Walking Dead Season 10, Episode 9-10 Breakdown!

Walking Dead is back from there mid-season break and with two solid episodes. While I think that Carol is on all our nerves, some of the action and story throughout the rest of these episodes is the best we have seen on the show in a while.

The Cave

Besides being hard to see, these cave scenes really show us how lost Carol is in her grief after the death of Henry. Not only did she get them in this mess, she is constantly making decisions that are dangerous for the other. But let’s back up a bit, these caves are where Alpha is hiding this herd that she has been using to threaten the communities into submission. While finding them is major, getting stuck with them was not an ideal situation. In the cave we have Carol, Daryl, Aaron, Connie, Kelly, Magna, and Jerry.

The face a few obstacles but the focus for the most part is getting out. This requires them to jump the pit of walkers on to stone pads Indiana Jones style. This was particularly hard for Kelly since she recently hurt her ankle. After getting everyone across, they then must contend with Carol’s claustrophobia and recklessness along with Magna’s inability to stop and sit still while they come up with a plan.

 Carol and Daryl take the time to have a talk about her recent behavior. Mostly he is upset that he feels like he can’t even turn his back on her without her doing something stupid. She promises that from this point on she will be better and less reckless.

On the bright side, when looking for an exit, Magna did find a small group of Whisperer that were hiding and preparing to attack. This allowed for them to see one leave through the tunnels. While they did lose him, they do find an arrow that shows the way out.

This leads them to a part of the cave that is very narrow. Most of them squeeze through uneventfully but Carol has trouble because of her claustrophobia. With Connie and Jerry behind her, they must wait for her to get through which leaves them vulnerable to the walkers that are following them. Jerry is almost toast but they manage to squeeze him through although he was stuck for a moment. They really need to stop almost killing Jerry, I can’t take it.

In the new part of the cave there is a light leads the way to an exit. Magna goes toward it but is stopped by Daryl. If she would have taken another step, she would have fallen into the herd below. Kelly finds some dynamite here which she thinks would be helpful but with them all still in the cave it is more dangerous than anything and Jerry has her put it back. Then they all work on making the opening bigger so they can get out of the cave finally. However, when they are almost ready Daryl turns to find that both Carol and some of the dynamite are gone.

He finds her at the canyon where the walkers are below ready to blow them, and probably herself up. She is mostly in hysterics but Daryl make her come back with him. By the time they get back though the cave is starting to crumble with Jerry using his shear strength to hold up the beam. Kelly and Aaron make it out first but then must go right into fighting mode with a small group of Whisperers there waiting for them. Connie then helps Carol get out with Jerry and Darryl following behind. However, before Connie and Magna make it out the exit collapses and there is an explosion. Daryl is ready to stay behind to dig them out, but Kelly (who is equally upset) makes the valid point that the blast is going to lure in both Whisperers and walkers.

I think their tolerance for Carol and her antics are done when none of them talk to her after or bother to comfort her. They pass her by and don’t even look back at her as they go. With a later episode entitles ‘Look at the flowers’ I wonder what is in store for Carol.

A Spy Among Us

While the caves made us think we were blind, this storyline makes us wish we were. It starts with Alpha telling Beta and Gamma about trapping the group in the cave. The fact that the group was able to get so close to the herd makes her think that they have scouts in the area. The truth is that Gamma has been giving the information to Aaron which led them to that area, even though she told them it was in the field. Alpha instructs Gamma to head back to the border to see if she can learn anything, however, based on her behavior Negan senses that she is the real spy.

He later tells Alpha this theory but she doesn’t like that he is trying to spread hysteria in her group and instead throws him in the shit pile. Later, in a conversation with Beta though they conclude that Gamma probably is the spy and she send Beta after her which we see in episode 10.

For Negan’s insight and help Alpha then decides to reward Negan. This has them both stripping naked and getting it on in the woods with Alpha still wearing her mask. Seriously, they took it there.


