The Flash Season 6, Episodes 10-12 Breakdown!

Now we are officially in Post-Crisis with Barry Allen still alive. I also feel like we are really getting into some good storylines as well. The beginning of the season was all wrapped up in Crisis, which I loved, but also left weaker side storylines. Basically, Rosso wasn’t really a top-notch villain. However, we did get hints of where the remainder of this season was going.


Post-Crisis we saw the end of the known Multiverse and this new solo Earth that contains all the CW heroes. This has some obvious pros, like more crossovers and Easter eggs, but also some cons. For example, over on Supergirl Lex Luthor is alive and owns the DEO. This has Cisco on edge thinking about all the new villains that could be out there and other Villains that they caught on Earth-1 that now are out free. While Cisco is a part of episode 10, he leaves at the end of this episode in order to go make an index of these metas. I know that this fans the flames that Cisco is leaving the show with this extended absence but it has been confirmed that he will be back and there are no plans for him to leave permanently. He will even be returning quickly, but not by the end of episode 12. I think that this is a way to give him a story that doesn’t involve him being a meta anymore.

On top of Cisco’s vaca, there is also a new Jitters! With the last one being destroyed last season they have been running a delivery business while they were down. Now they have reopened just in time to get robbed! This isn’t really part of the main story, just the intro.

Oliver’s Mission

An unexpected guest shows up in Central City, John Diggle! So, who thought that he was going to open the case containing the Green Lantern ring? I was hoping for it, but instead we have Oliver’s original mask that Barry made for him all the way back in season 2. This was left to Barry in Oliver’s will. Instantly Barry thinks that the smudge on the mask is a clue to some mission that Oliver left for him. He scans the smudge and finds that it is Mirakuru. If you are unfamiliar, Mirakuru is a drug that was designed to make a super soldier with the side effect that it also makes them a murderous psychopath. The theory is that Oliver is warning Barry that there is Mirakuru on Earth Prime.

The obvious place to look for this is on Lian Yu where it originated. However, a search of the island shows that there is nothing there and that this mask was meant as a reminder that not only is he to carry on the hero mission, but to also protect the ones he loves.


The majority these episodes involve around this investigation that starts with Iris. In the early half of this season the team became aware of an underground group, Black Hole. One of the sources that Iris has found was killed shortly after she talked to him signifying just how dangerous this was. Iris is ready to go to print on this story of a mysterious organization, however, Cecile warns her that this is going to get her sued.

While Iris is set on running the story she is still investigating for more. During the investigation she is led to another source that was recently fired by McCulloch that has information about the Proton Rifle. He says that he worked on the rifle but then days later the rifle just went missing. He reported it but he was then fired. This has Iris heading to McCulloch to talk to the CEO Joseph Carver.

Carver is one of the founding members of McCulloch with his wife Eva McCulloch who has been missing for years. He denies have any connection to Black Hole, the kidnapping of light powered meta, and claims that the photon rifle was stolen by Obsidian Tech (Yes, that company that owns Catco over on Supergirl) He says that they fired the source because he then became paranoid and so they had to cut ties. While this is not the information Iris was looking for, she decides to continue with the releasing the story

Dr. Light

Shortly after releasing the story not only does Iris receive word that she is being sued but there is an attempt on her life at her office. The gun uses is that Photo Rifle and is powered by Kimiyo Hoshi AKA Dr. Light. Luckily, Cecile felt something wrong and was able to warn everyone but their evidence has been destroyed. Allegra and Kamilla head to Star Labs to safety while Iris heads to warn her source that he is in danger. He does to tell her something holding up his keys that contain his ID badge and a USB drive but doesn’t get to tell her anything because he is then shot by Dr. Light and killed. Iris then gets the keys and gets out of there. I loved the shot of the shards of light coming in and cutting her, for a CW show the effects were pretty good. This also leaves her with some 5th degree burns on her arm.

The USB drive is useless when she gets back to the lab and while she is raring to go mentally, she passes out and ends up needing to be treated. Joe is pretty upset at how deep she is in this story but also doesn’t want to tell her to stop either. Iris mostly wants to know who Black Hole learned about her source. She then realizes that the only other person that knew was Carver.

