Manifest S2E7 ‘Emergency Exit’ Breakdown!

I was not emotionally ready for this episode. Sure, at the end of last episode we knew that there was going to be something major happening with the passengers with the plane crash calling. However, I wasn’t expecting it to come to pass quite this fast.

One Edge

Like I said, the big calling at the end of last episode left a sense of danger coming to the passengers and this has the Stone’s on edge more than normal. This has them keeping the kids close, or at least trying to keep them close. Cal was planning on going out with a friend but had to cancel. For Olive, she threatens to drop out of school and join the church full time something Ben and Grace are strongly against.

Later when talking with TJ he leans toward Ben’s thoughts that Adrian and his church are dangerous. Not only that, but he doesn’t feel like some miracle he is just a normal guy. If anything, the miracle was only becoming friends with Ben and Olive.

Of course, for Ben, he immediately takes this up with Adrian and threatens to sue if Olive joins the church full time.

This major calling isn’t the only issue going on over with Mick and Zeke though. In the last episode she found pills in Zeke’s razor after a hint from his ex-Courtney. She confronts Zeke about it this episode by asking about his razor which leads to Zeke feeling like Mick doesn’t trust him.

Case Files

Zeke isn’t Mick’s only problem in this episode. Jared is a pain in the ass and it is getting worse as he dives into her cases looking for information for the Xers. He even goes as far as to threaten another coworker to get access to her files. While we don’t know what he is looking for he does let Billy the X-er know he has information for him. However, this may come to bite him later when Mick finds out he was looking into her files.

The Club

Another calling this episode warns that the calling from last episode is happening now. Both Zeke, Grace, and Cal all experience this calling. For Grace it is when she is home with Cal and for Zeke it is right as he finds the pills in his razor.

As the episode enfolds there are several things that fall in place which has many 828ers all in the same club. For Olive and Tj, it is a night out of dancing with Maxine. Isaiah, the church 828er works he and invited all the church folk. Isaiah is also how Mick ends up here. He calls her at the station to let her know that he has decided he has information for her on the attack by the Xers. She heads over there to ask questions.

Ben ends up at the club as well after talking with Mick earlier and thinking that the nest way to get at Adrian is may be to befriend him, a keep your enemies’ close kind of thing. He texts Adrian who then invites him to the club. When Ben arrives, Adrian has no idea what Ben is talking about because he didn’t test him, as a matter of fact he doesn’t even have his phone.

Around this time Mick and Ben both separately start to realize that there are many 828ers at this club. Both Finn from last episode and the flight attendant Bethany on top of several others that we don’t even know yet.

From this point on things move quickly. Mick and Ben both know that something is wrong and when they then bump into each other and Adrian they have a group calling. In the calling they see the same Champagne bottles that are being served in the blub. Ben is more upset about Adrian lying while Mick looks for a way to stop everyone from drinking the champagne although people are already beginning to pass out. Around the time Mick and Ben realize they are barricaded in is the same time they also notice that the club is on fire.

Now all chaos as everyone tries to get out. Mick helps with getting the doors open while Ben works on finding Olive after Adrian tells him that she is here. However, her and TJ were both up in the VIP section which is locked separate from the main room. Before the door was lock though, TJ left to go get Champagne and ends up learning about the fire. He rushes back to get Olive which is where he is when Ben finds him and helps get the door open.

In the rush to escape, Olive falls and hurts her ankle with Ben and Tj then carrying her out. With the fire things are beginning to fall but the real threat comes from Isiah his big ass knife. He takes Olive hostage and threatens to kill her so they can become miracles as well. TJ storms Isiah freeing Olive. He tells Ben to get Oliver out of there while he continues to fight with Isiah. Ben is then led out of the club by a white light where he finds Grace and Cal outside.

While all of that was going on, Mick goes back into the club to help a woman that was trapped by a beam. After the calling Zeke headed here with Grace and he runs inside to find Mick. He raises the beam with his bare hands and frees the woman trapped. However, they then have trouble finding a way out. This is where Jared comes in. He was called by Grace when she couldn’t get ahold of Mick or Ben. He rushed over and help Mick, Zeke and the woman escape. Right after exiting the building there is an explosion. Both TJ and Finn were still inside.

After the explosion, Adrian is s stunned he just walks off in the chaos but I wonder what will happen to the church now that he knows the consequences of creating zealots that think the 828ers are unkillable miracles.


At the hospital after the fire, Zeke is there to be seen for the burns on his hands. However, these aren’t burns at all, it is frostbite. They knew after Griffin last season that the people who come back go out later in the same manner that they were supposed to original die. These makes them think that Zeke is going to slowly freeze to death.

When him and Mick return home that night they talk and he tells her he loves her. She says that she loves him too so they end up all happy and stuff.

The Cure

In other news this episode, Saanvi has continues working on her cure and after testing it on herself again, she still has now results. She has a visit from her father who suggest maybe she reached out to an old friend that helped her with her cancer breakthrough before flight 828. This old friend happens to be Alex, the woman that Saanvi is in love with and was supposed to go to Jamaica with. Saanvi does reach out to her but isn’t interested in reconnecting. We learn that the complication in their relationship is that Alex is married to a man named Scott and wasn’t sure she was ready to end that to be with Saanvi.

Personal stuff aside, Alex does help Saanvi and she tweaks the formula of the cure and again tests herself. AT first it seems like she is having a bad reaction but at the same time sees all her previous callings in reverse. After some time on the floor she comes to. When she tests her blood again the DNA marker is gone. However, this may not have been a good thing because this led to her missing the calling to help the others. Presumably she will have no more callings.

The Journal

With Tj’s death Olive is very upset, but she knows how much what TJ and Ben were working on meant to TJ. She tells Ben about the journal from Al-Zura. In the last episode we learned that he was the artist that created the tarot deck with the peacock for the world card. He also was like the flight 828ers, in that he disappeared for 10 years only to come back to life receiving messages. TJ tracked down a copy of his journal that was recently found and order for it to be sent to Ben’s office.

At the end of the episode, Ben runs to his office and in the book are all kinds of images that have happened to them, The peacock in the beginning among other things. The picture that stands out the most in ben carrying Olive from the fire, which happened in this episode. CRAZY!!!

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