Prodigal Son Season 1, Episodes 13-14 Breakdown!

I was worried after the events of the Junkyard Killer that these next episodes would be boring, thankfully, that is NOT the case! Not only is Martin back to his cell and ready to mingle, we are still learning more about his relationship with Malcolm and his crimes.

Bad Dreams

The opening two scenes of this episode not only talks about Malcolm’s STSD, which we know about, but also Martin’s fear that Malcolm hates him. This is surprising since Martin is a narcissist but displays his worry about what Malcolm thinks of him. For Malcolm, he is trying to get out of his own head but fails miserably.

Jessica pushes for him to go on vacation after he promised to take time off. He even has the Miami Vice suit. She also arranges for him to get a ride to the airport by Gil.

The Count of Monte Crisco

Of course, the airport never happens. Malcolm hears a call come in and since it is on the way to the airport, he convinces Gil to let him stop in. the best part is the team making fun of the suit. It is the best. However, the victim is the former DA who was killed with an old 1700’s pirate style revolver. Not only that, but the best clue comes from the carving in his arm. ‘Villefort’ is a villain in the Count of Monte Crisco. He, along with two others, betrayed the protagonist, Dantes. Dantes then serves three years in prison, once out he then exacts his revenge on the men that put him there. So obviously this is a revenge story.

With the former DA involved they think that this must involve a case he took but before they can talk any further, things go up a notch when they discover the land mine under the body. Of course, Malcolm jumps in the apply pressure meaning that his hands, which are prone to tremors, are the only thing stopping this from going off. He gives instruction to Gil and TJ but stops himself from saying something to Dani. They all leave to follow the instructions and the body is moved while Malcolm tries to work out a plan. While thinking he gets a call from Martin which he takes. He explains the situation to Martin and while Martin finds it fascinating this obviously isn’t a good chatting time.

Malcolm them runs out of the room with the gun. He uses the gun to shoot out the window and jump just as the explosion destroys the rest of the scene. That isn’t the only thing destroyed. Along with the scene, Malcolm isn’t going to make his flight and he landed on Gils car.

Back at the precinct the team is coming to terms with the lack of evidence when Malcolm gets a call from dear ol’ dad. Gil makes him take it so the whole team can hear. He thinks that the bomb wasn’t just meant for the DA, but also the police that showed at the scene making him think that this was a much wider cover up of some kind. I love the awkward introductions to Martin and that Malcolm ends the call when they get to Dani. She came into the conversation with information about the person who bought the murder weapon at an auction.

The Auction House

The Auction house was a very interesting scene. Not only was William Voit the buyer of the weapon used to kill the DA but he is also the killers soon to be victim. He is strapped in a device that will stab him with pirate-like sword should he attempt to escape. With the help of Dani and TJ, Malcolm saves Voit by disconnected the wires and catching the sword.

After he is saved, Voit tells team that the pistol and the swords both belonged to the Connor Taylor, a rich Socialite who happens to have a son, Cal, that is getting married this that night AND is the wedding that Jessica is planning to attend. Not only that, but Voit also spills about a cover up several years prior where Cal was involved in an accident that killed the daughter, Isabella, of Taylor’s cook. Not only was Cal intoxicated at the time but Isabella was underage. After the accident Isabella’s father was deported.

Malcolm and Gil go to interview Cal but Connor interrupts and takes over. He thinks that there isn’t a way in which his son could get hurt here in their fortress-like home. However, this has Malcolm thinking that the Taylor family made their fortune moving bootlegged items which means there are probably tunnels below the house. This is something the former cook of the house would know about. The team spreads out and begins looking and it is Malcolm that finds Ernesto.

Feels Off

With Ernesto in custody the case is technically closed but it just doesn’t feel right to Malcolm. Gil is hearing none of it and orders Dani to take Malcolm to the airport for his vacation. I really like this conversation with him and Dani about the horror show in his mind because she seems to really understand how hard he must struggle with this. Instead of going to the airport, they go to see Martin because Malcolm thinks that he can give them insight he needs to solve the case.

Martin is excited to not only see Malcolm again, especially after being kidnapped by the Junkyard Killer, he is happy to meet Dani as well. Malcolm mentions briefly about Martin trying to kill him when he was 10 years old like the Junkyard Killer told him and Martin denies it. That if he wanted to kill him, he would have. With that out of the way, they get to the case and Martin also thinks that Ernesto didn’t commit these crimes. There just isn’t the passion there that you would expect from this romantic of a crime.

The theory then develops that these series of murders/attempted murders are a result of Connor controlling Cal’s life, Yes, more father/son issues. But what if Isabella didn’t die? Her body was never discovered and she would certainly have the passion and lust for revenge to go to these lengths. Plus, this would explain Ernesto being at the house, how could have been trying to stop her. This also means that Isabella is most likely going after the man that wronged her the most, Connor Taylor.

The Wedding

This means they are headed to a wedding with the help of Gil pulling some strings with the NYPD security detail and a stop for appropriate attire. Can we talk about how beautiful Dani is? And I loved Malcolm’s reaction to seeing her. At the wedding, Dani gets the chance to ask him about what he was going to say to her when his hand was on the bomb earlier but he writes it off as nothing. I also really loved Jessica’s reaction to seeing Malcolm at the wedding. Obviously, he was not going to join a conga line.