It’s a Trap

When leaving Star Labs, Iris heads to Joe’s where they are met by the assassin. Turns out this is just an Iris Hologram and the place is surrounded. The Real Iris is at Mc Cullouch luring Joseph Carver into a trap. He says that she has no evidence against him but, the evidence is in his badge. Just like her source was trying to show her. The same tech is not only used in the Photon Rifle but in the Black Hole chips as well. This connects him to everything but isn’t the whole story and not enough to arrest him. However, it is enough to make Dr. Light stand down from killing Frost and for him to pull his lawsuit against Iris and the CC Citizen.


In the post credit scene of episode 10, Iris is up in the middle of the night and has an epiphany after looking in the mirror. She realizes that the AV3 number on one of the doors in McCulloch is Eva backwards. This has her curious about what could have happened to her so she decides to leave a note for Barry and head to that office to investigate. While there she is sucked into the mirror!

That is weird, right? But in the opening of episode 11 she is back in the office and everything is just fine….

Finding Love

Allegra is a new character this season. She became part of the team after being accused of a crime she didn’t commit and then hunted by the criminal, her cousin, Ultraviolet. However, in a scene with Nash in episode 10 we also discovered that she was a doppelganger for his daughter which explains why he always wants to be around her and is super helpful to her.

However, since this is the Valentine’s day episode, Frost decides that she is going to help her out when she notices that she seems down. Allegra confesses that she was talking to someone but it didn’t work out. They look up good ‘ol Emerson Fairweather. Online it seems like Emerson is just as down as Allegra so she has the idea to get them back together by accidentally running into him at Jitters. But this backfire when Emerson is there with someone else.

Frost then confides in Nash about her wanting to help Allegra and feeling like a failure. He says that with Allegra everything is in the black and white but there is grey, blah blah. Frost then repeats this to Allegra which inspires her to then go talk to Emerson. While they are not back together, they do agree to be friends. However, because of Nash’s stellar advice Frost is beginning to see the connection with Nash and Allegra because he acts parental toward her.

Love and Hate

Allegra isn’t the only one dealing in love issues this episode. Iris and Barry have issues but most of this is steaming from Iris just not acting like herself. First off, her cooking skills have improved. Yes, this is a good thing but its also all wrong. Later they head out for a night out in case things fall through on Valentine’s day and this ends with caught up in a war between Amunet and Goldface. Amunet interrupts dinner to steal a case from a guest but Flash must let her walk when she threatens to reveal his identity.

Upset Barry and Iris decide that they need to figure out a way to stop Amunet but without Amunet knowing it was Barry. This leads to Iris pretending to be an acquaintance of Amunet to get information from a bar owner. She even smashes a bottle over someone’s head to prove she is bad, which is a very un-iris like thing to do which concerns Barry. However, this does lead them to IVO labs where Amunet plans to break in to next.

At IVO labs they do find Amunet but before they can interrupt in comes Goldface. He also wants what Amunet is stealing plus what she stole at the restaurant. They begin to then argue about other, more person, things. In this argument Barry ends up secretly saving a guard’s life while Iris uses the distraction to steal the device from the case when no one is looking. Barry is still concerned because she is really doing risky and weird things, but she was also able to use her contact Ryan Choi from the crossover to get discover that these two devices together are used to transport plant life. They do argue here where she does make some valid points about not being a damsel in distress anymore and doesn’t want him treating her as such.

After that argument she then goes and directly meets with Amunet and offers to team up with her. She has learned that the plant they are wanting to transport is a rare plant that blooms once every 25 year. Also, they pod give telepathic abilities which is why both Amunet and Goldface are after it. Iris convinces Amunet to team up because she wants to have the same abilities but to fix her marriage which she explains has become rocky.

While Iris is headed to get the plant with Amunet, Barry is talking to Joe about Iris and how weird she has been. He gives Barry some clarity and advice saying that they just need to keep working to ensure that when they both grow as individuals they are not growing apart. I mean, that is if Iris doesn’t die when she gets caught in the crosshairs in the war between Amunet and Goldface. He shows up to the warehouse where the flower is stored and there is a showdown between the two of them. Luckily Barry runs in and saves her. Iris then has the idea to just destroy the flower and then no one gets it. Barry then uses lightning to catch it on fire where Amunet and Gold face are then showered with the pollen and given the temporary power to read minds. This is how they realize they are deeply in love and work out their problems.

As the episode closes Iris and Barry also sort out their issues. or so we think. Turns out this isn’t even the real Iris. The real Iris is stuck in the mirror dimension.

