Supergirl S5E11 ‘Back from the Future: Part 1’ Breakdown!

WINN IS BACK!!! For a two-part special Jeremy Jordan reprises his role as one of our favorite Supergirl team members. Back in season 3 Winn left for the future with the Legion and Mon-El while Brainy stayed behind. In the last episode we saw that Lex has become somewhat obsessed with finding the Leviathan and ending them after learning about them Post-Crisis. As of now, there hasn’t been any Leviathan activity although we have seen Gemma with Andreas in the last episode. Also, in the last episode, Brainy has removed his inhibitors taking on his true form. He was warned by another Brainy about the danger that Lex causes and that he needs to work with Lex secretly in order to defeat him. As a result, Briany broke off his relationship with Nia and has sided with Lex secretly.

Prison Break

The opening of the episode is Brainy working on Lex’s orders to free the alternate Winn from a jail bus after being captured. This Winn is like Beth over on Batwoman, they were duplicates from others Earths that made it onto Earth Prime after Crisis.

Once Winn is free, Brainy takes him to meet Lex. Lex makes a deal with Winn to get revenge on the man that stole his father’s ideas and legacy which will take place at Toy Con. If you remember Winn’s father was the Toyman.

While Lex was dealing with that, he was supposed to be meeting with Lena. With the new Earth the vibrational frequencies are different so her work to make everyone good with Q-waves is back to square one. Lex promises her that what is working on will provide the answers she needs.

Toy Con

At the Toy Convention, Lex is there for the release of his action figure. I love that there is both a Lex and a Supergirl action figure. He is also there to make sure that everything with Winn goes as planned. Plus, Kara is doing a fluff piece on him about the launch of the toy line. However, William is with her and he suspects that Lex is not the good man that everyone thinks and gets aggressive with the questioning. Lex the privately warns Kara that if William doesn’t chill it out that he will take him out.

Right after that conversation Kara is alerted that there is a sniper at the convention and he is going after Chester Dunholtz, the man that worked with the Toyman. Right as he is about to take a shot, the legion ship arrives blocking the shot. Out comes Winn that we all know and love. He has come back to stop this action from happening because the results would make him a wanted man by the time cops. If he doesn’t then he will have never met his wife and had his daughter. Yes, Winn is married and has a daughter in the future. I think that this cements the fact that he is not going to be back permanently.

Brainy promises to work on ID someone at the scene who looked to be following Dunholtz while Alex works on securing the Legion ship without giving Lex access to it.

Making Amends

While all that excitement was happening, Lena stops and talks with Andreas. This was Lex’s idea since they know that Andrea had connections to the Leviathan before. In the meeting Lena says that she forgives Andrea. Andrea thanks her for forgiving her but also tells her that the Leviathan haven’t activated her and she knows nothing about where they are or what they are up to.

The Tower

With Lex now in charge of the DEO, J’onn has taken it upon himself to find a new base of operations for Supergirl and team. They are going to call it the tower. Here J’onn gives Winn all their memories since he left two years ago.

Shortly after this they get the first glimpse of what Evil Winn is up to. He makes a video and posts it to the internet promising violence if he hits a million followers. Of course, people just love chaos and he begin to quickly rack up followers. Brainy couldn’t get an ID on the person from the convention. This is after he gives away to Lex the location of the Legion ship which was the purpose for putting in place events that would bring Winn and the ship back to this time.

The Legion Ship

Lex visits the ship and gets his hands on a memory cube. With the cube he looks for information on the Leviathan and only finds photographs. He recognizes one of them women and when looking closer realizes that it is Gemma that has been working with Andrea. At the end of the episode he takes the cube to Lena and shows her the Q-waves she has been trying to find.


Speaking of Andrea, she calls a meeting for Kara. On the way Kara is stopped by Will who is still working on digging up information on Lex. Kara tries to warn him off the subject but they are interrupted by Andrea. She assigns work to William about the next phase of Obsidian and then wants Kara to write and exclusive on the Toyman/Winn. Kara is against this but is forced into it by Andrea.

A Tiger

Later Nia makes her first trip to the tower because they need her help looking for what Evil Winn could be up to which requires her dream powers. This is her first-time meeting Winn, but Winn is familiar with her because she is pretty much a legend in the future. He is also close with her great-great-granddaughter, Nura Nal.

The awkward part of this is that Brainy and Nia are both there together for the first time since there break up. When she uses her dreams to figure out what Evil Winn is up to, she sees a Brainy and then he turns into a tiger and attacks her. Now, her nickname for Brainy was wildcat, but we know that Brainy is somewhat behind the Toyman’s evil streak.

Nia leaves the room upset and it is Winn that talks with her. He shows her his device which is run on dream energy like Nia and this is a way to show her just how powerful she can be. After that conversation, Kara and Winn have a chance to talk and, in this conversation, he realizes that it was his father that lived on this Earth and not this other Winn’s, so where would his father go?

This brings them to a warehouse where Evil Winn has been working on his evil plans. There they discover that Andrea is his next target. Not only that, but she is speaking at the local university which has a tiger for a mascot. Kara is worried for Will because he was supposed to be there for his article.

When they arrive, they are just in time to stop Andrea from being shot but Evil Winn releases these large toy tigers on the crowd. The heroes not only have to stop them but an explosion that Evil Winn has set up. Winn talks with his doppelganger but can’t talk him out of being bad. Winn activates the bomb and the place goes up. Winn used the dream energy to shield himself and then Supergirl evacuates everyone else. Luckily, this event was enough to change history back and Winn and his family are safe in the future.


After learning that Will was not at the attack, Kara seeks him out and instead of discouraging him from investigating Lex she partners with him to keep him safe. We all know that they are planting the seeds of a relationship here, but I am not feeling it. Lex can kill him and it would be okay with me. (I personally am a Mon-El fan) She also invites him to group game night at her house.

I’m a Liar

Before game night, Winn seeks out Brainy after seeing him struggling with Nia at the attack. The way he looked at her made it clear that he still cares for her. Brainy confesses everything about how he has been helping Lex, and that it was his goal to bring Winn here to give Lex access to the ship. Winn is upset at first but since everything all worked out, he is in a forgiving mood.

Not Over

In the last scene of the episode we see that this story is not over, obviously this is a two part-er so there had to be a cliffhanger. When everyone leaves the room at the DEO where Evil Winn’s case is kept, we see that he not only is not ‘dead’, he is now part of the computer which I am sure was his goal.

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