The Rookie Season 2, Episode 10-11 Breakdown!

Wow, these were two fantastic episodes! Episode 10 of the Rookie aired a while ago as the mid-season finale, but I held off because it ended on a cliffhanger. These must be the best two episodes of the show yet, even the marketing for the mid-season premiere was phenomenal. Anyway, Let’s get to it.

Dating Life

Episode 10 starts with Lucy, Nolan, Armstrong and Jackson all hanging out in a bar together after a long shift enjoying some drinks. This isn’t a big deal we have seen this several times before. They all joke about Lucy’s recent dating history with her struggling to find a decent man that will accept that she is a police officer. While Angela always told her last season that dating a cop was bad for her, Armstrong says that she should date an officer because they are the only ones that truly understand the toll and needs of an officer.

Lucy heads to the bar for a refill and meets a guy, Caleb. He seems nice and asks her what she does and based on the conversation she just had with the guys about how hard it is to date a police officer; she simply tells him that she works for the city. The cat is out of the bag though when she makes an arrest moments later of a guy going around stealing cash off tables. This seems like a normal opening, it isn’t.

Rosalind Dyer

The police work this episode is different then what we normally see with the whole precinct working together on one situation.  That is, escorting a female serial killer to the graves of three of her victims in exchange or life in prison over the death penalty. Some of you may recognize the actress playing Rosalind, she was recently on Marvel’s Runaways but also appeared in season six of Castle as the evil plastic surgeon, Dr. Kelly Nieman.

Right off the bat they talk about how sadistic and brutal she is thinking of unique and gruesome ways to kill her victims. We also learn that Armstrong was on the task force that arrested her and there seems to be a connection with them, one that Armstrong does not like. He is upset that while some of the families are getting closure, others feel betrayed that she will no longer be put to death. Plus, they believe that she still has several more victims that she never confessed to. However, ADA Delmonte is only interested in finding these three grave sites. On top of that, Rosalind requested that Armstrong come along for this ride.

They process her in the precinct while they prep to take her out in the field. Meanwhile, Lucy gets a visit from Caleb at the bar who passes on his phone number. Tim’s reaction to this is the best, taking the number and treating him like a suspect until he leaves. Then he gives Lucy the number.

Field Trip

Now that she is in LAPD custody they head out in the field as two separate crews to lure away the media. They then head out into the desert. Tim and Lucy are on this patrol. She is distracted by Caleb’s social media, but Tim reminders her that she needs to have her head in the game.

During the walk, Rosalind talks about this kill. Not only did they come up here together for a picnic, she paralyzed him once up here and removed his hands and feet as they watched the sunset together. This was a celebratory killing after her first run in with Armstrong. She thought back then that he had caught her but at that point he had no idea that she was a serial killer and that is where their game really began.

On the hike up they stop for a moment to get a drink when Nolan notices movement. When he goes to look shots are fired with one grazing the ADA. Nyla and Nolan chase down the suspect who is the husband of one of Rosalind’s victims. Sergeant Grey and Armstrong think that with all the excitement they should finish this another time, but the ADA wants to get it over with now, a call that Nyla supports.

When they finally get to the grave site, they are all in for a shock when they not only find her victim, but another, fresher, one as well.

A Partner

The obvious thought is that Rosalind must have a partner or copycat. How else would they know to bury the body right with the victim of Rosalind? The ME can provide some further information. The new victim suffocated to death in some type of enclosure that she tried to get out of judging by out messed up her nails were. Plus, there is a weird tattoo on the rib cage, 6/8/2019 DOD. Presumably this is the date that the victim was killed with the tattoo being given shortly before death.

The only way to really get more information now is from Rosalind herself. However, she doesn’t want to talk to Armstrong, instead she has her eyes on Nolan. She now feels a connection with Nolan because he saved her from the gun shots earlier. The conversation is first about her joy from relieving her crimes with others and their horrified reactions. Nolan isn’t going for it and gets up to leave. She gets him back in the conversation though by admitting when they find her second grave site there will be another, newer, body.

What Was It Worth?

As a parting question, Rosalind wants Nolan to ask Armstrong what catching her was worth to him. Nolan says that he doesn’t have to answer and that he can lie to her, but Armstrong comes clean with a secret. While he was hunting Rosalind, his wife was dying. Instead of being there he was working day and night on the case. Nolan tries to comfort him, but at the end of the day, Armstrong knew that taking the case was going to keep him from his wife and he took it anyway. He then goes into Rosalind’s cell and tells her it was worth everything.

