Supergirl Season 5, Episode 12-13 Breakdown!

These are two big episodes to stick together but, I here we are making it work. Episode 12 was the ending of the two-part crossover featuring Winn. In episode 11, he came back to fight against a doppelganger Evil Winn in order to protect his own future with his wife and child. After defeating him they thought it was over…. Well it isn’t. The in episode 13, we have the 100th episode of Supergirl full of familiar faces across all seasons of Supergirl. Even if the actor didn’t come back, the character was probably included.

Computer Lad

To close this story with Winn, we must defeat the evil Winn once and for all. After the explosion at the toy convention in episode 11, the evil Winn went on to live within the laptop. We knew this from the ominous look on his face as he stared longingly at the laptop as he blew up, plus there was the post-credit scene. Now the problem is he is in the DEO messing around with them trying to gain access to the internet. Once he gains access to the internet there isn’t really a limit to his power.

The drone attack against Brainy is the first clue that there is something going on and it isn’t long before they piece everything together. The Code that was used to allow for Evil Winn’s conscience into a computer is a code written by Winn which was later adopted by his father, the Toy man. Luckily there is a kill code. However, because of the threat that the Evil Winn causes, the DEO is on lock down.

So, no one is going out, especially Kara. The DEO on Prime Earth has anti-Kryptonian tech that won’t allow her to leave. Instead her and Winn head to the server room to try to find the specific tower that Evil Winn is in, this is where they will enter the kill code. Meanwhile, Alex and Brainy along with all the other DEO agents work on taking everything offline since it is all a weapon for Evil Winn now.

Brainy has an interesting arc is this episode which I will get into later, but Winn is concerned that Lex had knowledge this was going to happen. Brainy confirms this to Winn but promises that he had nothing to do with this or what is going on. However, When Lex calls in on a landline to figure out why the DEO is on lockdown, he gives Brainy the orders to get the code that allows for this conscience to computer magic to happen. Lex believes that this can help against the Leviathan fight, more on that later.

There is a bunch of little filler things happening like the flying toy monkeys and what not, but ultimately Winn must go into the computer where not only Evil Winn is housed but his father is as well. This will force Winn to confront not only this bad version of himself but the messed-up relationship he has with his father. While he is doing that, the rest of the DEO and Supergirl are fighting Lexosuits that are now attacking everyone. In that chaos Brainy does get the code that Lex ordered him to get and still helps stop people from being vaporized.

In the computer though, Winn isn’t strong enough to take out his evil version on his own and must then trust his father to help while Winn enters this Kill code. Luckily his father keeps his work and then both are killed along with the Lexosuits when the code is entered. Now with all of that behind him he can finally move on back to his life in the future. I think now that this story is over it will take something major to bring Winn back. This seems like a final goodbye (Although he does appear in the next episode too 😊)

Eyes and Ears

Not only is the team facing off with Evil Winn, but they are also dealing with working for Lex. This is specifically an issue for Alex. She, for obvious reasons, doesn’t trust Lex and put spyware on his computers to monitor him. Of course, he quickly discovers this and leaves it to Brainy to deal with. Brainy does disable the spyware but not without Alex finding out.

Alex is pretty upset with Brainy although he explains that this was for her protection which calms her down. While Alex forgives Brainy, this is the tipping point for her where she decides that she can no longer work for the DEO. She resigns and decides to work with J’onn moving forward. This not only is a good move for her but now Brainy is moved up to head of the DEO. Now he is working for Lex and the eyes and ears for team Supergirl.

Deal with the Devil

Now over with Lena and Lex. They both have issues that can be solves with them working together and to prove it Lex shows her. She has been working on this way to make all people good all season. With the new Prime-Earth she struggled to get back on her feet but now she is ready but just needs a delivery device. She approaches Andrea but is flat out told no, Andrea doesn’t think working together would be good considering their history.

This is when Lex moves in. He offers to help her get the deal with Andrea in exchange he gets to form a friendship with the Leviathan, Gemma, who is the above Andrea at Obsidian. Turns out Obsidian’s new lenses aren’t doing well either. Lex brings this to Gemma and tells her about Andrea’s refusal for help from Lena. Basically, he tricks Gemma into working with Luthorcorp giving him the access to learn more about the Leviathan. As part of this, Lena also agree to form a partnership with Lex as well.

Starting on a Lie

The only other thing going on in episode is this relationship with Will and Kara they are making us watch. They end up bonding over karaoke and he asks her on a date. Before she can answer him, she was called away to the DEO stich, however, when talking with Winn she brings up her concerns about starting a relationship. After her recent crash and burn with Lena, she isn’t sure how to navigate relationship with the Supergirl elephant in the room. His advice to her is basically just take it slow and be as honest as possible and drop the SG egg when it feels right.

However, at the end of the episode when she goes to tell him she will go on a date, he gives her a puzzle for her sick grandma. Now, she doesn’t have a sick grandma, that was just the excuse she gave to get away. This is just a warning to her about the lies she is going to have to tell to be with him and she doesn’t want to do that. Instead she tells him that she just doesn’t have feelings for him. Did we dodge the bullet of a post Mon-El relationship?

Myxlplyx is back!!

For my sanity he is now Myx, and honestly one of my favorite Superman characters from the comics. The art that goes along with his character is always beautiful, plus the story can be rather unpredictable. On Supergirl, we have seen Myx before way back in season 2 when he tried to woo her away from Mon-El. Now he has returned but with a different face. I am sure that this had more to do with the actor that played the character not coming back, but this isn’t s big deal story wise since the 5th dimensional imps are known to change faces from time to time. This time he is not here to woo her but to make amends after being punished for his previous use of magic. He is only able to use his magic to help those that he has wronged and Kara is the last on his list.

