Black Lightning S3E10 ‘The Book of Markovia Chapter One: Blessings and Curses Reborn’ Breakdown!

Black Lightning has entered the Arrow-verse! During Crisis Black Lightning finally became one with all the other superheroes of CW. He found with The Flash, Supergirl, Batwoman and Legends to save the Multiverse against the Anti-Monitor. While every other Earth was destroyed, all our heroes and their stories lines landed on what is now called Earth Prime. This means there are more opportunities for crossovers and just opening mention of other heroes. I am not sure in what capacity this will include Black Lightning since they are filmed in Atlanta while the rest are filmed in Vancouver, but I am sure that cameos will happen.

We Were in Another Dimension

Like on the Flash, Supergirl, and Batwoman, no one other than the Paragons knew what happened in Crisis, however, for the other shows J’onn Jonnz was able to step in and restore memories. Unfortunately, J’onn is unfamiliar with the Black Lightning Fam and didn’t make a stop in Freeland to help with restoring memories.

Luckily for Jeff he has Jen to back up his alternate dimension claims since she was stuck in her ‘safe space’ that she used to get control of her powers back when they were still developing. Peter isn’t sure even then that he believes what happened but for the time being there are more pressing concerns.

Getting Rid of Odell

Because of Jen’s experiences with her alternate dimension selves in episode 9, she is set on ending Odell in order to stop either of these outcomes from happening. She doesn’t want her family killed but she also doesn’t want to turn into a bad guy. Jefferson can at least talk her into changing out of the suit that Odell gave her and into the Gambi made suit. From there, he persuades her to check in on her mom instead of heading straight for Odell.

When seeing Lynn, she startles her making Lynn drop the last of her Green Light. Lynn is looking very bad and Jen recognizes that something is not right with her. However, she is pulled away from Lynn when an earthquake happens. She knows that this is the work of Brandon and that he is unstable. Lynn gives her the formula she creates but refuses to go with her so she can work on making more Green Light.

Jen then gets to Brandon’s apartment and administers the shot and the quakes stop. When Brandon comes to he can see that Jen is upset and tries to talk with her but before they can really get into the conversation they are both darted and taken by the ASA, which was sent out under Odell’s orders to bring in Jen. In the transport, Jen’s powers are just too strong for the Meta dampening collars to work on her. She removes hers and then Brandons and they jump out of the back of the transport and then take out the men in the car behind them.

After that encounter, she must call Odell back since he has been calling her all day. When they meet, she tells him that she no longer wants to work for him but he tells her that she has no choice. She then attempts to kill him only to find out that he is a hologram.

You’re an Addict

After Jen left the lab with Lynn, she called Jefferson before getting to Brandon to let him know that there was something weird going on with Lynn. He shows at the lab but she isn’t there. Gambi tracks her and finds her at home and this is where Jefferson learns that Lynn is using and addicts to Green Light. She is in a panic searching for her last little bit. When she finds it, she locks herself in the bathroom but he busts in, gets the Green Light and dumps it in the toilet. She then smacks him across the face. He is interrupted by an urgent call from Henderson and Lynn uses that opportunity to try to get the drugs out of the toilet. Jeff catches her and she takes off out of the house. Jeff can’t go after her because Henderson calls again in need of Black Lightning.


With Lynn out of the hands of the ASA, they are having trouble stabilizing the Green Light kids in holding. Odell orders that all the kids be moved to the pit which gives the resistance they chance to attack the transport and set the kids free. This is why Henderson needed Black Lightning so bad, he wants him to help with the operation which is on an urgent timeline.

Anissa is making the plans when Black Lightning arrives and gets upset when everyone turns to him and ignores her. They talk in the hallway and while Jefferson questions some of the things that Anissa has been doing recently, ultimately, he agrees to follow her plan.

Once the kids are spotted coming out of the building the Resistance busts through the gates and attacks the guard to get to the kids. They send the kids back in the building and mount a defense in the front. This gives Blackbird the distraction she needs to break in the back and get the kids out that way. The plan for the most part goes off without a hitch and they save the kids under Anissa guidance. Later Jeff congratulates her and admits that he is proud of her, and Henderson makes fun of him for it.

Who Killed Gambi?

Back in Season 2, Gambi was attacked and thought dead. Of course, he is isn’t dead but has been pretending to be so that whoever tried to have him killed doesn’t try again. This episode he gets a visit from TC the Meta that communicates with technology. He seeks out Gambi because he is the only person he knows and is worried about the ASA raids. Peter takes him in and offers him the apartment above the shop. TC finds out about the arsenal under the shop and that Gambi is working with Black Lightning and Thunder. He promises to keep this secret and to follow the Bitcoin trail to learn who tried to kill Gambi.

TC then spends a long time connected to the machines and Peter pulls him out and reminds him that he needs human interaction as well. He goes to make him food and while he is gone TC tries again to find who wants Gambi dead. This time he follows the trail to find out that it was Lady Eve that ordered the hit! The problem with that is she died at the end of season one! But I guess in a show like Black Lightning where Lala has died several times, coming back doesn’t seem to be an issue.

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