Batwoman S1E10 ‘How Queer Everything is Today’ Breakdown!

Hey, all the shows are coming back to a Post-Crisis Earth Prime and we get to see what changes are in store. At first, I didn’t think much was going to change, but the ending threw that idea out the window.

Runaway Train

The opening of the episode if a train that has basically lost control of it’s breaks and is out of control and set to crash. Batwoman jumps into action on her motorcycle in a very Incredibles 2 style chase. She of course stops the train although I think in real life there would be some physics issues here with how fast it stopped, but what do I know. After the train stops Batwoman herself in then save from getting hit by one of her grappling hooks by a GCPD officer. This prompt many rumors about Batwoman and some sort of affair with this officer.

In the conversation with Luke they do mention Oliver’s death which is one of the earlier clues that there will be some changes. However, this conversation really involves how much of her real self is she going to give to the public. Luke thinks that the lesser amount of facts they know the better, this will keep her safe. Kate thinks that this means she is living an even bigger lie and not one that she is sure she wants.

While investigating the runaway train, they find that it was an expert hacking job even though it was believed that the train system was unhackable after a previous Scarecrow attack. The hacker isn’t quite done yet though and later makes the announcement that they were begin the train and they have personal information on everyone in Gotham. They now want five million dollars paid to them or they are going to start leaking personal information.

Kate is more chill about this but Luke is ready to go off-griding.  He is worried that with Batwoman being so popular that she would be a prime target for this hacker. Luke can get an address on the hackers but when arriving finds that the Crowe’s are already there and Sophie is intense in her interview. I believe she even pistol whips a man…. She later tells Batwoman in the alley that she is upset her husband is leaving her.

Mounting a Defense

Meanwhile, Mary is working around the clock trying to help Jacob get out of jail for the murder of Catherine. However, she is having a hard time proving he didn’t do it since she can’t find an expert witness that can testify to Mouse’s weird facial disguises. This is also adding more distance to Kate and Mary, Mary in some ways blames Kate for always having Alice’s back over hers.

Later she even head to Gotham University to talk with another expert. This is another one that denies helping her. While leaving Mary sees Alice in disguise and calls it in to Sophie for help.

Let’s be Together

Mouse and Alice are currently defiling Catherine’s grave. She has been reaching out to Kate in the hopes that they can be a family now that their obstacle, Catherine, is no longer in the picture. Of course, the real issue now is that Alice is a cold-blooded killer. Alice’s plan is now to have Kate put aside the mantle of Batwoman, because as Mouse said, they can never be together if she is a hero.

Gotham Prep

Kate and Luke were able to get an idea of who this mysterious hacker was when analyzing the voice. They first determined that it was a girl, and then that they went to Gotham Prep. Kate recognized the sound of the bells from her former high school. Armed with a bomb that can knock out all electrical activity to help identify the hacker (There phone would have safeguard and remain active)

Kate then crashes the party, drops the bomb and learns that this hacker is a young girl that is trying to get enough money to leave Gotham after being outed by her ex to her parents. Her parents have not taking the news of her being gay well. This is something that Kate can easily relate to but still finds that it isn’t an excuse to put lives in danger.

The girl then runs out of the bathroom and into the arms of Alice. Alice takes Parker and threatens her to push Kate into exposing her identity. To save Parker Kate does take off her mask, but Parker doesn’t out her when hacking into the cell systems. Instead she sends out an alert to Alice’s location and the place is swarmed with Alice final getting arrested.

Parker and Kate later meet at Wayne Enterprise to talk about Parker’s punishment as well as giving her a place to come to talk to someone when she needs it. Parker also promises never to reveal her secret. I am hoping that we will see Parker back on the show, she obviously has skills and could be a sound member of the team.

Hug It Out

Mary is just unnerved after finding out that Sophie could not locate Alice at Gotham University and decides that she is packing up her clinic because she couldn’t even save her mom. By the end of the episode Kate finally comes back around and they hug it out for now. This is the direction they need to go in and I hope that Kate will reveal to her that she is Batwoman.

Coming Out

As for the lie that Kate feels like she is living, she decides that she is coming out as a lesbian (in an exclusive written by Kara Danvers!!) While she obviously hides her identity, this is a step she can take for other kids struggling, like Parker.


So, Alice is in jail and now we learn that Mary may not have been so crazy after all. In the very last scene of the episode in comes Beth, but not as Alice. As plan old regular Beth. Now, at first, I was like, this is mouse. But Kate pulls on her face and it doesn’t come off. This is really Beth! I think that this may have been a doppelganger from another earth and maybe some lines got crossed when remaking the universe. I don’t know, but it certainly was an unexpected twist!

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