At first Kara is reluctant to get his help because of their last meeting, but he points out that she is having an issue with Lena, plus there is the backup recording Myx made of him saying his name backwards. Kara immediately uses the recording to get rid of Myx but then talks with Alex. Ultimately, she decides that if there is a chance that she can go back and save her friendship with Lena then she must try. Plus, she also thinks that this could result in saving history since now Lena is working with Lex.

Attempt #1

After sending J’onn and Alex off to play paintball, Myx and Kara look at her life as if it were a movie. They are attempting to pinpoint a good time to tell Lena that Kara is Supergirl. At the core of Lena’s hurt and anger is that she is embarrassed and hurt that Kara made a fool of her. This has Kara picking one of the many times that Lena protected Kara from danger as a time to tell her that she was Supergirl. The Specific event is back in season 4 when Kara was facing off with Mercy Graves. In the real timeline Lena shields Kara from danger. This time, Kara confesses to Lena that she is Supergirl and then goes off and fights Mercy without Lena’s help. When Kara returns to Lena she is gone.

Lena went over to talk with Sam about how she feels in finding out the truth. She is upset but surely, she will still save Kara from the toxic Kryptonite air that Mercy released. No, she doesn’t. She doesn’t make it in time from her visit with Sam. This means that Kara never got the suit from last season and she ultimately dies because of it.

Attempt #2

Going further back may do the trick. This time Kara tells Lena at the DEO as they are facing off with Reign. However, Lena now feels like Supergirl left her alone to deal with the Reign/Sam issue when she could have been a friend through it all instead. This was a big burden on Lena that she was hiding her friend was a world killer and she wouldn’t have had to do it alone. This results in Lena not helping by making the kryptonite that stopped Reign.

Because Reign wasn’t stopped, Mon-El never returned to the future. Kara uses this to seek his advice on what to do. He tells her that he and Lena have a lot in common in that they were both lied to and manipulated by their families, specifically their mothers. As a result, they find it hard to trust, however, he thinks that once Lena realizes that Kara’s secret was an act of protection and not of manipulation then she will come around. I think my favorite part was how he mentions that she always forgave him and she deserves that same kind of compassion.

Moments later there is another Reign attack but this doesn’t end well. Without that Kryptonite Lena ends up dead even though she did try to save Kara. Then Mon-El dies as he killed Reign. Obviously, this result isn’t going to work.

Back to the Beginning

Okay, how about we just go back to the beginning and tell he from the get-go. This brings them to that moment where Lena tells Kara that she doesn’t needs a friendship although this is right where the trust in their friendship really begins. Kara picks this moment to tell her and Lena takes the news well. This leads to the ultimate Luthor-Supergirl team ever but like with all good things there are complications.

The first moment where this becomes an issue is when Lena testifies against her mother. The question of Supergirl’s identity comes into question. Lena refuses to give her up though, but the public supports Lena here where in the real timeline they thought there was a chance that she could be working with her mother.

The real issue comes from Ben Lockwood. Now instead of being anti-alien he is anti-Supergirl. This is because his family became part of Church of Rao. With Lena and Supergirl doing such great work together the Church has more followers than ever. However, Ben’s family tested their faith by jumping off a building and ultimately dying when Supergirl didn’t show to save them. Now, he wants Supergirl’s identity in order to stop the cult following. He kidnaps Lena and forces Supergirl to reveal her identity. Kara announces on television that she is Supergirl to free Lena. Ben frees her but the goes on to hunt and kill everyone else she is close to which was always her fear about revealing her identity.

Never Friends at All

Frustrated, Kara decides that maybe it was best if they were never friends at all and this option comes with more than one drawback. For starters, Myx no longer has the use of his powers which is later explained that Lena draws power from the 5th dimension which stops Myx from getting access to it. Now they must play this scenario out.

Lena has basically made this a police state with the city run by Lexo-suits. Luckily, dreamer was there to save them and bring them to the tower. At the tower, both Mon-El and Winn are there. Since Regin was never defeated Mon-El stayed which means that Winn also never left. They explain to Kara that in this timeline there was an assassination attempt by Lex on Lena. Supergirl didn’t save her and she disappeared for two years. No one knows that happened in those two year but when she came back, she was different. She killed Lex and both Reign and Brainy work for her. They do have an idea to help Myx with his powers even if Mon-El isn’t his number one fan. There is the hat from The Hat that harness 5th dimensional magic at the DEO.

Reign and Brainy at this point attack the tower. Mon-El, Winn, and Myx head to get the hat while J’onn, Alex and Dreamer fight Brainy. Supergirl and Reign fight in the sky until they land at the DEO. From there J’onn stops Reign with the staff that his father left him while Supergirl goes after Lena.

Meeting this version of Lena is interesting. Not only was she tortured by her mother in those 2 missing years but she has embedded Kryptonite in her chest which she then uses on Kara in and attempt to kill her. Before she does the job, Myx finds the hat at the DEO and gets them out of here.

Always Consequences

With this experiment Kara has come to realize that no matter when she told Lena, things would not have been okay. While magically, Myx didn’t help her, he did help free her of the guilt she was feeling. They then part ways with her giving him back his recording. However, he does leave a tape behind for her. The tape showing Lena is working with Lex.

This has Supergirl paying Lena a visit but instead of asking for forgiveness or talking her out of working with Lex, she tells her that she can do what she wants, but if she acts like a villain then she is going to be treated like one. Just because Kara kept her identity as Supergirl a secret, this isn’t an excuse for Lena to do bad things. With this ending, I am anxious to see how Lena responds. Do you think she will continue working with Lex?

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