Manifest Season 2, Episode 5 & 6 Breakdown!

With the Major in the wind after learning that Saanvi figured out her identity, the focus of the show shifts over to the Xers and to the Church 828. Plus, there is always this looming death date that needs to be solved. For the people on the flight there is still about 4 years left to think about it, but for Zeke this is a much sorter time period. One of the biggest clues was the compass given to Ben and Mick by Strickland in the last episode that depicted the same peacock that Ben had a vision about last season.


One of the early scenes this episode is Olive working at the 828 church where there is an attack by the Xers. Olive is unharmed but another church member Isaiah is beaten bad. Olive left through the back just after hitting the fire alarm. Not only is she scared of being hurt but that Ben and Grace will learn that she has been coming here. She later talks with Adrian and he promises to keep her identity a secret.

Mick ends up on this case with her new partner, Drea. (Yes, she was Nico on Charmed!) Although, Drea is a supportive partner and is serious about this case, it seems the rest of the force is not all that thrilled about another 828 involved case. Isaiah is a dead end as well because he refuses to give any information about the assailants or anything that happened.

The Blue Truck

While Mick is working on that, Ben and Tj are working on solving this peacock symbol along with the death date. While working Ben has a calling that says, ‘save her’. Confused he isn’t sure who this is about but moments later when he is on the phone with Grace, she is intentionally ran off the road by a blue truck. The police act like this isn’t a big deal or intentional, kind of the same attitude they had with Mick.

At the hospital, Grace and the baby are being checked out. Everything is okay, but they keep Grace for observation. While in the hospital, Ben begins to think that these attacks are connected. He reaches out to Mick who gives them the information to link together many attacks, enough for them to realize that these attacks aren’t random but organized.

Coming Forward

With the attack on Grace and the connection in the attacks, Olive seeks out Mick and tells her that she was a witness to the church attack because she is a member of the church. Olive begs her not to tell Ben and Grace but with her being a minor this is going to get out and she suggests that she needs to tell them before they find out.

The fact that the only witness is family to Mick doesn’t sit well with the captain and she openly doubts Michaela on her case and these connections. Jared and Mick talk only briefly this episode and Mick warns him that the 828ers are being hunted, something that he may know something about.

The real break in this case comes from Drea finding ATM footage of the attackers and a witness to them fleeing. When they bring the man in, they discover that he may be more than a witness although the chief doesn’t think that his off handed comment is enough. Later Michaela does get a confession and information on a central location for the Xers. However, when they storm the club the place has been recently abandoned. The only evidence connection them is the blue truck parked outside used in the attack on Grace. It is obvious there is a leak but this captain just isn’t having any of it from Michaela.

The Leak

It doesn’t take long before we realize that the leak in the precinct is Jared since he is hanging out at this bar where the Xers meet and they ‘owe him one’ for a favor he did. I know they are trying to make us hate Jared but I hope that he is just infiltrating to get information and not really a new Xer. He even is invited to meet the leader of the Xers which happens to be the Professor that hired Ben whose wife Grace met in maternity class.


With the case on its way, Olive comes clean to her parents about her time at the 828 church. Of course, they call it a cult and try to talk her out of going there again. She argues that the flight 828 people are miracles, something that is hard to argue. However, this has Ben taking things into his own hands when he later attacks Adrian and tells him to stay away from Olive.

The Peacock

The opening of episode five is in the past with Olive and Grace. This is after the planes disappearance and both are still grieving the loss of Ben and Cal. Olive doesn’t believe that they are gone and still thinks that they are out there somewhere while Grace thinks that they need to start working on moving on. They stop for a tarot card reading which later related to Grace and Ben discovering a big clue about the Peacock. When Grace sees the inscription on the back, she is reminded of a card that was given to them by this reader. It is the Star card which typically isn’t a peacock but, in this illustration, it is almost identical to the engraving.

Making Amends

While everyone else is consumed with the Xers and their overall plan along with the death date, Zeke is out making amends with people he has wronged as part of his recovery. He meets with a woman named Courtney and right away it is apparent that they had a relationship prior to his time in the cave. He apologizes although she isn’t very accepting. At the end of the episode she turns up at Mick’s looking for a place to stay. Oh, and she just happens to be Zeke’s wife.

Moving into episode six, we learn that she isn’t really his wife but that they were in a very deep relationship where they talked about getting married. They were just too high to file the paperwork. In this episode she is attacked at Michaela’s because she owes her dealer 20,000 dollars. She is going to have to work for this dealer, Lucas, until she has paid off her debit. Zeke isn’t going to let this happen and instead plans to meet with Lucas.

