Arrow Series Finale Breakdown!

Arrow’s watch has officially ended with the two-part series finale. Episode 9 served as a pre-pilot for the upcoming Green Arrow and the Canaries show that will be debuting in the fall if the series is officially picked up. Episode 10 was about honoring the legacy of Oliver Queen and to see where everyone ends up after Oliver’s gone.


All of episode nine take place in the future and I expect that this is where the new series will take place since they go through the lengths of explaining why Dinah and Laurel are both here but not any older. The opening of the episode is the kidnapping of Bianca Bertinelli, adopted daughter of Oliver’s former lover Helena. Laurel doesn’t stop the kidnapping which has her seeking out an old friend, Dinah Drake.

Dinah is a former canary/police chief turned lounge singer. She explains to Laurel that she woke up in 2040 after Oliver’s funeral with no recollection of how she got here. When she looked for information, she found out that she never existed on this Earth at that time so decided to leave it all behind for a different like since Star City has been crime free for 20 years.

Laurel then breaks the bad news that things are about to change. Apparently, the kidnapping of Bianca ends with her death a few days later. This is the catalyst that leads to all out war within Star City in 2041. Laurel came here escorted by her time travelling doppelganger sister, you know the Captain of the Legends. She wants to stop this from happening.

The New 2040

In season 6 and 7 we spent a lot of time in 2040 with a future where JJ ended up being the new Deathstroke, Dinah and Zoey were crime fighting Canaries. The Glades were sectioned off from Star City with Rene as mayor. William grew up away from all of these and Connor Hawke grew to be a military hero turned vigilante like John Diggle. With the new Earth Prime, that never happened. Instead, Oliver’s sacrifice painted a new future where Mia was a socialite who grew up with William as her brother. She is also dating JJ and Connor is the moderately bad drug dealing brother. With JJ never becoming Deathstroke, Zoey is still alive as well.

Mia is fresh out of college and not sure where she wants to go in life but does turn down the job offer from William at Smoak Tech. When JJ asks her to marry him, she says yes, but immediately after is approached by Laurel and Dinah. They question her about Bianca, when she acts like there couldn’t be anything wrong because Star City is so safe, Laurel gets frustrated and gives her back her memories. She later explains that Cisco was able to make a tech version of Jonnz powers.

Obviously, all these memories mixed with Earth Prime’s memories is disorienting and she has trouble coming to terms with Laurel wanting her to become the Green Arrow to save Bianca.

The Bertinelli’s

In the old Earth the Bertinelli’s were a large crime family that Oliver fought back in season 1. This is where the Canaries and Mia decide to start looking for clue to what could have happened. Mia goes to talk with them because her and Bianca are friends, this is a distraction so Laurel and Dinah can plant bugs. While her family is unconcerned and tell Mia to stop worrying about it.

Suiting Up

Laurel has her work cut out for her with Dinah and Mia. Dinah is convinced that the world was better off with her not becoming a canary. Zoey is still alive and Star City has been safe. However, when they pick up chatter that Logan Bertinelli has something he is moving, they head out thinking that this is Bianca. Mia refuses to wear the Green Arrow suit and instead fights in just a hood.

When arriving on scene they do not find Bianca, but they do find vials of chemical. The scene is then blown up by someone in a Deathstroke mask.

Behind the Mask

Obviously with a Deathstroke in town the obvious thought is that this is somehow JJ, however, Mia is unconvinced that the man she is with is JJ even if he was in their old life. However, she does agree to hack his computer looking for information that could lead to Bianca.

The problem is that she gets caught and openly accuses JJ of having Bianca, which he denies. He then shows her a social media post made by Bianca which proves she is fine. The Canaries this that this is a convenient video meant to throw them off but instead ends up providing an important clue about her location.

JJ and Mia are not on good terms obviously and he accuses her of being afraid of commitment because she has been acting strange since the proposal. When talking with Laurel, she admits that she was afraid to try to live up to her father at a risk of failing so instead she did nothing. Laurel admits that being a hero is hard but it provides purpose.

Once they sort that out and get an idea of the location based on the posted photo, Mia suits up as Green Arrow and the three of them go after Bianca. There they find out that the man behind the mask is Trevor, Bianca’s ex. They must fight their way out but when they make it to the top it is too high to jump. They are forced to go over any way when Trevor blows up the building. Before doing that though he gives some vital information. First off, he leads them to think that there is someone else in charge, a ‘she’ that is isn’t going to stop. Then there is the tattoo on his wrist that Mia says is familiar to her but can’t place.

They all safely land on the ground with Bianca overwhelmed. I do think that bringing Bianca into this episode is a clue that we may see her suit up in the Green Arrow and the Canaries show as the Huntress.

