Supergirl S5E10 ‘The Bottle Episode’ Breakdown!

Now that we are in Post-Crisis and back into regular seasons, we get a look at what we can expect going forward with Earth Prime. We knew that Supergirl was going to be heavily impacted since she merged into a world where all the other heroes (Except Black Lightning) already existed. Well technically, they have all existed on this Earth, but the characters in Crisis have memories of living Earth-38 as well.

One of the major changes we already saw in crisis is that Lex Luthor is still alive and well on Earth Prime. Not only that, but he also runs the DEO and seems to be a beloved and respected member of the community. This is going to create mass amounts of conflict the remainder of this season.


Kara’s first Post-Crisis concern is getting to Lena and telling her the truth about everything that has happened. She is under the impression that Lena doesn’t remember anything about Earth-38 life and this could be a new slate, but Kara isn’t willing to mess up their relationship again with lies or keeping things.

Lex ensured that Lena did keep her memories and that was the deal he made with the Monitor about Lena Pre-Crisis. She is not happy to see Lex because last she remembers she killed him. He explains everything about Crisis and wants to make a deal with her. He wants to partner with her for her project in fixing humans by taking out all their negative qualities, the project she has been working on all season.

She then names drop the Leviathan. Lex knew nothing about but, according to the Leviathan, but he did work for them as a puppet. I feel like this conversation and what comes out of it is really going to shape the rest of this season.

Later Supergirl arrives to talk with Lena and explain everything. Lena stops her and tells her that she already knows. She also wonders if Kara was trying to win back Lena’s friendship by telling her. Kara talks with her about working to make the world better together with this ‘fresh start’ which is almost the same thing that Lex pitched to her. She tells Kara this and Kara leaves her hoping that Lena makes the right decision.

Stand Together

Lex calls Alex and Kara into conference room and tells them about an upcoming event. He wants them there as a sign of unity so that they can all agree to work toward peace. Kara knows that Lex has something up his sleeve but if she doesn’t attend then she is basically picking war with Lex. There was also the mention of Leviathan in this conversation but from what they can all figure out, there aren’t any on this Earth.

Momma Luthor

Not only is Lex back in the picture but so is Lillian. She did not keep her memories like Lena, but Lex has filled her in on everything. She pushes for Lena to partner with Lex over Kara because with Lex, Lena knows that there is a chance to be double crosses and will keep her guard up. With Kara, she will be vulnerable to a friendship with her which is something that Lena does not want. This is obviously a tactic to keep Kara from influencing Lena away from the Luthor agenda which is confirmed at the event.


Toward the end of the episode, Lex uses one of the truth aliens to convince Lena that his word is good and he really does want to partner with her under good intentions. They make the deal and then are seen together at the event. To Kara’s surprise she finds William there. He tells her a story much like he gave her back on Earth-38 about Luthor being responsible for his friend’s death, before it was the Leviathan responsible. William also thinks that Lena is in on it but Kara thinks that she is just another victim and is in danger.

Brainiac here, Brainiac there

Early in the episode we learn that something weird is going on with Brainy when he and Nia are out and run into a Brainy doppelganger. At this point with the Multiverse gone (they think) this should be impossible. At the DEO, it becomes apparent when several more Brainy’s appear that there is something wrong. They assume that this is some type of wormhole that brought them all to this Earth. A short time later they learn that they are also falling victim to some type of Bio-Synthetic Virus that is being sent after them by some unknown person. Brainy Prime (Our Brainy) has never heard of this and begins to feel very inadequate when other falls ill and he cannot save him. That is one another Brainy steps in and save the sick on.

The DEO locates the nexus of the wormhole at Al’s bar which happens to contain a lot of people that have been pulled in from other earths. This includes the witches that activates Reign two seasons ago. While they were gone, the Brainy that last fell ill to the virus moves in with his plan and it is revealed that he is the one that has been attacking other Brainy’s and attacked himself so that he could stay behind. When the Anti-Matter wave was sweeping across the Multiverse, he bottled his own planet and now wants to open it up so his world will survive. The problem with that is he would end up destroying both worlds in the process.

When Nia figures out, he is up to something he attacks her. She calls out to Brainy and he and Supergirl come for her. The ‘bad’ brainy gets away through a portal.

The Female Brainy (Jesse Roth’s real-life sister) comes to Brainy and talks with him about his inhibitors and what not being connected to the ‘Big Brain’ means for him. The ‘Big Brain’ is like a central network for all Brainiacs, they also explain that this is why he is blue and not green like the others. He explains that he does it to protect those around him. However, because of his inhibitors the ‘Bad Brainy’ was able to piggyback off them in order to hide his true intentions, this is why none of the other Brainys knew about his plan.

Later he explains to Kara that he has the inhibitors because his mother once bottled a world for him and when his father found he set it free. Brainy was upset with him and his father could see a darkness in him that he got from his mother. As a result, he had the inhibitors placed on him and has kept them on since. He is now worried about how much he would change if he took them off but Kara reminds him that they love him no matter what and she knows he is good to his core.

Bar Fight

In the conversation with Kara and Brainy, they realize that the ‘Bad Brainy’ is going to use the dark Kryptonian witches to open the bottle. Supergirl and Brainy rush over there to stop it and after a fun little fight. In the fight one of Brainy’s inhibitors are damaged and Nia convinces him to take them off, she knows that he is a good person and she loves him. When he does, he not only turns green but also gets a very slick new hairdo. I think that this was an effort to correct his costuming that wasn’t very good to begin with.

Once Brainy has removes his inhibitors he connects to the big brain and is able to talk the bottle brainy into standing down. He assures him that they will work to find away to open the bottle and until then he and the witches will stay on the bottled Earth together.

After the fight, the remaining Brainiacs, the female and the first one he met, both decide that they are going to shed their form and move on to live in the big brain. They both give him their life projectors when he affixes to his suit. Before, the female Brainiac warns Brainy about going up against Lex and shows him what happened on her world when she did. She then tells him that he is going to have to pretend to be a friend to Lex and that means cutting ties with everyone else.

Brainy then heads to Nia’s where he breaks up with her. After that he begins to forge his friendship. He tells Lex that the others are going to turn on him but that they are short sited. They talk about the Leviathan but as of now there is nothing to find out about them. Lex thinks that they are going to need future knowledge. Lex then gives Brainy a picture of Winn and tells him that he is a Doppelganger that he discovered!!! So, in the next episode of Supergirl Winn is going to be making an appearance!!


A small part of this episode included Andreas and her work with Obsidian and her goals to put it in every house. She then introduces her old friend Gemma. Gemma was the female Leviathan in the beginning part of the episode so I imagine that she is in the same role here but working to corrupt Andreas work for the gain of the Leviathan. She later talks with her about making a reality where people could plug in and stay. While this was only a couple of scenes this episode, I do think that this story line is going to grow into something major later this season.

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