DC’s Legends of Tomorrow S5E5 ‘Mortal Khanbat’ Breakdown!

The Legends have had their hand full this season with the introduction of encores. Encores are big badies throughout history that Astra released back into the world after buying their soul chips in hell, this also make them immortal. The team has had to get creative in how they catch them with both Rasputin and Marie Antoinette still housed on the ship. On top of that, Astra owns John’s chip as well and in the last episode made a deal to have years taken off John’s life basically giving him stage four lung cancer in and instant.

Tidy Up the Timeline

With Sara still in Star City this episode for Oliver’s funeral and following events, Ava is in charge and has developed a new program to track these encores. She calls it Prognosticator which gets a pretty cold welcome. However, Nates new Scoot McGoot scooter seems popular. John and Charlie are back on the ship after he passed out last episode. I will talk all about John’s stuff later, but Charlie plays a pretty important role this episode.

The encore this episode they know it going to be in Hong Kong 1997 based on Ava’s program. This has Nate outside on surveillance with Behrad working in this Triad owned tea house while Charlie and Ava act like patrons. What they were not expecting was the encore to be Genghis Khan. Typically, these encores have appeared moment after their original death in their own time period. At this point Genghis should have been dead for 793 years. Yet, here he is walking in a tea house with a case full of drugs and the Triad’s nephew’s ear. Charlie plans to go in with Behrad making a distraction. The distraction ends up being a shoot out in the tea house with three policewomen undercover getting involved as well. Charlie does follow Genghis with Behrad following and they end up in a standoff. Luckily all the guns jam and Genghis leaves. Meanwhile, Nate rolls in on his scooter and takes out the Triad shooters in the tea house.

She Bailed

Back on the ship, Gideon tracks Genghis while the other regroup. Things have been awkward with Charlie and Behrad and the others catch on that they must have ‘gone to pound town together’. Charlie ends up leaving the ship and posing as one of Khan’s men to learn more about what Khan is planning. She finds that one of the woman officers from the tea house is being held and in exchange for information he will spare her son’s life. The information he wants is the location of Price Charles who is currently in China to negotiate giving back the Hong Kong to China. Zari mentioned this earlier but was blown off by Ray thinking that it wasn’t important. Well, it was.

While Charlie is getting the information Behrad and Nate talk about Charlie and what is going on with her and Behrad. He confesses that they did sleep together shortly after Heyworld but then she up in left without any word and it upset him. When Charlie comes out of Khan’s area after promising to check on a fleet, Charlie begins to hear voices like we saw earlier and is almost hit by a van. Behrad jumps in and saves her but she doesn’t explain what was going on.

Back on the ship, Charlie is ready to bail and looks for a time courier. She is surprised to find Marie Antoinette who has been reunited with her head but this kind of thing is normal for the ship. Behrad finds her looking for the courier and asks her why she left and where she is going. She basically tells him that it isn’t his business and he need to get over it. He hands over one of the couriers and she leaves.

Saving Charles

With Charlie gone this leaves the Legends short as they come up with a plan to save Prince Charles from Khan. The problem is they are stuck in Hong Kong traffic and can’t get to him. Nate is at the docks looking for some indication of what this fleet is that Khan is putting together. Right as he discovers a scooter, we see Genghis and his army rolling through traffic on their scooters. Yes, their scooters.

While Khan gets to Charles first, Behrad follows behind only to discover that this Charles is Charlie! In finding out that Charlie is a shapeshifter Khan declares that he is going to make her his 13th wife, but Charlie declines claiming that she has already been with gods and kings and isn’t looking for a relationship which felt more like it was directed at Behrad. With her dismissal, Khan orders for Charlie to be killed but Behrad steps in and stops the bullets with his wind power instead. She takes out Khan with his magical sword and the triad members flee.


When they all end up back on the ship, Charlie decodes to finally come clean with what she is and the details about this loom that we learned about in the last episode. It was first brought up by Natalie as a way for John to not only save her but Astra as well. However, Charlie claimed that she broke the loom and scattered it across the multiverse. Now there isn’t a multiverse thing have changed. She confesses that she didn’t just break the loom but it was her loom, as in she is one of the three sisters of fate. In Greek mythology there were three sisters of fate, the spinner, the apportioner and the inevitable. Charlie says that she was the spinner Clotho and decided that she no longer wanted to determine a person’s fate but that people should be allowed to live their own lives. She destroyed the loom, scattered it and has been on the run from her sisters since. However, now the pieces are back on one plane and her powerful sisters are closing in on her.

In true Legend fashion, the team is undeterred in wanting to help a team member and agree that they will help her fight her sisters even if they are powerful.

Death’s Door

John along with Ray and Gary go to John’s house and for the beginning part of this episode look to find a way to save John’s life. His first attempt cases him to pass out and land in purgatory with Astra herself. He tells her that he wants to go back and save his mother from his mistakes which will stop Astra from going to hell to begin with. Astra is not buying this and is sent back to his body.

Then they call in Nora and force a child to wish him better with not luck. Eventually, with the help of John’s talking dog cane, he concludes that he must accept he is dying and be with his friends. He first apologizes to Ray and Gary for lashing out at them and then they spend time talking and reminiscing. In the last drink, John poisons himself so he can once again go to purgatory to talk with Astra. With only seconds left to live he sings the song that her mother used to sing to her convincing her to let him try to go back and fix things. Astra restores his time but is expecting results. John wastes no time in getting to work but first he needs Charlie’s loom.

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