in the real dimension. She has the exact same burns to which Eva tells her that she was buying them time and then goes on to heal her. This shows us that Eva is not only connected to this Mirror Iris, but she has some other plan for having her here.

He is Coming

Over with Nash, he has been having some issues since Crisis which includes seeing other versions of Harrison Wells. In the early part of this episode he is working on a machine that will ‘catch particles’ and asks Allegra for her help with powering it up. Sherloque Wells from last season appears to him and tells him this isn’t going to work right before it blows up in their faces. In the explosion this also reveals to Allegra that Nash and one of her doppelgangers are somehow connected. She gets upset with him because she believed that he supported her but, he only was seeing someone else in her.

Nash then seeks out Frost for advice who gives him some advice from her own life coach, Ralph. He needs to be honest with Allegra. At the end of the episode he goes to see her but before he goes in, he is again approached by Sherloque but this time is warned that ‘He is coming’. With the obvious Reverse Flash eyes, we can assume that they mean Eobard Thawne!

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