Batwoman S1E11 ‘An Un-Birthday Present’ Breakdown!

Post-Crisis has been interesting for everyone. Over on Supergirl Lex Luthor is back from the dead. On Arrow, Dinah was somehow erased and sent to the future among other things. For Kate, she gets two versions of Beth. She has the Beth we have seen all season that was kidnapped and turned into Alice and then a Beth we learn about this episode that surprised her in her office.

Seeing Double

Obviously, Kate doesn’t know at first that this Beth is NOT the Beth that she knows. This leads to a fight and Kate getting slammed in the face with pepper spray. Meanwhile, Sophie is trying to figure out what to do with Alice. Jacob instructs her from jail not to talk with her because she will mess with Sophie’s mind, that it is for Arkham to sort out. However, Sophie wants to talk with her and get a confession so that Jacob can be free. It is about this time that Kate shows demanding to know how Alice escaped. The problem is Alice didn’t escape and is still being held in the basement. Sophie tells Kate that she isn’t the only one seeing double, so is Mary.

Kate, Mary, and Luke investigate this although Mary is still primarily in the dark about who Kate really is and what is going on. What they do find is that new Beth left her phone behind in Kate’s office. In the phone they find pictures that confirms Beth’s story about traveling and grown up pictures of Kate and Beth together. Mary leaves to figure out if anyone else in the Astrophysics department, where Beth claimed to work, can shed any light on this. Meanwhile, Kate remembers that she saw a picture like this on another Earth and that this must somehow be a doppelganger. Upset she heads to find Beth and make amends.

She finds Beth at the Waffle stand and apologizes. This Beth is upset because here on this Earth no one remembers her. Kate comforts her and they head to the bar that Kate has been renovating. At the bar, Kate and Beth talk about the differences in their lives. Jacob still went on to find the Crowe’s but Kate isn’t the same. She doesn’t have the tattoos for starters. The biggest difference is the crash. Beth’s Earth also experiences the crash, but instead of her falling into the river, Kate pulled her to safety.


Luke breaks up the Kate and Beth reunion to tell Kate about the hostages that the Wonderland Gang have taken. They have Commissioner Forbe and Mayor Aiken’s sons and what Alice in exchange. However, the officials won’t call for Batwoman because she is too political after coming out as a lesbian.

Of course, Kate isn’t going to let that stop her from helping and she heads over to get her suit and find the boys. That plan comes crashing to an end when she is hit but Mouse and the Wonderland gang with a van and taken hostage.


As for Alice and Sophie, things are going about how Jacob called them. Sophie talks with her and wants a confession but Alice won’t talk until she has her ‘Alice in Wonderland’ book. Of course, Sophie says no, but once she learns of the hostages, she caves to play nice with Alice for information. In this conversation, Alice is too smart to really be tricked by Sophie, but what we do get are flashbacks to Beth’s time while imprisoned and her transformation from Beth to Alice. The breaking point was not only her captor killing her cat but, learning that her father had moves on and remarried.

While in the interrogation Sophie is alerted to Kate being taken and this becomes the bargaining chip that Mouse really uses to get Alice. However, Kate sends her a coded message on the call to tell Sophie not to let Alice go.

I Can Be Her

With Mouse wanting Alice and Beth being the perfect replica, Beth decides that she can help by dressing up as Alice and working to set Kate free. Mary helps her take on Alice’s look, which is uncomfortable for Mary. However, Mouse realizes quickly that this isn’t his Alice and locks her in the trunk of the car that Kate and the boys are in. In all this commotion though Kate got herself out of her binding and a fight breaks out. She traps Mouse by impaling him in place and then goes to rescue the boys and Beth from the car that Mouse set on fire. The boys are easy, but she has trouble getting Beth out. It seemed for a moment that she was going to lose her but Kate wasn’t going to let that happen.

Escape Plan

While Kate is rescuing the boys and Beth, Alice gets herself out of custody by using the wire in the book to get out of her cuffs. This wire was explained in the flashbacks when Mouse fixed the book that was destroyed by his dad. She then kills two guard but let’s Sophie live. With her at large Jacob tells Sophie that next time they find her that she needs to be put down once and for all.

For Kate, the news of Alice escaping has the Gothamites demanding that the signal is turned out and that she can help with bring Alice to in.

Birthday Wish

At the end of the episode, Mary and Luke throw Beth and Kate a small party (Just the four of them) at the bar. They blow out the candles together although Kate says that she already has everything she wanted, which is a second chance. Right after the candles are out, Alice and Beth both have this sharp and sudden pain in their head. This isn’t explained yet, but I imagine that it is the universe attempting to correct itself.

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