Black Lightning S3E11 ‘The Book of Markovia: Chapter Two: Lynn’s Addiction’ Breakdown!

Even is Post-Crisis Freeland is a mess. They are still under occupation by the ASA under the guise that the Markovians are going to attack. Black Lightning, Thunder/Blackbird, and Lightning are in open war with the ASA along with the local police led by Henderson. Lynn has been struggling for most of this season with her addiction to Green Light after being tricked into the addiction by Odell.


Early in the episode Jefferson come looking for Jennifer after she called him. At the end of last episode Jennifer attempted to kill Odell but was tricked into attacking a hologram. She fears of the retaliation that is sure to come from Odell. Jefferson and Brandon meet for the first time which was hilarious seeing Jefferson go all ‘I have a loaded shotgun’ on him. The big thing that happens here really sets the plot for this episode. Jennifer takes Jeff aside and tells him that not only has she been working for Odell and the ASA, but she believes that she has killed for them when she blew up the data center.

Jefferson knows what the burden of taking a life can do to a person and is immediately enraged. He sends out an emergency call to Anissa. She is outside of Freeland after taking out some more refugees. She is also visiting Grace who she brought out here because she couldn’t control her shifting. Now it seems that it is under control and Grace is set on coming back to Freeland with Anissa to help with the fight against the ASA.

I Need the Cure

Meanwhile, Gambi seeks out Lynn who isn’t looking so hot. He asks her for some of the stabilization cure that she smuggled out of the ASA in order to stabilize TC after he passed out last episode. After come persuasion and a deal Lynn gives him some of the cure. In return, he is giving her access to the ASA servers that he has been able to hack.

Odell also needs this cure in order to stabilize the POD kids so they can be used as weapons to control Freeland and fight the Markovians. Major Sara Grey suggests that they pull Tobias into the lab so they can draw his bone marrow and make more of the cure, although they haven’t successfully been able to reproduce Lynn’s work yet. Not only does Lynn find out about the planned move when accessing the ASA, but she also contacts SGT. Grail. He not only brings her belongings from the ASA, including Green Light, but he is willing to help in order to protect the kids at the ASA. This has them concocting a plan to get in and kidnap him.

Going After Odell

At the Sanctum, Gambi stabilizes TC right as Jefferson shows to tell him that he wants to go after Odell now. He explains that Jen has killed because of Odell and he wants it all to end now. They hash out a plan and then Jefferson stops by to get Anissa on board.

The plan is for them to attack Odell while he is on the move. While everything is still in the set-up phase TC approaches Gambi and tells him about what he found in the last episode. That it was Lady Eve that put the hit out on Gambi. For Gambi this is a relief because he thinks that she is dead.

As for the ambush, Jefferson and Anissa successfully apprehend Odell and take him to a secure location. At first it seems like there is going to be a heavy amount of torture involved but really, they were recording his voice so they could cloak it and call off the ASA.

It is too early in the season for this to end, so we had to have this plan go to hell and it does quickly. Jen gets tired of waiting around for Jefferson to return so she heads to the sanctum. She gets suited up and leaves Brandon behind. While there she saw the set up with Odell on the monitor and heads there. Khalil is also called into action by the Major to find Black Lightning and kill the entire Pierce family.

Jen shows right before the ASA comes in and attacks. She is shocked to see Khalil and even more upset that Jefferson and Anissa knew he was alive and are now trying to kill him. She even goes to the lengths of using her powers on her dad and sister to save Khalil, however, when he moves to attack her, she knocks him out. In all the fighting, the ASA make off with Odell and he heads out of Freeland and back to Gotham where he is from.

For the most part, all of them think that Khalil is a mindless killing machine now that he has been chipped. However, TC accesses the chip and knows that not only is Khalil in there, but that he still loves Jen.

We have Powers

Now that Lynn has had her fix of Green Light she is in a much better mood. She even has a serum that she is ready to use. Sgt Grail volunteers for the testing and the serum makes him invisible and lasts about an hour. This gives them that ability to get in, get Tobias, and get out.

For the most part the plan goes well, but Tobias is unpredictable sometimes and tells her that she is his golden goose. Basically, once they are out of here, she is going to be his bargaining chip and not the other way around. When they get out the Grail and the van aren’t there. This gives Tobias the time to make his move over Lynn, but she came prepared. Not only does his punch not hurt her but she then knocks him out. When Grail arrives, they throw Tobias in the back. It all seems to be going well until they are attacked by a Markovian and thrown in the truck.

Lady Eve vs. Lala

The unexpected fight in this episode comes from two characters that died in season one. Lala has been a weird storyline since then with his random reappearances, but this is the first time we have seen Lady Eve, other then when she was floating in one of the resurrection vats.

The fight with them starts when Lala hears of a new set up on the east side of town that has not been paying him for protection. He sends a man in to look around and he brings back video of this brothel and of Lady Eve. Lala then confronts her directly and threatens to not only kill Eve, but the resurrectioner that keeps bringing them back. While Lady Eve doesn’t cave at this moment, she confesses to one of her girls that for now she is going to have to play with Lala.

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