The Cliffhanger

Well, I certainly hope the show gets picked up now since it left up with a massive cliffhanger. Mia and JJ make up and it seems like things are going to be fine. Mia and William visit what I think is the statue that is unveiled in episode 10. There Mia realizes that the arrowhead that has been passed around from Oliver to Thea to William matches the tattoo that was on Trevor’s arm which is why it seems familiar. This realization comes right as they are both darted and William is taken.

Meanwhile, JJ is attacked at home and given his memories. This leads us to assume that he will go on to become Deathstroke again!


Then onto episode 10, this episode opens with the documentary into Oliver’s life that was done last season but now has become a memorial. Moira is the first person we see and later learn that Tommy and Quentin are back as well. These were all things that Oliver changed with his sacrifice. As the team gets together to remember Oliver, they remark on the lack of crime of late.

Diggle struggles this whole episode with accepting that Oliver’s mission is over and they are done. We even have flash backs to the original season where Diggle becomes part of the mission with Oliver.

Sara picks up Mia in the future so she can attend her father’s funeral and this is about two weeks in her time after William was taken. Roy is with them in the bunker and is stressed about seeing Thea again while they all wonder if Felicity is going to show.

Kidnapped…. Again

In the past, Mia uses her time looking into anything that could help her figure out what happened to William in her time. While doing this it is announced that William in 2020 was kidnapped. Thea arrives at the bunker for the funeral and to help find William. This also has Felicity arriving to be Overwatch one more time. She had William chipped and thinks that she should be able to find him. Instead, the chip stopped working once he reached Star City, however, she does come up with a list of potential places.

Thea and Roy search together, first an Van Wayne industries. Once they confirm it is all clear Roy takes the time to apologize to Thea and ask her to not only be with him, but to marry him. She doesn’t give him and answer, yet.

Rene and Rory team up. Some of you may looked at Rory and wondered who he was because he hasn’t made an appearance since season 5 and was working to fix his mystical suit given to him by his father. Now he is back and working with Rene to find William and honor Oliver. They have not luck finding William just like Lyla and Diggle who feel that they owe it to Oliver since he helped put their family back together.

Mia is the one that finds William. In a flashback we learn that his kidnapper was a man that Oliver hunted all the way back in season one and the man that Diggle talked him into sparing instead of killing. However, John Byrne doesn’t feel very grateful and instead wants to throw William over the same building he was captured on eight years prior. He pushes her to kill him but Mia refuses and instead sends him back to prison.

He Became something Else

With William safe and Mia teaching him about her bow, we move on the memorial of Oliver. I love that we have this bonding with Mia and William, but Felicity is hesitant to meet an older Mia since the Mia she knows is still a baby.

I should probably mention that Thea and Roy are getting married!!!

Laurel struggles with the feeling that Oliver brought back Quentin, Moira, and Tommy but not Earth-1 Laurel. She still feels like that Laurel was better than her and Quentin comforts her and reminds her that she doesn’t need to be fixed.

Dinah and Diggle both decide that they are moving to Metropolis. Dinah doesn’t see the point in being police chief if there isn’t crime in the city and Diggle is ready to move on. Rene isn’t happy about their move right before he is elected mayor, but we know from Mia’s time now that he makes a great mayor.

Then we have not only a statue unveiling, much like the one that was dedicated to Laurel Lance on Earth-1, but a funeral. At the statue unveiling, Quentin gives a speech talking about the great man that Oliver became, which speaks to everyone’s ability to change for the better.

At the funeral, Emiko finally meets Thea and Moira. This was a happy meeting and not arrows were exchanged. Tommy and Laurel talk about this Earth’s Laurel and that he and her were married. A little bit of hinting, but with Laurel going to the future I don’t see this carrying over into the new show. Both Nyssa and Talia al Ghul make an appearance and Talia is introduced to Sara Lance. Seems like ancient history but Nyssa and Sara were once a thing.

Felicity and Mia finally have their introduction and Mia lets her know that it was Oliver that taught her and she had the chance to meet him. Some other friends like Anatoly make their appearance, as well as, Barry and Kara. Diggle gives the goodbye speech since he was really the first that Oliver inspired to be a hero.

During the speech we see where everyone is headed. For Diggle this means a meteor crash and a new glowing green ring. Obviously, they are telling us that he is going to go on to be a Green Lantern. This leaves a lot of speculation that he is going to be an opening to the HOB Max show coming soon but they already told us at the end of the crossover that this was going to be on Earth-11, which Diggle and the people of this Earth don’t even know exist. I would be surprised if they connected them any further than that brief acknowledgement. However, I could do with a CW Green Lantern show AND an HBO Max show….

The final scene is Felicity and the Monitor together. Even though he died in Crisis, this technically happened before Crisis in the Monitor’s timeline. He takes her to a place with Oliver where they can now be together forever. It takes place in Moira’s old office where Oliver first saw Felicity.

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