Batwoman Season 1, Episodes 12-13 Breakdown!

After Crisis some weird things have been happening all over the Arrowverse with displaced doppelgangers. Over on Supergirl we have an extra Winn, on Flash there are visions of Harry from Earth-2, but here on Batwoman we have the introduction of Beth or what Beth should have been. She is another’s Earth’s version of Kate’s sister that Kate was able to save during the car accident. This means that she was never held captive and endure the same torment as Alice, plus she is an astrophysicist.

The Forensic Specialist

As Gotham hunts for Alice, Jacob is looking for help to prove that he was not responsible for Catherine’s death. Two episodes ago Mary tracked down Dr. Campbell but he was unwilling to believe that ‘stealing someone’s face’ as precisely as she claimed was impossible. However, now he is talking with Jacob and promises to investigate the issue now that Mouse is in custody after being tricked by Beth in the last episode.

When Campbell visits Mouse the story takes a pretty dramatic turn. This isn’t Dr. Campbell at all but his father August Cartwright using Dr. Campbell’s face. He tells Mouse that he will forgive him IF he tells him where he can find Alice. However, Mouse is loyal to Alice and isn’t going to give him the information willingly. Cartwright must have planned for that response because he then gives him a shot of ‘truth serum’ and plans to get the information from him that way. After some time passes, he must get the information from Mouse and then he leaves going after Alice.

Shoot to Kill

With everything that is happened Jacob has pretty much had it with all this Alice stuff and pushes Sophie in to doing whatever it takes to bring down her down. This has Sophie going back to the Crows and ordering a kill on sight order for Alice. However, this makes things more difficult for Luke and Mary who are trying to get Beth out of the city. At the check point they are pulled from their vehicles and the guards discover Beth, but Batwoman swoops in and saves them all.

Back at Wayne Enterprise, Kate and the other try to figure out how to save Beth. Mary figures out that her cells are rapidly disintegrating. Beth explains that basically the universe cannot contain both Beth Kane’s and one of them are going to have to go or both will die. Kate is unwilling to accept this and pushes them to figure something else out in the 7 hours they have left.

While they are working on that, Kate visits with Sophie as Batwoman asking that the kill order be stopped, that this is not how she wants the start of her command to be. But Sophie doesn’t feel like she can halt the order because Jacob is desperate to bring Alice to an end.

There is Another One

Alice has been out of the know on this doppelganger situation. In this episode she kills a Crow and uses his outfit to get in and see Mouse. Initially she was going to spring him free (This is before dear daddy showed up) but he explains to her that he was tricked by a woman that looked just like her. This peaks Alice’s interest and instead of springing Mouse out, she goes to investigated this.

This has Alice showing at Wayne Enterprise and coming face to face with the better version of herself. Alice understands that one of them is going to have to go so she makes to first move by throwing a knife at her, but Kate steps in and catches it saving Beth.

The Cure All

Alice then leaves Wayne Enterprise and seeks out Mary. Back in the episode where Alice killed Catherine, she gave Mary this cure all antidote. Alice’s plan is to take Mary’s blood and inject it over herself giving her the advantage over Beth. If Beth dies first then Alice gets to live, right? Mary puts up a hell of a fight and gets away with the blood.

Alice isn’t done yet though, she gets the phone and calls the Crows to alert them that Alice is at Wayne Enterprise. She is hoping they will kill Beth to allow her to live. This forces Kate and Luke to take Beth to the Batcave to protect her. While Luke is with Beth, Kate meets with Mary and gets the cure all, but now she must decide, who is she going to save?

The Choice

So, who does Kate save? That was an easy choice. She is going to save the version of her sister that isn’t a serial murderer. We see her both give the cure to Beth and then sit with Alice and explain to her that she is choosing not to save her. While she is with Alice, Luke takes Beth and smuggles her past the check points. However, she is not as safe as they thought. Not only is Sophie there to shoot her but so is August Cartwright. So, just as Alice lays dying in Kate’s arms, Beth is shot by August. This means that it is Alice that is going to survive instead of Kate. However, Alice isn’t going to be happy about being the one that was not chosen.


Rolling into episode 13, we have a completely new villain Nocturna. She is a comic book character but with a different backstory. In the comics, she worked at Gotham City Observatory where an accident with a radioactive laser drained her of all her pigment and left her sensitive to light. On the show, she was born with a skin condition that left her sensitive and dependent on the blood of others. Think Quasimodo meets Dracula.