24 Hours

When locating the second grave site there is another body. This time the victim has a tattoo 9/8/2019, exactly three months later. Following this timetable, that means there will be another victim today (in show time) This puts them under a timer to find and save a woman who may still be alive.

They take two avenues investigating. First, they search Rosalind’s cell because she and this other person must have planned this from prison. They also head to see the ME again hoping that he can shed some light with this new victim. He tells them about an African microbial that he found on both victims. That they would have had to meet right before dying. Nolan first thinks of the zoo, but not the zoo open to the public, the one he found a while back that was abandoned.

Brain Coleman

In Rosalind’s cell there isn’t much to go through but Armstrong remembers that she loves to read and there are no books. The corrections officer tells them that she had them all sent back to the library. After gathering all the books, she has checked out in the last six months, Lucy finds a cipher that gives them the name Brian Coleman.

They head to the house of Brian Coleman only to find a display of pictures of Armstrong’s wife with the message, “You failed her”.

The Zoo

Nolan and Nyla head to the abandoned Zoo and quickly find the latest victim still alive but recently tattooed with a barrel waiting for her. Nyla works on freeing her when Nolan stops the suspect with a mask through the window. Nolan follows him where they both end up in a storm drain. They fight with Nolan getting dunks several times in water. Nyla gets to him to save Nolan but the killer gets away. For now, this is seen as a win and the FBI is stepping in to search for the killer as well. One last piece of information they do get is that there was another body found at the zoo and it was identified as Brian Coleman. This means that the killer just assumed his identity and they have no clues to figuring out who he could be.

Are You Trying to Kill Yourself?

Throughout this episode there were a couple scene of Wesley. He has been suffering from PTSD since he was almost killed earlier this season. He was supposed to be heading back to work after his last panic attack, but instead of going to work he spends the day drinking and popping his anti-depressants. He even calls Angela freaking when he hears about the shooting. She assures him he is fine but I think she can tell that something is wrong.

When she shows up that night, he is passed out on the couch and she struggles to wake him. When she asks him point blank if he was trying to kill himself his response is, ‘I don’t know’. Into episode 11, Angela decides to take the day off worried about what could happen if she leaves him alone.

Letting off Steam

After the long day, Lucy tells Tim that she is going to go home and sleep off the day. Instead he tells her that she needs to blow off steam somewhere and preferably with another person. She then calls up Caleb after spending the day stalking him on social media. On the date they talk and laugh, but next we see she is stumbling to the car unable to walk by herself. This is when it dawns on her that she has been drugged. Caleb then stuffs her in the back of his car and takes off. Next, we see her she is drugged and getting tattooed on her ribs.


It isn’t until the next morning that anyone realizes that Lucy is missing. West and Lucy are roommates so he does notice that she didn’t come home. He tried calling and texting with no results. Once at the precinct he talks with Nolan. They don’t want to raise too many alarms in case she is just late but Nyla isn’t playing and go right to the Sergeant to tell him. They all talk and agree that something is going on.

The first thing they do is trace her phone, while the GPS was disabled the night before, it happened in the area where she was originally at the bar in the opening of last episode. Tim knows that she was on her date, but they also know that there is a serial killer linked to Rosalind on the loose too.

Tim looks for Caleb’s social media page which he knew existed because he saw Lucy on it the day before. However, now the profile and all information on Caleb is gone. On top of that, they know that he will not be taking her to the zoo because the police have been there, he will be using a new killing ground.

In the meantime, Rosalind puts out a public statement boasting about how she has been killing all these years even from behind bars.

Finding Lucy

Now that they are sure she is missing and not just late, Nolan and Nyla head to the hospital to talk with the previous victim, Nora to talk about anything she remembers. Unfortunately, it isn’t much. She never saw a face because he wore the mask. The only other think she remembers is that he was trying to impress another woman, obviously Rosalind.

What information they do put together based on Nora’s timeline is that Lucy was taken around the same time at night and that by this time she has probably already been tattooed. The car Caleb was driving in the surveillance footage was already stolen and they found Lucy’s car at the bar where it was left. One thing Nyla is sure of is that Lucy is a fighter and she isn’t going down easily.

Tim calls Angela to tell her about Lucy and ask her to come in and help for him. She agrees to come in but brings Wesley with her. She would be too worried to leave him alone and this will help her remain focused.

