Black Lightning S3E14 ‘The Book of War Chapter 1: Homecoming’ Breakdown!

In the last episode our Lighting crew went to Markovia to rescue Lynn and to her Tobias out of the hands of the Markovians. In this episode the team is home and tightening up some storylines before we go into the final few episodes which are sure to be action packed.

Mission Success

After a pretty intense fight in Markovia, the team is back at the ASA talking with Odell and as agreed upon all are free from the ASA. This includes both Erica and Dr. Jace. With that behind them, they look forward to Markovia’s retaliation which is sure to come. Odell asks if he can count on Black Lightning to help defend and he says that Freeland can count on him. Jefferson mentions Gravedigger to Odell but he denies knowing anything about a Gravedigger.

Meanwhile, Gambi and Dr. Jace are having a happy, at gun point, conversation where he talks about regretting saving her life 40 years prior. To explain this, Gambi was a young agent then and Jace has been dosing herself with the same anti-aging compound that Tobias uses.

Clean Slate

This season we have seen the Peirce family more divided than ever. Now they all agree to bare their worst secrets to each other so they can move on together as a family. For Lynn, this is facing her addiction, specifically the last stash of Glimmer she has in the house. Jen destroys the last of it and they all agree to support her through her addiction. For Anissa, she is a pretty open book although we can all agree that while she was badass as blackbird, she did some shady things too. She does talk about her feelings for Grace but that isn’t surprising.

Jen finally admits to both Anissa and Lynn that she worked for Odell. He made her into a weapon and that she killed people unknowingly. This is something that Lynn can relate to since he also unknowingly got Lynn hooked on Greenlight. Then Jefferson talks about his time in Crisis. Another part of this conversation also includes that they agree to work with Odell in the matter of defending Freeland and keeping an eye on what he is up to.

Ticking Timebomb

While the family has come together, Jen is still reluctant to listen to Anissa’s warning about Khalil and the fact that he is still a weapon. Gambi also works with Khalil to find a way past the way he feels and he suggest working through it with art until he can get him in touch with Perina, the woman that helped Jen with her powers last season.

Later though, Jen gets a firsthand lesson in how dangerous Khalil is when Painkiller breaks through the door in Khalil’s mind. He knocks out both Brandon and TC before moving on to chocking Jen. In his mind though Khalil is fighting back and eventually traps Painkiller again but Jen has lost her trust in him. Later he comes to apologize and she makes it clear that she cannot have him around her family if there is still a weapon in his mind.

Just Like Your Father

Brandon has his own story as well with his hatred and need for revenge against Dr. Jace. She experimented on his mother while she was pregnant for him which resulted in him becoming a meta. He wants to see her and Jen agrees to take him but only for talking. Of course, he goes in hot and attacks. He uses his mother’s crystalized ashes to stab her which is an interesting weapon choice. The real kicker here is that Jace tells him that he has powers like his father, something that Brandon knows nothing about because he never met him. Jen gets him out of the lab before anything else happens.

When they get back to the sanctum, she pushes him to ask TC for help but before they get anywhere Khalil attacks and there isn’t another mention of it in this episode.


While Anissa and Grace are home talking about Anissa’s worries over Jen, Anissa gets a call from the perdy that they are under attack from the Markovians who found them while surrounding Freeland. Black Lightning, Thunder, and Grace all head out to help and can save some of the refugees while others are taken by the Markovians. Jefferson says he knows a guy who can help with the refugees, I am thinking that he is probably referring to Barry Allen. They do plan on going after the ones that are captured but that doesn’t happen in this episode.

The Briefcase

Oh, this damn briefcase. This has been floating around since season one but we have yet to really learn much about what is in it. For a brief time, Tobias was able to access a little bit of the information but not the full extent of what was going on. Now Lala has it and is using it to lure Tobias to him to get his revenge on him.

Lady Eve learns about the case from one of his men who she lures in with a girl and gets him talking. She then has a meeting with Lala and reminds him of his programming and his inability to hurt Tobias. This was all in the programming that takes place when he is brought back to life, technology that Eve developed herself and uses on Lala. He agrees to give her the case and in exchange she will remove the programming that stops him from being under Tobias’s control.

On top of that, Gambi send Lady Eve a message that he knows she is in town and that her attempt at killing him failed. She comes to the shop to end the feud by giving him the case in exchange for hopefully taking down the ASA. Either way, her feud with Gambi is over. With TC’s help he finally gets the case open and can view the contents.

The information is not exactly what we expected. It has all the information about meta’s that the ASA has including the first Meta, Gravedigger. He was a soldier about 100 years ago that was not accepted and treated poorly because he was black. He then fought back and had the choice of being court marshaled or experimented on. He went the Captain America route and become DC’s super soldier with some mind powers added in. To recreate the serum that created him the US began research and experimentation in Markovia until they were kicked out. This is when they began experimenting on the people of Freeland. In the meantime, Gravedigger was living like a king in Markovia waiting on his time to strike back at the country that created and hated him.

In addition to all that, Lynn left her Meta Booster serum in Markovia that she uses to take on the powers of others. With this in Gravediggers hands he can become unstoppable. We have a brief display of this at the end of the episode.

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