DC’s Legends of Tomorrow S5E1 ‘Meet the Legends’ Breakdown!

Legends are finally back!!! I know there was some confusion about episode numbers over on another group I chat in, but the Crisis episode for the Legends was just a ‘Special’ episode and not included in the seasons official line up. I know that is weird, but I am not the one making the rules here. When we last saw the Legends there was this begin future rewrite after Nathan built Heyworld to stop the demon Neron. Since Zari was just a child at this point in the timeline it changes her future so she never went on to become a Legend. Instead, it is Zari’s younger brother Behrad that is with the Legends and the others have no memory of Zari at all.


Forgetting Zari isn’t the only problem they are facing as a result of their actions last season. Since then, the Time Bureau has been shut down and Ava has had to fight to keep the Legends afloat. In order to get the funding, they would need to be more transparent in what they do. This, plus the fame they received from Heyworld, they begin making a documentary.

Sara is in the dark about this because she, Ray, and Mick were all off fighting in Crisis. I loved the little joke they added about Nate not being invited to the cross over in his documentary interview and just overall the joking way they approach these crossovers on this show. Even with being excluded from the crossover, Nate feels like something is wrong or missing but just can’t seem to place it.

Behrad goes to see himself in the hospital because he was born in 2020 and Charlie decides that she is bored and has nothing to do here. She then takes the jump ship and leaves and is gone the remainder of the episode. Meanwhile, Mona has been working as Rebecca Silver/Mick’s agent.

Gary has been working with Constantine who has his own thing going on that later has an impact on the team. All of this is being shot documentary style with the whole team acting weird in front of the camera.

Sara isn’t happed when she returns and finds that there is camera all over the ship and Ava warns them not to bring up Oliver because it might upset Sara. Ray is happy about the documentary hoping to clear his image after the evil Neron demon tried to take over the world last season. He does give a brief update about Nora, apparently, she is still out being a fairy godmother.


Ava is struggling with how to help Sara with her grief and Mona suggest that she make her a condolence card, however, when Ava goes to give it to her she overhears Sara saying to Behrad that she doesn’t like them. This was a hilarious and awkward moment in the documentary. Behrad instead gives her a drawing of Sara, Laurel and Oliver. Some of you may have recognized this if you spend anytime on Twitter or Instagram, but this is art made by the artist Lord Mesa. He does a lot of art about the CW shows which are all fantastic.


While all of them are on the ship there is a massive time quake which stems from St. Petersburg Russia in 1917. The team heads out to see what is happening and discovers that the moment that caused the time quake was the Grigori Rasputin coming back to life after he was already dead.  

The Legends give some history about Rasputin here and it is basically that he was an influential figure in Imperial Russia because of the belief that he was healing the Tsar’s son Alexei. There were several rumors that he was also a heretic and a rapist, but for this story they included that he may have also been sleeping with the Tsar’s wife. He wasn’t an okay guy.

Killing Rasputin wasn’t an easy feat. He was once stabbed in 1914 and while he was seriously wounded, he lived. Then in 1916 a group of Nobles killed Rasputin because they believed he had too much influence. The plan was to poison him but after attempting to poison him with both tea cakes and wine, Rasputin was still fine. He was then shot in the stomach, which he also lived through. After a struggle he was shot two more time completing the deed.

I think this history makes him coming back even more hilarious for the show, he just isn’t going to die. After confirming the cause of the quake, the Legends head back to the ship to come up with a plan.

A Glitch

While they Charlie is off doing who knows what, John is on his own mission with Gary and the team is figuring out what to do with Rasputin, Gideon begins to glitch. Sara stays behind with Behrad in order to figure out what the issue could be. Behrad seems to believe that there is a phantom timeline virus and the two different timelines of information is glitching her out.

He Can’t Die

While Sara and Behrad are looking at Gideon, Ava leads a team out to take care of Rasputin without having to bother Sara since she is still grieving Oliver. As you can image this is a mess. Nathan confronts Rasputin outright and ends up getting hypnotized, however, he does also learn that there is a woman he loved that he no longer remembers. Ava plans to shoot Rasputin, but Ray stops her because Nathan wants to be hypnotized.

Mona has concocted a plan to write him a love letter to help with the editing help of Mick but none of this works because Rasputin just can’t die. They end up retreating to the WaveRider.

Astra Let Them Out

Now for that mission of John’s. He meets with a demon that is possessing a young boy. They go out for drinks and talk. From this conversation, John learns that his once beloved Astra has set free a bunch of souls in Hell. This is why Rasputin came back to life and if his soul chit is in Hell he cannot be killed.


Sara is furious with the team, specifically Ava, for going off on the mission. She also takes the time to point out that she has just been through some significant trauma with the crossover and NO ONE talked with her about it. Ava confesses that this is her fault because she told them not to, but what Sara really needs is someone to talk to and instead she had cameras shoved in her face.

Nate is also upset while he talks with Behrad about the woman he learned about with Rasputin, but he cannot remember her name, only that she had dark brown eyes and liked donuts. Behrad is still working on Gideon and this fracture time/Phantom Data.

Save the Tsar!

While they are all trying to work out their stuff, Sara and Behrad see a message from Rasputin. It seems that they forgot a camera man and the documentary director in Russia. Rasputin tell them that he is planning to kill the Romanoff’s and take the seat of power for himself.

Since Behrad and Sara are also the only two that don’t have a blown cover, they head in to stop the assassination. I found Sara smacking tea cakes out of the Tsar’s hand hilarious, but it gets serious when Rasputin hypnotizes guard and Behrad to attack her. The rest of the team sees this over the documentary feed and decide that she needs back up.

Sara and Ava talk things out while fighting and eventually take out Rasputin but making him swallow Ray. Then they tell Ray to get bigger although he has no idea what was going on. Rasputin is liquified and to keep him from putting himself back together they put his parts in separate jars.

The end kiss with Sara and Ava was hilarious and even more so when learning that this was not scripted but Caity (Sara) improving.

It’s all Fake

The Legends are all at a theater where this documentary just debuted and they are all there to answer questions. Sara isn’t thrilled and to save her from having to continue this Ava announcing that it is all fake and the team goes along with it. Their celebrity days are over!

This doesn’t solve the money issue, but luckily Mick is an excellent thief and steals enough to keep them afloat. Later, he talks with Mona and gives her the reigns of Rebecca Silver after reading the love letter she wrote earlier. Mona is excited to take over, but this also has her leaving the ship so she can gain more experience to write about.

Go to Hell

While boarding the ship after the theater, John joins them long enough to drink a jar of Rasputin. This allows for him to then travel back to Hell where he is planning to confront Astra. There will be more on that in the next episode I am sure.

Memory Scrub

Now that Behrad has isolated the issue as the events of Heyworld with Gideon, he begins a memory scrub. Leaving Nathan alone, Nate notices that there is a glitch where Behrad and Zari are flashing. He recognizes the woman as the one that Rasputin made him think of but doesn’t remember anything else about her. When asking Gideon about her the Hologram she recorded right before saving him appears. It is a message that she loves him, that this may affect her timeline but that she wants him to find her. Before he can do anything else the hologram is then cleared from Gideon’s memory.  

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