DC’s Legends of Tomorrow Season 5, Episodes 2-4 Breakdown!

Zari was gone for one episode but really, it felt like forever. In the last episode Nate stumbled across a video message from Zari that instructed him to find her in the timeline should she be wiped when the timeline changed. After the events of Heyworld in the finale, that very thing happened and she was replaced by her brother Behrad. While he knows that Zari was with them and that he loved her, he doesn’t remember much else and the video was then erased to fix Gideon’s timeline glitch. We also have John going up against Astra who has been attempting to take over Hell and, in the process, has been creating what they are calling ‘Encores’. These dead badies that just keep coming back for more. Basically, they can’t die.

Call Them Back

In the last moments of episode one, John went off to hell to talk with Astra. Here he demands her to take back the souls that she has released on the Earth. She isn’t willing to do that because she is profiting off the chaos which is giving her power in hell. She tells him outright that the only way he is stopping her is to kill her.

Benjamin ‘Bugsy’ Siegel

The encore this episode takes the team to 1947 LA, a time when the LAPD was owned by the mob. Bejamin ‘Bugsy’ Siegel is a notorious mobster known for his as one of the most fear gangster of the time period which is saying something. In real life he was one of the driving forces behind the Las Vegas strip and not only had influence in the Jewish Mob, but also the America Mafia and the Italian-Jewish National Crime Syndicate. In June of 1947 he was assassinate at the home of his girlfriend Virginia Hill and the case is still officially unsolved.

In the show we pick up right after his death because he is one of the souls that Astra has set lose on Earth. He has come back stronger than ever with a magical gun that obliterates anyone shot with it. Sara leads of team including Ray Palmer and John Constantine. At the office of Webb and Moore they find that Webb has been killed and turned to ash. This is when they meet Virginia ‘Jeanie’ Hill. She has come to Webb and Moore for help with Bugsy after he has come back from the dead and opened his new club the Blue Iguana. The team obviously take the case with Ray even forking out money to help Jeanie get away from Bugsy.

The team head to Blue Iguana, this time including Mick and Ava. Ava this season is having trouble adapting to Legend status after the closure of the Time Bureau. She went from being the woman on top to a new member of a team. For now, her and Mick are at the bar on the sidelines watching for anything suspicious.

Meanwhile, Sara, Ray, and John find Bugsy. John and Sara are not surprised to see that Jeanie is still in town because they were skeptical and thought she was taken Ray for his money. When John talks with her she explains that she cannot just leave town because Bugsy has pictures on her. Since being brought back to life he has made it his mission to collect as much blackmail information on everyone important. This blackmail stash is valuable. She will only leave town once she has her pictures.

Sara moves in and gets Bugsy’s attention to lure him out of the club so they can trap him on the Waverider. Not only does she seduce him but also mentions having more blackmail material for him. Outside things go sideway when another group of mobsters show up to take Bugsy out. Not only do they not kill him but he uses the magical gun he acquired in hell to get rid of them. Ray who is dressed as a cop moves in to arrest him but is stopped by the other officers that Bugsy has in his pockets.

At the station he meets another officer name Sullivan who seems to be on the up and up even while the rest of the force is catering to the mob. While that is happening, John gets a lead form an unlikely source, the matchbook he swiped from the PI’s office. He then calls Jeanie and tells her that he knows where the pictures are located. They agree that they are going to destroy the pictures for Jeanie if she can get her hands on the gun. John lets Sara know what is going on and she calls over to Ava and tells her to make a distraction at the club. This leads to a hilarious display of public intoxication. The best part is from Ava’s view she is killing it, but, not so much. It works in clearing the club though.

Sara then calls the police station to tell Bugsy that there is something happening at the club and that he must get there asap. Outside the car waiting for him is driven by John with Jeanie inside. Jeanie does get the gun by swapping it with another as he is getting out of the car and kissing him. He then heads into the club where Sara confronts him. He tries to shoot her but he is knocked unconscious and taken to the Waverider.

Even with Bugsy out of the picture the drama doesn’t end there. John and Jeanie head to the stash hidden at the cemetery. Meanwhile, Ray finds out that Sullivan is not the honorable cop he thought and is also after the stash and is willing to kill Jeanie to get his hands on it. She goes to leave with the stash after convincing John not to destroy it but is then blow up along with it in her car.

Upset about Jeanie’s death, John uses Bugsy to get into Hell and takes him and the gun to Astra ready to end this once and for all. However, he can’t bring himself to kill Astra. Instead he kills Bugsy and leaves with renewed determination to save Astra.