Anyway, she is attacking party go-ers of the city and Luke thinks that it might be a good idea for her to focus on this instead of what Alice is planning in retaliation for almost killing her. Jacob who is recently released from prison after the death of Beth and the help of Courtwright, wants to bring Nocturna to justice before Batwoman can do the job. He still has it out for the competition.

With Kate and Luke on the job she finds her quickly, but instead of bringing her to justice she gets bitten and paralyzed. As the Crows move in, Sophie finds Batwoman first and instead of arresting her, she lets her go.

The Hold Up

After the incident with Nocturna, Kate gets checked out by Mary to figure out what is in her system and it turns out to be the drug ketamine. Kate writes this off as partying to hard to Mary as her and Luke plan out how they are going to find Nocturna again. They couldn’t get anything from Batwoman’s suit using this UV tech, but Kate takes it with her for future use.

Since they know that Nocturna is surfing the party scene for victims, Kate thinks that it is a good time to open her bar to lure her in. When Jacob finds out about the opening, he sends in Sophie to canvas the part as well.

With Sophie at the party, Kate’s focus is split until Luke thinks that it may just be the killer that is talking with Sophie. However, when Kate goes over and serves them and then ‘accidentally’ cuts herself, El’s reaction to the blood shows that she probably isn’t a blood drinking killer.

Sophie is then called away back to the Crows, while Mary and Luke have an interesting interaction. Not only are they confused to be bf and gf, but Mary also points out that it is weird that he is talking with Kate in his ear. However, Kate needs to talk with him urgently because Alice is standing outside wanting to talk.

Alice is only looking for Mouse but is also still pretty upset about the whole ‘letting her die’ thing. She says that she picked a stranger over her, but Kate points out that it is just another version of Beth that she could have been. Kate then walks away from Alice leaving her in the ally.

Top Shelf Blood

The story with Alice doesn’t end there in the ally of course. She is then attacked and taken by Nocturna. Nocturna drains her blood and is unwilling to let her live because she has seen her face. However, Alice is nothing but clever and trades her own life for someone with far better blood. Mary.

Luckily, Luke and Kate see the footage of Nocturna taking Alice and Kate heads over to save her but does think it is weird that Nocturna didn’t take her blood. The clue for Kate is the rope used to tie up Alice is bell rope from a church. Luke narrows this to a cathedral that has been shut down. That is where they find Mary.

Alice offers to stay with Mary and even give her some blood while Kate goes after Nocturna. Seems like a nice gesture if it wasn’t that Alice was the one that sent Nocturna after Mary to begin with. Kate fights with Nocturna up in the bell tower and uses the UV light from Luke to incapacitate her.

Crow or Bat

For Sophie, she has spent this time with Jacob after he was given a photo of Sophie helping Batwoman escape Nocturna. This calls into question her loyalty to the Crows although she claims to be a Crow through and through. To make matters worse while with Jacob she gets a call from Batwoman telling her where they can find Nocturna tied up.

Later, Sophie calls for Batwoman by turning on the Bat Light (how subtle) She confesses to Batwoman that she must pick between her and the Crows. Since Kate knows that Sophie’s whole life is the Crows, she is sympathetic and tells her that she understands that they need to cut ties, not before they have a make out session first….

Putting the Pieces together

With Mary on the mend with the help of cookies from Batwoman, Kate questions how Nocturna knew about the Desert Rose cure in Mary’s blood. She then talks with Alice knowing that she must have heard about it from her. Alice doesn’t deny it and Kate makes it clear that she was stupid for ever thinking that she was redeemable.

After Kate leaves, Alice herself solves a puzzle over her own after learning that Dr. Campbell was the last to see Mouse. She looks over Campbell’s history and sees that six years ago he took a sabbatical and then came back a changed man with a new focus on juvenile burn victims. She knows from reading that that Campbell is really Courtwright.

Probably my favorite moment though was when Mary pieces together all the clues and figures out that Kate is Batwoman. From Kate having Ketamine in her system, to being told that Batwoman was taken by Nocturna, then finding Ketamine in her own blood. Plus, there is the conversations with Luke and Kate over earpieces and Batwoman coming out as a lesbian. I like that they let her figure it out on her own and she seems happy about it. Welcome to the team, Mary!

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