The Mirror Dimension

So, Iris is in the mirror but she isn’t the only one. Eva McCulloch is also stuck in the mirror and has been for the last six years which has made her borderline crazy. Iris’s first thought based on their experience is that this is another earth, but Eva explains that this is the same earth but a fractal mirror dimension. Iris is obviously set on getting out of here but Eva has been here so long she thinks that it is hopeless. Eva is unwilling to continue trying to escape because she can’t let herself regain the hope of escaping, but Iris has seen someone trapped in a mirror before and remembers that they used liquid nitrogen to shatter the mirror to get Cutter.

Things do not go according to plan and the mirror only shatters. However, when Eva becomes upset, they notice that the mirror shards respond to her emotions, almost like she can control the mirror with meta powers. She puts the mirror back together and while they are still trapped, they both think that Eva’s powers are the answer to getting out.

The Mirror Gun

Meanwhile, this mirror copies of Iris that is running around is trying to get her hands on the mirror gun which she tells Barry is part of her investigation with Black Hole. He says no at first because this is a dangerous weapon and he is worried that it could fall into the wrong hands, even though he trusts Iris. Iris just says that she will try a different angle for her investigation. I’m sure you all caught Barry talking about Kara and Lex on the magazine cover at the start of this conversation… this Earth IS weird.

The new angle is breaking into the starchives to get the mirror gun. What she was not expecting was Nash to be down there as well. He claims that he is just looking after everything while Cisco is gone but he has his own thing going on with seeing Harry from Earth-2. After Iris leaves without the Mirror Gun, we see that he took Harry’s journal from the starchives to figure out what is going on.

While Iris is trying to get her hands on the Mirror Gun, Barry is working on secret investigation for Joe that leads them to discover that Joseph Carver has been killing people and the it is getting covered up by someone in the CCPD under Joe’s nose. This links this to Iris’s investigation and Barry confides in Joe about Iris wanting the Mirror Gun. He pushes for Barry to give Iris the gun because he should trust her. At the end of the episode he does give her the gun.

Sue Dearbon

For me, the best part of episode 12 was finally being introduced to Sue Dearbon, the woman that Ralph has been hunting down all season. His thought was that she was a damsel in destress whose parents wants her found and saved. Turned out she is in deep with her ex who is trying to kill her. He first finds her after her bank account pings for the purchase of an apartment. He goes to check it out which then leads to Sue falling into his lap from an explosion. He is ready to turn her over to her parents but she knows that that isn’t safe, she needs to stop her ex first. This ex is an arms dealer, John Loring and she is in Central City because she knows that he has a buy going down in the city which is her chance to stop him. She heads off to stop it but Ralph insists on joining her.

At the warehouse Ralph makes Sue stay in the car while he photographs the deal going down. This ends with his camera smashed and a required rescue from Sue. This leaves her with the idea to get Loring’s ledger which should be enough information to bring him down and of course Ralph wants to see this through. They head back to the warehouse that now has increased security and while they don’t get the ledger, they find a key for a safety deposit box which probably contains this ledger. During the escape Ralph then must expose himself as the Elongated Man.

Now that they have the key the question becomes how to gain access to the box. Ralph isn’t okay with just breaking in since he has gone straight and is a hero. However, they do devise a plan to trick the guards into letting them in by pretending to be Joe West. They claim they have a tip that there is going to be a robbery and they need in the vault to protect it. They then knock the guard out and go inside to get the ledger.

Sue then asks to do the honors of opening the box, which let’s face it, was the red flag to her moment of betrayal a few seconds later when she kick Ralph in the face and locks him in the vault after getting the contents of the box. Sue doesn’t get away easily though because outside the door is John and his gang ready to take her out. However, Ralph is not as trapped as she thought and he jumps in in time to protect her from being shot. While cocooned Ultraviolet shows and takes out Loring’s gang but only because she wants what was in the box too. Ralph takes a hit from Ultraviolet and then her and Sue got at it hand to hand which leads us to discover that Sue is the Arrowverse’s Black Widow. For real, the suit matches too. Ultraviolet ends up with the case, but it is Sue who gets the priceless diamond that was inside and escapes. Unfortunately for Ralph this is when Loring and his men wake up and go to attack him, but it is Barry that swoops in and saves him.

In the post credits Sue is examining the diamond which contains the Black Hole logo. This means that Ralph has inadvertently been working a case connected to Iris’s case and Black Hole. ITS ALL CONNECTED!!!

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