Dragon Z

While all that madness was going on, Behrad and Nate went to Behrad’s house for his father’s birthday. This brings Nate face to face with Zari who he has been having memory flashes of since finding the recording on the ship. This Zari is quite different than the Zari we know and love and I am not sure how I feel about it. She is a social media influencer after her childhood fame when she befriended a dragon back last season. Nate is stunned to see her and does act incredible weird around her. At Dinner she begins to become suspicious when the air totem is mentioned because she already thought that Behrad was responsible even though his family thinks that he is in business school.

Later Nate and Zari have an alone moment and he tries to ask her about the feeling that they know each other but she calls him out on not being a professor like Behrad said. When Behrad comes in she gets upset and is going to tell their parents about the totem because she found a Heyworld picture of Nate and Behrad where they look the same as they do now and that was supposedly 24 years ago. Before she can he transports her to the ship.

Freddy Meyers

Episode 3 takes us into an 80’s rom-com slasher flick where we have a knife wielding serial killer brought back to life to exact revenge on his high school. This is Michael Meyers meets Freddy Krueger meets Carrie with its John Hughes meets John Carpenter-esque approach.

In the opening of the episode we meet Freddy Meyers in 2004 as he is put to death for killing several of his classmates during their prom in 1989. After he is electrocuted, he is then coming back to life and heads straight for the Class of ‘89’s high school reunion.

On the ship, Sara isn’t happy about Zari being on the ship but in all fairness, no one remembers that she was ever a Legend except for Nate. For now, Behrad locks her away and heads out with the team on the mission.  Ava is super excited about this mission since she is a serial killer buff, she is sure that Freddy’s target is going to be the one that got away, Tiffany. So, the team (minus John) heads out to 2004 to stop Freddy from killing Tiffany and the rest of the Class of ’89.

Ava is totally geeked about being here where Freddie Meyers once roamed, but for Mick this is a homecoming since he attended Central City High School, this was even his graduating class. We learn this when he runs into a former classmate names Ally, however, he denies being Mick and is instead Dick. Things escalate quickly when Nate and Ray find a police officer dead in the parking lot followed by Tiffany being found dead on stage when she was supposed to be giving a speech. Of course, all hell breaks loose, but when Nate and Ray try to get in the doors are locked. This also means that everyone else is trapped inside with Freddy. It seems that Bugsy wasn’t the only encore to end up with some magic. Freddy has the power of telekinesis and uses it to begin picking off former classmates one by one. Since they are trapped, Sara goes with plan B, which was Ray’s plan from the beginning, go back in time and fix the encore so they never go to hell in the first place.

Fixing Freddy

One thing I didn’t mention until now, is Nora is on break from her fairy godmother duties and is spending time with Nora on the ship. Both plus Nate head to 1984. As they get closer Nora’s fairy powers pick up on the wishes of the children and she is called to the child that needs the most help, Freddy. Obviously at first, she is worried that he is going to kill her but it turns out he isn’t that bad. She helps him prepare for his prom date with the popular girl Tiffany. Nate and Ray are both concerned that this is a Carrie type situation where he is being lured into a prank.

While helping Freddy there is a knock on his door with his mother inviting him to a movie night, he declines and says that he is going to prom. This doesn’t seem like a big deal, but boy is it. After getting Freddy ready in a tux and a limo, Freddy and Nora make it to prom and Tiffany even joins in on the good time. She ends up liking him so much that she steers him away from the prank. Oh, course the bullies aren’t going to let this go and instead just outright attack him. He is upset after not only at the attack by Tiffany’s betrayal. He runs out of the room.

This is Nora’s time to shine when she talks with him about not giving into the darker thought inside and even gets him to show the rest of the school just how cool the real Freddy is. Yes, this means to singing performances in the span of two episodes.

Meanwhile, a few other things happen. In 2004, Mick and Ally reconnect while waiting out the Freddy situation however, this means that she falls victim to Freddy’s murderous rampage. The only hope now is that the other Legends in 1989 can fix Freddy, even after his awesome dance routine. We also have Zari on the ship. She manages to hack her way off the Waverider after having a memory flash of the old timeline. She then wonders of the ship to 1989 where she then finds herself in Freddy’s limo as he and his friends are leaving prom.

At this point we have that scene where all is revealed. Turns out Freddy was never the killer. It was his crazy ass mother who was jealous that he was spending time with his friends instead of her. She is not only attacking Zari and his friends in 1989, but also Ava and Sara in 2004. She explains that she also died the night that Freddy was executed and she was brought back to finish the job she was supposed to do. It ends up being Zari that steps in and saves the day stopping his mother in 1989.

Back on the ship, she decides that she is going to stick around for a bit even though she has her perfume launch coming up. Mick and Ally also ‘spend time together’ which opens a love story for Mick for the first time.

Who’s house? John’s House!

While the team was split in 2004 and 1989, John and Gary were going back to his former home to figure out how to save Astra. The answers are going to come from Astra’s own mother Natalie, a witch that is trapped in the house. The surprise is that Charlie has been at the house since she disappeared in episode one partying. She learned about the house from John one time when he was drinking. This leads into the opening of episode 5 with Gary performing a spell that not only save John from Natalie, but the poltergeist witch as well.