She’s a Fighter

As Nyla said, Lucy is a fighter. Once she is awake, she begins using her skills to help herself. She talks with Caleb about why he picked her and while he admits that she was just an opportunity and not the plan, he doesn’t tell her why he kills for Rosalind. Not that he kills for Rosalind… they are equals. The tattoo was even his idea to give his victims clarity. Later when given the opportunity Lucy makes her first get away attempt by breaking the duct tape on the chair and attacking Caleb. She manages to get out of the house but the house is in the middle of nowhere. She then hits the trip wire falling to the ground giving Caleb the time to catch up, he then hits her and pepper sprays her before dragging her back in the house.

You Have 30 Minutes

As time ticks by Armstrong insists on talking to Rosalind but Grey is reluctant to let him and so are his superiors since this is so personal for them and he is part of her game. Instead they send Nolan and Nyla to talk with Rosalind because she has taken a liking to him. He uses the angle that this new partner of hers is stealing her thunder and soon no one is going to be talking about her. He uses this tactic because it is obvious that for her, this is all about the attention and notoriety. He then gives her 30 minutes to talk but, on the way, out notices a box of chocolates in her cell.

Nolan asks about the chocolates in her cell and the guard shrugs it off as contraband because she hasn’t had any personal deliveries. That is when they realize that this is how her and her partner have been communicating. The new plan is to track down the supplier of the contraband in order to figure out more about who is sending it in to her.

I Pushed Her

Tim is feeling tremendously guilting and angry. Not only did he push her to go on the date, which he confesses to Angela, but now he is working the tip line which makes him feel useless. However, when the idea of tracking down the contraband supplier comes us, he is more than willing to help. Wes is the point man because he has clients in the prison that he defends. From one of them he gets the name of the supplier and Tim pays him a visit.

From the smuggler they get the name Jerry Hobble who was once a guard at the prison. They track down Jerry but he is not their guy. However, he does admit to having his identity stolen a year prior. While this seems like a dead end, they do get information on those purchases made by the killer which could prove useful.

End Game

At this point, Caleb has forced Lucy into the barrel at gun point and buried her alive. This is different than the typical MO but he isn’t taken any chances with her. Shortly after, Nolan visits Rosalind with her 30 minutes being up, however, his plan didn’t work because he doesn’t know what the end game is, or rather who. The end game is getting Armstrong.

Armstrong is at the cemetery visiting his wife’s grave when Caleb finds him. He shows him video of Lucy and tells him that he can save Lucy if he comes with him, but it is his choice. The torture here is that this is the same choice he had with his wife when she was dying. Obviously, this time he chooses Lucy. Nolan tries to get ahold of him but he and Caleb are long gone when he, Grey and Angela arrive at the cemetery.

Caleb takes Armstrong back to the house where he held Lucy. He tells him that together they are going to watch Lucy die and then Armstrong himself is going to go in a barrel.

Meanwhile, Wes thinks that because Caleb is obsessed with Rosalind that he would pick a location important to her and we know from the conversation with Armstrong and Caleb that the house they are at belonged to her uncle and where she made her first kill. By this time, Lucy has broken her zip ties, banged on the top of the barrel, cried, and now is signing to herself as the others find the location and head in that direction.

Once they find the house, Nolan and Nyla get there first and to save Armstrong they must shoot Caleb. However, only Caleb knows where Lucy is buried. This means they must try to save him for the information. Nolan calls Grace to talk him through what to so but it is too late and he bleeds out. As the helicopter lands with the rest of the team, Nolan and Nyla let them know that Caleb is dead and they need to just search the expansive property.

Tim knows that he would not pick a spot close to the house and heads further out. In the search he sees the ring that Lucy purposefully dropped when getting in the barrel. He then finds where the barrel is buried. He digs her out with some help and then pulls her from the barrel. She is no longer breathing but with some CPR he can revive her.

Wrapping up the episode, Lucy will spend some time in the hospital to recover. Tim has spent the night with her, even bringing her favorite food ❤ Nolan then stops by with a big ass teddy bear and West with some flowers. They all agree that they are going to be overly protective of her in the future.

After this ordeal with Lucy, things have been put in perspective for Wes and he agrees to get help while he plans to go back to work. As for Rosalind, she no longer has any bargaining power because Caleb kept everything, she ever told him in journals which the police have found. Plus, she never revealed the 3rd grave which means that she is still going to be executed.

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