Manifest S2E4 ‘Black Box’ Breakdown!

Michaela finally found Zeke and helped him get out of jail and then they dodged him for a month? That is pretty much what has happened since the last episode. A month has passed with no one experiencing any callings. I think more than anything Michaela is afraid of her feelings for Zeke and the fact that he is probably going to die in eight months. For Ben, this time has been frustrating because he wants to solve the death date, but without callings there isn’t much to go on.

Bring Him Back

Michaela starts the episode with Evie’s mother. Evie is her friend that died in the car accident before flight 828. Her mother has Alzheimer’s and her visits from Michaela have been good for her. This also gives Michaela the chance to talk about Zeke and how she feels about him.

After the conversation Michaela is walking down the street when she gets a calling that says, ‘Bring Him Back’ and leads her to a bank. Inside she finds Zeke and she thinks that this must be about Zeke, but instead he has been having the same calling. Now they must figure out who this is about. It only takes a few minutes before a gun man takes the bank hostage.

Michaela distracts the gun man and Zeke tackles him which rips off his mask. Once Michaela sees his face, she knows that he is an 828-er. This gives Michaela the chance to connect with him and figure out what he wants. He too has been having visions, specifically the gravestone calling with the death date. Thing are only calm for a moment because the police arrive and begin calling inside wanting to talk with Logan. Mick promises to talk with them and help. In exchange for the hostages she will help him get access to the safety deposit boxes, which is why he is here.

After the hostages leave it take a few moments for them to gain access to the vault because it is all done remotely. In that time, Jared arrives on the scene and is worried that she is inside with another 828-er. To help he calls Ben

Grammercy Club

Ben has been struggling over the last month with no callings and even gets to the point where he starts recording videos for Olive once he is dead… again. Grace catches him and makes him stop. Later he is in his office when TJ bursts in with a new calling. He has been seeing a tiger, a fish, a bird and a bug all above the number 2012. He can’t make any sense of it and neither is Ben. Their answer comes from Olive

I have a hard time wrapping my head around Olive. One minute she is a code breaking genius and the other she is a brain washed church-828-er. She even reveals to Adrian the death date. He tells her that they need to have faith that they will be saved again. However, when she stops by and sees TJ’s drawings, she knows right off the top of her head that this is the symbol for the Grammercy Club.

There are some flashbacks to the boarding of 828 when Olive and TJ met there for the first time. Of course, she was 10 and a half then while he was the same age he is now. He does suggest books to her, the most interesting I think is the ‘Wrinkle in Time’. Basically, they are setting up a love interest for Olive. I know, you’re thinking the age difference is a big deal. However, she is 16 now but TJ is still about 19-20. The mother in me still finds this unacceptable, but it really isn’t the worst age difference.

So, Ben and TJ have the lead they need to investigate the calling. They head over to the Grammercy Club where they find these pictures of people that have won tournaments. They have the year of the win right below the symbol for the club. Tj continues to look while Ben takes Jared’s call. Jared tells him about Michaela involved in the hostage situation with Logan Strickland from 828. Ben goes to leave just as TJ find the picture he was trying to find. In the picture is Logan Strickland with his brother Frank Strickland. Frank is also at the club.


Based on the conversation with Logan and Mick we know that Frank doesn’t believe that the people that returned from flight 828 are real living people. The issues are that there is something in Frank’s deposit box that Logan needs. This has Ben trying to convince Frank that they are real people. However, the connection with the death date is what does the trick. We know the death date is 6/2/2024, this matches the safety deposit box number 6224. Convinces, Frank and Ben head to the bank and get the key to Logan.

They allow for him Frank and Logan to reunite and get the deposit box. In the box is a pocket watch with a bullet in it. Logan explains that it was his grandfathers and it saved his live when he was involved in the Battle of Normandy. It also saved his father’s life and Logan thinks that it will save his life too. However, because he is going to jail, he gives it to Mick for safe keeping. On the other side of the watch is the symbol of the peacock which was the original clue Ben received for the death date. Wowza, that’s a lot happening.

In wrapping up all these little storylines. Michaela thanks Jared for having her back even though she threw him under the bus last episode. She and Zeke then head to her place and well… they have sexy time finally. Olive and TJ talk and admit that they remember each other from the airport. He is worried because today was the first time, he heard about the death date, but Olive offers to help and I think she is going to take him to the church. For Ben, this gives him renewed hope that they are going to solve the death date.

The Tell

All that was great, but then there was Saanvi. In the last episode Saanvi was the MVP, now she was a liability. She knew that her lab was being watched and that her therapist was the Major. To finish her work, she set up a small makeshift lab in her house where she believes she found the key to removing, adding, and controlling the 828 genetic marker.

The problem is that Vance still has her seeing the Major to find someone at the top responsible for the Major’s work, someone that they can bring down and hold accountable. He sends her back into therapy but she is nervous she he tells her to eat an apple instead of exposing her nervous fidgets. This plan backfires when the Major knows that Saanvi is lying. She clears out both Saanvi’s hospital lab, her home lab, and the therapist office giving the Major everything she needs.

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