Prodigal Son S1E15 ‘Death’s Door’ Breakdown!

I think that the title of this episode is enough to tell you that Martin is not doing so hot after getting stabbed in the heart last episode. I mean… does anyone? But, not only that, we have both Malcolm and Jessica dealing with the aftermath of what went down with Martin. Plus, there is a death themed case, well, more deathier than normal.


At the hospital at the beginning of the episode we have the explanation of what is going on with Martin in the form of a conversation with Dani and Malcolm. She is there to talk with him as they have become close as friends, however, he is not in the mood to really talk about his feelings since he cannot really confess that he is the one that stabbed Martin. However, Dani does ask the question about Martin and what he could be dreaming. Malcolm explains that while coma patients don’t dream per se, they do hallucinate which is what he glimpses inside Martin’s mind this episode.

And what do we see? Answers to the damn girl in a box. Finally! While this is not the whole story, we do see the face of the girl as well as, how her and Martin met. She was a jogger in a park that sprain her ankle. Martin being the charmer doctor he is offers to take her back to his place so she can make a call and while there he chloroforms her. I think one of the most interesting parts is that he is so close to being caught by Jessica, that sure would have helped Malcolm’s mind.

Anyway, later he has her in the box talking to her but when he opens the box she is gone. When he finds her, she is back upstairs making a call which is not how this really went down. This is Martin’s own mind dealing with his trauma. Instead of him attacking her, she attacks and stabs him several times. Then she goes after Malcolm. However, it is in this conversation that Martin realizes that this is his own mind and he runs the show. He then changes the direction by removing Malcolm from the room and the knife from the girl. Just as he is about to kill her, again, Malcolm comes into his hospital room in real life at the end of the episode which wakes him up.

The Devil

As for Jessica, she could be charged with the attempted murder of Martin because her and Malcolm let authorities believe that she went through with the stabbing. Initially this was so Malcolm could catch the Carousel Killer, but now he says that he is willing to take the fall. Instead Jessica insists on still going through with their story because this is her way of protecting him like she couldn’t before.

With the charges Jessica is going to need a lawyer. This is where ‘The Devil’ comes in. He is the lawyer of Martin Whitley who defended him at trial and got him into a mental facility over prison. Obviously for that Jessica doesn’t like him, however, he is a ruthless lawyer that promises to get the charges dropped in a weeks’ time. It was Ainsley that surprised Jessica with this meeting and for a moment Jessica debates on hiring him to get her out of this mess. But, after another talk with Ainsley, they decide that now she knows what she doesn’t want, she can look for a lawyer that she does want. This has her turning to Eve.

Eve was the lawyer from earlier this season that ended up dating Malcolm. They split after he attacked her in his sleep back before the Junkyard Killer. She is back (coincidentally when we finally have information about the girl in the box) and is going to represent Jessica. Now, all of this took place before Martin woke up so, I am not sure what is going to be the result of the charges against Jessica, however, this was a good way to reintroduce Eve since we all think that she is somehow connected to the girl in the box.


The case this week really focuses on a killer with Necrophilia, but not in the sexual way that we often associate with it. In this case, Malcolm and the team have a killer that embalm the victims, puts make up on them and then just sits with them. Malcolm says that this is so the killer can go back to a time in their life when things were good. Based on the skill level this would also mean that they are probably looking for a funeral director. Unfortunately, this category is broader than normal because there is a funeral directors convention in town. Luckily, this is something that Edrisa is invited to.

While on this case Malcolm is working through his emotions about stabbing his father. He even confesses to Ainsley about the truth of what happened. I am sure that this is what prompted her into help her mother, even though we have seen her more affection to her mother recently. The convention is also a little overwhelming to him and Dani even attempts to talk to him. When he won’t talk to her she confesses that she had to go through all of this when her dad died, something she didn’t want to talk about but those are the things that friends talk about. Since they decided they were going to be friends and all. She then separates herself from him at the convention.

For the case, TJ was able to dig up some information on the victim, Kevin. He wasn’t just a random target. He was previously invested in a funeral business that went up in flames a year prior. This gives motive to the other partners Tilda and Dev, but Malcolm doesn’t think that that is the actual motive of the murderer. In talking to Tilda, she admits having a sexual relationship with Kevin but that she didn’t want him dead. Instead she puts the blame on the other partner Dev.

Dev is interviewed by TJ and Gil. He is a make-up artist to the dead and is extremely nervous. Not only does he act weird but he refuses to talk without a warrant. Later back at the precinct, Edrisa was able to match the make up used on Kevin with Dev’s make up which is enough to get a warrant. However, Dev was not the killer but the next target. They find him at this house in the show passed. With no signs of trauma, they assume he was poisoned. I love the moment when Edris takes the poison and both Gil and Malcolm are like, wtf? However, she determines that he was poisoned with anti-freeze.  Malcolm and Gill look to her for a solution because she does have a medical degree, however, we find out that she isn’t good under this type of pressure. Malcolm even insults her by making the comment that she could be ‘helpful for once’. Even in the panic though she does come up with the solution and saves Dev.

After Dev’s encounter they go back to Tilda to get her to talk. In the interrogation she admits that there was another partner that was silent. She was silent because she couldn’t pass a psych evaluation but she was skilled. The problem with her was that she would spend too long with the corpses. After the fire at the business all the partners decided to put it all behind them but this left Leanna high and dry. Therefore, she wants to go back in time in a way to be with the people she was with when she was happy.

With their prime suspect in mind they begin the search, however, Malcolm calls over to Edrisa to apologize for the way he talked to her before. However, Edrisa seems off in their conversation not even complimenting Malcolm once and sounding nervous. Malcolm heads to check on her in person and find that Leanna is there with Edrisa at gun point. He calls to Dani to let her know what is going on and even though Dani tells him to wait for back up, he goes in. Did we think he was going to wait? No, we did not.

Leanna wants Kevin’s body and Edrisa is unwilling to give it to her. She even makes the comment about how important her work is which was aimed at Malcolm. However, Malcolm the smooth talker offers to take Leanna to Kevin’s body. There he talks with her and finds out that Leanna’s necrophilia started when her mother died alone in bed and Leanna spent hours with her cold body. While having her distracted and talking about taking risks, Edrisa thinks that he is telling her to take the risk and attack Leanna, which she does. This knocks her down and gets the gun from her just as TJ, Dani, and Gil come in and make the arrest.

Once everything has died down, Malcolm seeks out Dani and not only apologizes but admits that she is his favorite person to talk with.

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