This whole story line ends up being about John coming to terms with the decisions he has made that effected both Natalie and Astra. Apparently, Natalie and John were in love at one point but he chose magic over her. She later went on to get married and then was killed when she was struck by a car. After talking to her husband, John resurrected Natalie. At first, he says that it was because he still loved her but he ends up admitting the truth, that he was right to have chosen magic over her. The resurrection didn’t go right and in exchange for Natalie’s soul, the demon took Astra instead and she has been in Hell since.

Natalie later explains that when he goes to save Astra that is must be for her and not his own gain. However, that is going to be interesting since Astra kills John this episode. After finding out about all the encores that are being saved, she takes steps to stop John. She trades John’s life for a favor to another demon in hell. This speeds his death up so instead of dying in 10 years from lung cancer it all happens at once. Pretty gruesome.

Now, obviously he isn’t off the show even though he is technically dead. I am sure his soul is going to pop up in hell. This is going to fall on Charlie though. One of the things that Natalie shared with Jon was Charlie once had the loom of fate which could help him. However, she claims that she broke the loom and scattered it across the multiverse. With the total multiverse reset I am curious if this is still accurate or if that was part of this new timeline. Charlie wasn’t in the crossover so it could be part of Earth Prime’s history, but then how would she know about a multiverse if one didn’t exist in the history of this Earth? I am mostly just thinking outside of my head right now….

Let Them Eat Cake

While John is facing down his demons, Sara leaves for Star City to deal with a thing. This is the events that took place in episode 9 of Arrow. (I’ll link it below) She leaves Ava in charge, who doesn’t want to be in charge. She is just now meshing with the group and doesn’t feel like it would be good to lead them. Sara doesn’t give a choice.

Her first action as Interim Captain is to teach them all an old-time bureau method called A.L.O.H.A.: Assess, Listen, Observe, Hydrate and Attack. While the team doesn’t take this seriously because they are foxes and not hedgehogs it later proves to come in handy. To keep the team interested, Ava scans the timeline and finds an encore in 1793 France during the French Revolution!

Zari wants to come along for this mission and even though Ava is against it, Nate promises to keep and eye on her. One thing that happened here that doesn’t seem important is Zari spraying Ava with her new Dragon perfume which is set to launch later that day. However, this ends up being important.

This is a dangerous time to be in France with mass beheadings, mainly King Louis XVI and his wife Marie Antoinette. When arriving in France they quickly find out the encore is Marie Antoinette, who looks exactly like Nora and is back from the dead throwing the ultimate party. Even Napoleon is in attendance although he should be marching on the south of France at this point. The party is somewhat ironic because she was executed for living an extravagant lifestyle while the rest of France was starving, among other things. After some time, it seems like the whole room is enthralled by Marie except for Zari and Ava.

In order to get to Marie Ava needs a makeover which Zari happily provides. The goal is to lure Marie out of the party to trap her on the ship by thinking there is a cooler party somewhere else. Meanwhile, everyone else is stuffing their faces with cake. It even comes to the point where people are partying themselves to death.

After the change Ava moves in and talks wit Marie. She begins to pull her away until Marie announces the after party to which all her adoring fans come running. In the chase Marie ends up beheaded and on the WaveRider. The keep her head and body separate with her body in the lab and her head in the library. For Zari’s excellent work she allows her to make a dress for the perfume launch. This goes south when Zari peeks at her future and learns that her perfume becomes a failure when it causes people to lose their scene of smell. She then links this to her not being charmed by Marie like everyone else and realizes that it was Marie’s perfumed that gained her influence. Zari then gags Marie, takes her perfume and heads to the party.

The Launch

At the Launch things are going okay. Zari finds out that her boyfriend S’more (Yes, they are making fun of Marshmello) her boyfriend is planning to propose soon. She then makes her walk down the carpet and because of the perfume effects, S’more ends up proposing to her now. She freaks out and accidentally spills the rest of the perfume on her making everyone around her a Zari Zombie.

Luckily Ray finds out about the perfume when talking to Nora and showing her that she looks just like Marie Antoinette. The team heads there just in time to help Zari. She can break the spell by enacting step four of A.L.O.H.A, hydrate! On the ship they enact step five when being attacked by Marie’s body and Mick’s heat gun. That was excellent.

After everything settles down on the ship, Zari gets her signature red and black flannel from Behrad even though she claims to not be a fan of flannel. The real fun comes when she takes a bite of a donut which prompts a flood of memories of her time on the Waverider. Although, she doesn’t seem changed much a few moments later when talking with Ava, however, I do like her and Ava’s new friendship.

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