Manifest S2E3 ‘False Horizon’ Breakdown!

This week I think really highlights the badassery of the female leads in this show. For me, Saanvi was the real MVP and then Michaela was a close second. However, the path that Olive is on is getting a little worrisome.

Seeking Out the Mole

In the end of last episode, Ben and Vance learned that there was some way that information was leaking to the Major about Saanvi’s work. The question now becomes how to handle it. Vance puts together a plan to lure the Major into a trap by leaking false information to Saanvi about a new ‘Holy Grail’. The issue with this is that it requires Ben to lie to Saanvi, something he is very uncomfortable doing.

Saanvi has her own mess going on this episode because she is still reeling from her heart break that she felt when she was left before the plane took off. We knew only that she was dating a guy and that they were going to work on their relationship in Jamaica, but he then didn’t board the plane. She confesses this all to the Major in her therapy session as well the thought that she is on the cusp of learning something exciting in the lab. The Major suggests for her to email her Ex, Alex, and sort of hash out her feelings. Obviously, the level of complication is increased because for Saanvi this was just months ago but for Alex this was five years ago. For the most part this email really is just an ‘I miss and love you’ sort of thing, but the new information is that is seems that whatever was going on with them involved Saanvi breaking up the marriage he had.

Ben does decide to go along with the plan of Vance’s and gives her the false information. Of course, she is excited that this could lead to a breakthrough but she can tell that something is wrong with Ben. We know that he feels guilty for lying to her but he plays it off that he may have a job coming up that is going to take his attention away from the 828 mystery and the death date stuff. This is partly true, but I doubt that Ben is going to slow down on the death date stuff since it effects his entire family.

Later, Saanvi is in the lab working on her email and the DNA sequencing when Ben comes back to talk with her again. This time his guilt wins out and he admits that there isn’t a new holy grail and he tells her about Vance and her mole. She is furious that he lied to her and that he didn’t trust her and kicks him out. She then fires the lab tech that has been helping her worried that he may be a mole. She then calls her therapist and asks for an emergency visit.

In her therapy session she mentions her argument with Ben, and that she feels betrayed although she doesn’t go into full details. She then mentions a big breakthrough she had at work and where he samples and information could be found. While it seems that she is giving all this information to the Major, it was all part of a set up that Saanvi created. She takes the information to Ben and Vance, shows them the Doctor breaking into her lab on surveillance she set up, and tells them that the only person she told this too was her therapist. She is then able to identify the Major as Major General Katherine Fitz from a site that Vance shows her. Now the plan is to turn the tables on the Major.

Free Zeke

For Michaela, her time is consumed with setting Zeke free. Cal even gives her a picture of Zeke on the plane to show him that he is meant to be with them and not in jail. She meets with a lawyer friend who knows that she can get Zeke’s plea reversed because he made the plea without a lawyer present. In order to do that Zeke would have to accept her as his lawyer and he can’t do that unless Michaela talks to him. She then heads to the jail house only to find that he isn’t there anymore and was transferred somewhere else. The fear is that the Major has him but that seems unlikely.

Jared is still actively trying to stop Michaela from being involved with Zeke and even tells her that this is going to hurt her career because he is not going to reverse his testimony and say that the shooting was an accident. However, Michaela isn’t going to give up on Zeke and warns Jared to be prepared because she is willing to do anything to get Zeke out of jail.

She then calls around to all the local places he could have been taken. She eventually finds him and heads there. She ends up basically shoving past security and finding him in the room we have seen him in hooked up to medicine. She gives him the picture Cal drew but he already knows that he was wrong and doesn’t belong here, that he too has been having the plane callings. Michaela is then hauled out of the room, but she does get him the information to the lawyer.

In court, the judge agrees to allow the plea to be reversed and moves to have the charges dropped and asks to have Michaela put on the stand. The judge agrees to hear Michaela and she gives some pretty powerful testimony. She says that the shooting was an accident and then goes as far as to push Jared under the bus for pulling Zeke’s prints, and unlawfully entering her home which led to the shooting in the first place. The prosecution agrees to drop the charges to unlawful possession of a forearm and the judge determines that his time has been served.

Zeke and Michaela have a big hug when he is released (Yes, we were all hoping for a kiss, but it didn’t happen) He tells her that no one has ever fought like that for him before and then they head over to the Stone house for dinner.

I don’t think this story is nearly over yet though. With Michaela throwing Jared under the bus he is furious. We see him at the bar where the story of the case is on the news. He encounters a Xer who thinks that 828ers shouldn’t be allowed to be officers, then Jared buys them a drink. I certainly hope he doesn’t become a Xer, but I think that is where we are going.

Open Her Eyes

So, we know that Grace has started to have callings because she is pregnant. This episode it seems that they are becoming crucial even though it doesn’t seem so at first. She is at a pregnancy class and meets a woman named Erica when she has a calling. The calling says for her to ‘open her eyes’ and then she sees a gargoyle on top of the vehicle. Grace tells Cal and Ben about her calling, but Ben is already wrapped up in other things so she tells him that her and Cal will figure it out. She remembers seeing a soccer sticker on the back of the car and thinks that this is a good way to find her.

They head to the fields and run into Erica. She is alarmed to see them and seems to be visibly scared and reluctant to talk with Grace. Grace again has the calling with the ‘Open her eyes’ and the gargoyle. The again, she runs into Erica after leaving the pregnancy class but this time Erica gets upset with her. She thinks that Grace has been following her and calls Cal an 828 freak and an abomination. Now obviously, the ‘Open her eyes’ calling makes sense but Grace pretty much fails at making her see that. She later even confesses to Michaela her worry about not completing the calling, and Michaela makes the comment that maybe it isn’t over yet.

Job Offer

In the last episode, Ben was offered a potential job opportunity teaching after helping TJ, a fellow 828 passenger and college student. As part of the process he must give a guest lecture while the hiring members watch. His friend, Kate Bowers, and one of the hiring committee warns him about another member that is going to be hard to please. His name is Simon White.

In the lecture, things go sideways for a bit as most people are more concerned with asking questions about 828, but TJ steps in and asks questions that relate this back to the lecture and Ben runs with it turning the class around. He is hired by the end of the lecture and will be teaching going forward. However, when we see Simon getting in the car, we find out that he is married to Erica, the anti-828er that Grace had a calling about! Oh, and there is a gargoyle on the side of that building. So, like Michaela said, this is far from over.


Like I said in the opening, the direction Olive is taking is worrisome. She is attending these 828 churches that we know is a scam, with her new friend Maxine. Olive colors her hair a little like Maxine which doesn’t seem like a big deal at first. However, in the episode we see where she is once again left to feel left out of the callings. Later when Grace is talking with Michaela though, she interjects and says that the 828ers are blessings, which seems like something odd for her to say but no one really pick up on it much.

At the end of the episode she decides that she is going to make her testimonial for the church admitting that she is a family member of the 828 passengers and that she truly believes they are all connected. These all seem like small inconsequential things, but this is obviously leading in a cult-like direction putting Olive in a bad situation.

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