Black Lightning S3E12-13 Breakdown!

Finally, we have an episode where someone is fighting a Markovian! Yes, we have been building up to this war with the Markovians since last season. While we only ever had glimpses before, it seems like with Odell out of Freeland that is finally happening. In the last episode, Both Lynn and Grayle were knocked out after kidnapping Tobias from the ASA which leads to the main story in these two episodes. Saving Lynn.


Being kidnapped is never a pleasant experience, unless your name is Belle. To make matter worse for Lynn she is going to be spending a lot of time with her foe, Dr. Helga Jace. They worked together at the ASA last season, but Jace was pushed out by Lynn. Earlier this season it was a hidden message from Jace that led to Lynn being able to make the stabilization cure for the metas which is why she was kidnapped. Markovia wants this as well so they can weaponize the metas they have. Jace plans to make amends with Lynn because her fear is that once Lynn makes this cure that she will be expendable and killed by the Markovians.

Lynn is not receptive to Jace and even attacks her when she first sees her. This is stopped by Colonel Mosin who zaps Lynn with the device now attached to the back of her neck. She is given Green Light and told to make the cure. They also inform her that it was Odell that tricked her into getting addicted to the drug in the first place, we knew that, but it was news to her. She refuses to take the Green Light given to her at first because she doesn’t want to help them, but after some push from Jace and a reminder that either way they are both dead, she takes the drug. Mostly she just doesn’t want to die her withdrawing.

Not only was Lynn taken, but Tobias is there as well since he is required to make the cure with this unique property in his blood. While he thinks that this fact keeps him safe, Jace tells him about the plan to lobotomize him. This will neutralize him but still allow for them to harvest his bone marrow.

It isn’t long before Jeff learns about Lynn being kidnapped. Grayle reached out using Lynn’s phone and lures them to her apartment. I guess the Markovians left and ASA asset behind and alive? Either way, He tells them about the mission to kidnap Tobias to stop the ASA from weaponizing metas and that she was taken. Obviously, Grayle’s loyalty is in question, but he says that he just wants a second chance to help the kids that the ASA have captured. He agrees with Jeff to reach out to Sgt. Grey to come up with a plan to get Lynn back.

While waiting for his meeting with Grey, he tells Anissa about Lynn and her addiction to Green Light. So not only are they trying to physically save her from the Markovians, that is only half the battle. Anissa is upset that Jeff left her behind to go on a mission, but we remember that Lynn was not going to be accepting any help at that moment.

Later Jeff meets with Sgt. Grey and the plan is for Jeff and his ‘team’ go in after Lynn in exchange for the ASA to remove his family and team from their files and to stop hunting them. Grey agrees to these terms of he also agrees to save Tobias. On top of Black Lightning, Thunder, Lightning, and Gambi, they add Brandon, TC, and Grace to the lost of team members going in to save Lynn. I love that we are getting these bigger team missions like we would see on Arrow and over on the Flash. The only ASA members added to the party are Grayle and Erica. Erica is a stable ASA meta that can absorb the energy of others to make herself stronger. While she is an asset to the team, we see that Grey plans for her to kill Lynn if the mission looks like it is going to fail.


The other big issue in episode is Kahlil. At the end of last episode Jen finally learned that Khalil in part was still alive. He’s been taken to the sanctum and the argument becomes what to do with him. Jeff and Anissa feel that the real Khalil is long gone and that he needs to be put down, while Jen thinks that he is still in there. This is confirmed by TC who can communicate with the chip in his mind. The issue becomes the Painkiller Protocol that is blocking TC from getting to the real Khalil.

After some discussion, they think that building a firewall in his mind may be the best way to get to Khalil essentially trapping this ASA command protocol in Khalil’s mind where it can’t hurt anyone. With Jen’s help they pull this off, but Khalil still doesn’t wake up.

Going in again, TC learns that it is Khalil who doesn’t want to come out after everything that has happened to him, he feels better in his own made up reality in his mind. It isn’t until Jen goes in and leads him out that he is able to wake up, but even that was a challenge with guilt eating away at Khalil for the things he did as Painkiller.  Even being away brings him no comfort because the idea that he could accidentally poison someone also plagues him.

Teaming Up

With Khalil awake, the focus goes back to getting Lynn out of Markovia. This has them training at the ASA to prepare for the mission. Jen is still upset with Anissa for not telling her about Khalil, but otherwise the mission is the focus. This even has Jen seeking out Khalil with the hope that he can join them on the mission to help save Lynn. He tells her no, that there is a chance that the Painkiller Protocol could take over and he would then be a threat, plus, he has had enough fighting and doesn’t want to do it anymore.

TC spends his time trying to connect with Erica, and while it seems like this is an awkward romantic attempt we later find out that he found out about the orders to kill Lynn and disabled them removing the danger that she will be killed by Erica.

Jefferson also tries to bring in Khalil on the mission, but instead Khalil tells him that it is time he leaves Freeland for good. Jefferson feels like he didn’t do enough to protect Khalil, while Khalil has accepted what has happened and wants to put it behind him. He walks out and the team does their customary walk to battle. As they board the elevator is seems that Khalil had a change of heart and now is going to be on the mission.


While the team heads to Markovia, a new player enters the game. This is Gravedigger, a meta with increased speed and strength that can also command people to do what he wants. He uses his abilities on Lynn to make her make the cure for the Metas. While Lynn doesn’t want to do this, she doesn’t have a choice until she realizes that if she can overpower the command by breaking the neurological influence his abilities has. This means ingesting a large amount of Green Light.

Not only is she now free of Gravediggers control, but she has a plan to fight back. We know from the last episode that she has made a formula to temporarily give herself Meta powers. In this case, she tricks Gravedigger into getting his blood and gives herself his powers. As the injection is completed, Jace is pulled into another lab where she will begin work on Tobias. To not only lobotomize him but to get bone marrow.

Rescue Mission

Just as Jace is moved, the team arrives in Markovia. The plan is for Grace to get in and connect to the computers so Gambi and TC have access to the building to guide the other. Black Lightning first neutralizes guards and then Grace gets into the system. From her, Thunder and Black Lightning go after Tobias thinking they are the best suited to handle him. This comes with a snag when they meet an impenetrable wall, but with the help of Erica, she gets them in. Her and Thunder stay behind to hold off the guards while Black Lightning gets Tobias. This is an interesting situation since Tobias and Jefferson have been enemies since Jefferson was a child.

Meanwhile, Brandon goes after Jace and almost kills her but is stopped by Grayle who then carries him out and saves Jace. Lightning and Khalil go for Lynn who has already used her new powers on the Colonel to get herself out of the lab. Jen works on getting her out of there while Khalil stays behind to fight Gravedigger. Luckily, Gravediggers power to persuade doesn’t work on Khalil but this is still a fair fight with Gravediggers other powers. Eventually, Gravedigger defeats Khalil and moves on to Black Lightning who was escaping with Tobias. He shows Jeff several times and then goes out to the plane where everyone has gathered. I think that this includes everyone but Jeff and Tobias. Gravedigger uses his powers to convince them to leave with Lynn staying behind. Lynn is willing to sacrifice herself for the others, but Jeff comes like a bat out of hell and zaps the shit out of Gravedigger. This allows for everyone to escape, although I am not sure that Tobias made it out. I guess that will have to be revealed on the next episode.

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