Michaela goes in with him because she isn’t willing to let him go alone. She is smart enough to bring her partner in on it as back up as well. When meeting with Lucas he is reluctant to work with Zeke because he doesn’t know Mick and to test her, he wants her to shoot up. Zeke is willing to step in claiming that she is too uptight for needles. This leads to a fake argument with a real face slap. Lucas is willing to let them go because he doesn’t want the drama. They are almost out the door when one of the other men recognize Mick as an 828er and a cop. Guns are pulled, everyone is freaking out, but in the end Drea saves Mick and Zeke with the bad guys arrested.

When they return home, Courtney is gone. She left a note that she was going to a sober house so hopefully that works out. However, something she said to Michaela about Zeke keeping a stash sticks with her and she later looks in the barrel of his razor and finds some pills. I am not sure if these are Zeke’s, it feels more likely that these are Courtney’s and she is trying to cause a rift with Zeke and Mick.

She Destroyed Me

Jared is low key in episode six. Other than getting a haircut he mostly only has a moment at the Xer bar where they begin to doubt his loyalty because he was once engaged to an 828er. He basically blames everything on Mick to earn back their trust which works.


After learning in episode five that the tarot card related to the death date, Olive and TJ begin to look for information about this card. They go back to the location where Olive was given the deck but after three years it is safe to say that this pop-up tarot reader is long gone. There happens to be another reader in the area and they look to her for information. She is willing to talk with them for money, but all she really gives them is the name of the deck the card came from was Al-Zara and a place where you can find out of print decks.

After hitting this out of print shop, they learn more about the maker of this deck. He was once a 16th century Egyptian Scholar that drew the deck after he went mission for 10 years at sea. TJ thinks that this reaffirms the death date but he can’t find the date of death for Al-Zara. However, Olive thinks that this could be pointing them to a way to escape the death date. They then do this cute tarot reading which later leads to a super cute date between the two.

You’re the Father

There are a few things happening with Ben this episode. Grace comes to him about an article that is going to be written about her and the baby. She thinks it is a good idea to say that the baby is Danny’s in order to avoid scrutiny but of course Ben is not onboard with that.

He also gets worried when he hasn’t heard from Saanvi and they then share a calling. In the calling they are back on the plane and just as she sees him, she fades away. He goes to her lab to check on her. The door is locked but he knows she is in there because he cells phone is ringing. He gets help with opening the door, Mick and her badge work every time. They find Saanvi on the floor, but she hasn’t been attacked instead she has been experimenting on herself.

The pressing issue to her is that there was a child in the calling that needs help. Since Cal was the only child on the plane this must have another meaning. Ben looks to the seat that the child was sitting in as a starting point. The man at that location was named Finn. Finn was in Jamaica for a Bachelor party had a one-night stand with a woman he connected with, he then missed his flight and ended up on 828. The only indication that he is connected to this boy is that he looks just like a picture of Finn when he was younger. I think we knew what was happening right away, but it took Ben a moment to process. The boy on the plane is Finn’s son.

Saanvi gets an address for Finn’s son based on the name he remembered and the birth date of the baby Theo. The hitch is that the mother, Orleana was happily married at the time of this hook up and her husband has no idea that he isn’t the father. Finn wants to try to work something out where he can at least meet Theo. Orleana agrees to just one meeting and nothing more. The encounter is quick but Saanvi doesn’t understand why they had a calling about him until she notices that his eyes are different then they were in the calling. There they were yellowish and not they are dark brown. She realizes that he must have a liver issue and they take him to the hospital.

At the hospital they find out this is some rare genetic condition that needs a transplant to which Finn is the only match. After Orleana decides that because Finn was willing to donate part of his liver that he could be a part of Theo’s life.

This leads Saanvi to continue her research worried that this genetic anomaly that is with all the 828ers could also be passed to Theo. She then experiments on herself again even though she promised Ben she wouldn’t.

The Crash

At the end of the episode, just as Saanvi is going to inject herself and Mick finds Zeke’s pills, there is a group calling that is different than anything they have seen yet. The all see ash falling from the sky right before they are in a plane crash. Some of the dead passengers are not from 828. However, some like Finn are from 828. The really don’t know what to make of this but I think the biggest clue is Adrian standing on the outside while the rest are unaware of him. This is probably a warning to the danger he is causing to the rest of the passengers. Let me know what you think in the comments!

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