In episode 10, Gamma/Mary arrives at Alexandria to warn them that their friends are in danger and trapped in a cave. Obviously after Dante they are not very trusting of Whisperers. Rosita punches her in the face and they lock her in the cell. When she comes too Gabriel and Rosita interrogate her for information and while she is honest, Gabriel thinks that she is holding back. This is when she finally confesses to them that she killed her sister for Alpha even without Alpha asking. Satisfied that she is now telling the truth, Gabriel gets her out of the cell for her to show them where the cave is located.

Rosita is still not buying that Mary is trustworthy which causes some issues between her and Gabriel, although clearly Gabriel is going off the deep end with his torture talk as well. While they argue, Judith talks with Mary for a moment with Mary sharing about the life that she remembers before the apocalypse. Ultimately her and Mary decide that she would have been better off is Rick would have found her. Rosita interrupts their conversation and tell Judith to go back inside it is time for a lockdown.

As the party is ready to leave, another outpost calls in and warns about another herd. This change plans a little with Rosita and Laura staying behind while Gabriel and the team are going to that outpost before going to the cave to help the others.

Beta Break In

Hours later Gabriel and the others make it to the outpost but never found the herd. They also see that the people of the outpost were not filled by walkers. Gabriel realizes that this was a set up to lure the team out of Alexandria so that the town was vulnerable.

Honestly, while horrifying, I loved the scenes of Beta breaking in. I thought they were so well shot and truly horror movie level. He comes in through a tunnel that looks like a grave. Yes, he pops out of a grave. He then slowly works through some houses killing people and waiting for them to turn to make his little walker army. He then comes for Gamma. Gamma is smart enough not to believe that Alpha wants her alive and refuses to come to him for fear that he is going to kill her. Alpha does want her dead, just publicly in front of the other Whisperers. Laura comes in and stops Beta from getting Gamma then, but she ends up taking a beating herself. It is unclear to me if she is dead from this scene but it was later confirmed by AMC that Laura is dead.

With the distraction, Gamma runs out in the street and is called by Judith. They hide in the house while Beta begins his search for them. Bad ass Judith gets a shot in which knocks him out long enough for her and RJ to get away. Gamma isn’t so lucky but Rosita then swoops in to take on Beta too.

Rosita holds her own against Beta but does get the upper hand. This time it is Gamma’s turn to do the saving by threatening to kill herself which would go against Alpha’s wishes. Beta surrenders Rosita and the next thing we see is him and Gamma outside Alexandria walking.

On the road they are ambushed by Gabriel and his team. Beta runs off but Gamma stays and defends her actions to Gabriel claiming that she was only trying to lure Beta away from the others, he must believe her because he lets her live and we later see her at Alexandria, not in a cell.

Daryl V. Alpha

On top of Beta Myers going through Alexandria, we have this fight with Daryl and Alpha that takes place while he is looking for another entrance into the cave. He wants to save Connie… and I guess Magna too. (Mostly Connie) However, instead he ends up in a knife fight with Alpha. The fight is brutal leaving them both barely able to move.

They both find refuge in an old gas station, but then Alpha bangs calling in the walkers knowing that her masks protect her to an extent. This has Daryl not only stabbed and beaten but fighting against walkers. He ends up pulling the knife that was embedded in his leg to take them out. We all knew he was in serious trouble when he pulled the knife and the blood sprayed everywhere.

After all the walkers are handled, they both just lay there in and out of consciousness with the focus on Alpha. At first, I thought that she was just dreaming of Lydia, but Lydia is there. She is given the opportunity but passes on killing her mother and instead ops to leave her there and rescue Daryl. She confesses to him that after leaving Alexandria she has been watching both sides trying to figure out what side to take in the war. Considering she chose Daryl to save, I imagine she is going with the Alexandrians. However, this chose pushes Alpha to finally sever the love she has for Lydia and she is now out for blood… well, more so than before.

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