Getting to business, Malcolm and Dani pull Cal aside and talk about the accident. He admits that it was the worst night of his life and that he loved Isabella but that his father thought she was unworthy. At the dinner though, Malcolm knows that at any moment Isabella is going to strike. This has Malcolm taking center stage much to Jessica’s horror. However, he not only airs the Taylor drama to the guest but is able to stop Isabella from killing Connor by pushing him out of the way. After he is hailed a hero which was made Jessica proud.

This was a minor part of the episode, but one I thought was cute since sometimes Ainsley can give off those bratty self-absorbed vibes. After the wedding, Malcolm talks with her about what happened and mentions that Jessica was seated with a bunch of media people. Almost like someone pulled strings to get her there. Which means that Ainsley was looking for a way to make her mother happy after everything that has been going on. It was super sweet.

How Would You Kill Me?

Into episode 14, the opening of the episode is in 2007 with Malcolm visiting Martin in prison while he is still a student. The question comes up, ‘How would you kill me right now?’. Of course, Martin can think of a few things right off the top of his head, but he would NEVER actually kill Malcolm, right? Then the tables turn, how would Malcolm kill Martin? While we see his thought process and know he can think of a few ways, he denies that he could. This conversation is leading to the idea that Martin did in fact try to kill Malcolm when he was 10 years old at the cabin, even though he is denying it. It also leads to the case this episode when someone from Martin’s past comes after the Whitley’s.

The Carousel

After a walk down memory lane, we learn that Ainsley is moving up in the journalism world and will not be reporting from in the studio. On top of that, Jessica as a meeting with someone claiming that they have information about the Girl in the Box. Malcolm is not going to let her go alone and goes to the park with her. There they discover a body that was meant for Jessica to find. In the chao, Jessica loses her purse while Malcolm looks over the scene with the team.

As of now they know that this man was dead the night prior, this mean that the tip that came to Jessica through her hotline was the killer and not this man with information. While they are working on the case, Ainsley gets pulled into the case when the killer calls her studio and wants to talk with her on air. Nothing like a stressful first day. Basically, the killer attack Jessica calling her a fraud and hypocrite. He also says that he wants to million dollars being offered on the tip line which makes them think that maybe this person just wants to money.

Jessica wants to just pay the money and move on, but both Gil and Malcolm are against the idea. Not only is this against policy but it is dangerous.

TV Time

The list of suspects is rather large when thinking about all the people effected by Martin. The top of the list are brothers who were accused of killing their own mother and spent three years in jail for it before its Martin was linked to the murder. Gil and TJ talk to one of the brothers, Harry. He says that he has nothing to do with it, but that there was a man that came in talking about revenge on the Whitley’s and his brother was interested.  

Meanwhile, Martin gets his TV Time and learns about the case. He then calls into the station and talks with Ainsley about the killings live on the air. He puts out there that he thinks the money doesn’t matter, that there is more to the motive which would mostly likely be whatever the connection is to Martin. However, before they get any real useful information Martin cuts the call short.

Shortly after, the Carousel Killer calls in. He claims that the victim was an accessory and then gives instructions on where Jessica should bring the money, the place where her and Martin met.

Now the trick is finding out what this victim was an accessory to and where Jessica and Martin met. Jessica is at the park with the money ready to make the drop off. She finds the burner phone left for her by the killer and gives her further instructions on what part of the park to go to. Then he has her dump out the money or he is going to kill a hostage. She does what he says, but then dumps the hostage anyway which was the brother they were looking for.

Kill Him

After that scene in the park, Jessica isn’t done yet. When she gets into the car her purse is there waiting for her. Inside is a phone, a picture, and a weapon. The killer calls her and tells her that she must kill martin with the weapon that can be snuck into the metal hospital. If she doesn’t then the woman in the photo dies. Oh, and there is only 30 minutes and he claim he will know if she fails.

Unfortunately for Jessica, Malcolm is already there talking to Martin about who this killer could be. Martin says he doesn’t know the man in the photo and they have eliminated everyone known to relate to all 23 of Martin’s victims. That means there is another victim that is linked which isn’t far fetched since we know that there is at least one other victim, the girl in the box.

When Jessica shows we finally get somewhere. Malcolm knows that something is wrong with Jessica and when he sees her purse, the one she lists at the crime scene, he puts together that she has been contacted by the killer. She eventually confesses that she is there to kill Martin. When showing the photograph Martin does recognize the woman which makes him realize that he knows the other one as well. They both worked with him at the hospital and helped with surgeries. This wasn’t a connection to the murders, but a connection to his work as a doctor.

The problem is, Martin must die. The conversation here is confusing until they explain it later, basically Martin mentions Jeb Waller which is a hint for Malcolm. Malcolm then stabs Martin in the chest. Notice that for one, Malcolm has steady hands.

At the hospital, they find out that the killer is an employee there. This is how he would know if Jessica succeeded in killing Martin. Malcolm catches him and he confesses. He also gives the location for the woman he is holding.

In the last scene of the episode we get the explanation. Jeb Waller was a man that tried to kill a cop with a pencil. However, the spot he hit in the heart is one of the only places you can stab someone in the heart where they are able to survive. This means that Martin basically gave permission for Malcolm to stab him hoping that he would hit this tiny spot in the heart. As the episode ends, they don’t say for sure that Martin is still alive but I cannot imagine that they would kill Martin off this soon. I am interested in seeing how Malcolm reacts, if this will help his PTSD or make it worse.  

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