Crisis on Infinite Earths: Part Four – Arrow Breakdown!

The almost ending to the Crisis is here finally! After the big cliffhanger back in December we had to wait a month to figure out the fate of the multiverse after everything had been destroyed in an Anti-Matter wave by the Anti-Monitor. This left the seven paragons on their own at the vanishing point. The biggest surprise at the end was the switcheroo that Lex pulled in rewriting the Book of Destiny to include himself instead of the Kingdom Come Superman.

The Beginning

The opening of this episode takes us back to the beginning of the Monitor’s story. It started 10,000 years ago on a planet Maltus. He and his wife had been preforming an experiment with time travel. He sent him self to the beginning of time and accidentally opened a hole into the Anti-Universe giving the Anti-Monitor access to this universe.

The Vanishing Point

While we were gone, the heroes at the Vanishing Point have done practically nothing. Lex and Ryan have been working on a time device with parts that have been left here by other time ships. This leads to nothing productive. Meanwhile, Barry has been gone for two months in the Speedforce but hasn’t made any progress there since he is having trouble access it.

The real help come from Oliver who has been in Purgatory learning how to be the Spectre from John Corrigan. He has been reliving all his past to show that it was preparation for the fight to come. He then heads to the Vanishing Point to retrieve the heroes. The plan is two-fold. Get to the dawn of time to stop the Anti-Monitor from creating an Anti-Matter Universe in place of theirs. That is going to be a hard fight so the back up plan is to stop the Monitor from ever doing his experiment. This means that the door to let in the Anti-Monitor would never have been open.

How are they going to go back in time? The Speedforce. This seems impossible though because Barry isn’t even able to access it. However, Oliver just boops him on the forehead and unlocks all of Barry’s power making it now possible.

Stuck in the Speedforce

Barry first drops off Supergirl, Lex, and Ryan on Maltus to stop the Monitor from becoming the Monitor essentially. I’ll talk more about that in a moment. However, when traveling to the dawn of time they are knocked off course by the Monitor and then all scattered in the Speedforce. Oliver tells Barry that they are all connected by the memories and bonds that they have made and he needs to look for those in order to find his friends.

His first stop doesn’t involve any of his friends but the DCEU version of himself! This was a surprise since none of us thought that this would be possible. But sure enough, there is Ezra Miller. It was just hilarious how they compared outfits and everything. I think the screwiest thing is that this shouldn’t even be possible since all the other worlds are gone, but we’ll let that go.

Kate ends up in a conversation with Oliver and Ray Palmer back from his days on Arrow Season 3. It shows the initial distrust of Ray and Oliver and gives Kate a lesson on trust. Oliver was never one to trust someone right off the bat, but in time he and Ray have become allies. Kate realizes that maybe she could be more trusting in her own relationships. J’onn finds himself with Oliver and Kara from when they first met. There was obviously a lack of trust here as well, but they have even gone of to be good friends with absolute trust in one another. Barry talks with Oliver during the last crisis and realizes that Oliver traded his life then for his and Kara’s life. Oliver gives him the advice here that is going to mean something later. Dying is the easy part, it is the living that must keep going. As for Sara, she is at the point where she died back in Season 3 of Arrow. Barry basically just picks her up after arguing with Laurel and Diggle.


On Maltus things are complicated because Lex ultimately has a plan to sabotage Supergirl and everyone else. This was predictable but, it is what it is. He knocks out Supergirl and Ryan with some powers he gave himself with the book of Destiny and sees the Monitor by himself. His plan is not to stop the Monitor but to alter the experiment so it would stop the Anti-Monitor in some way benefit Lex.

Of Course, Kara gets there in time and they fight it out, but this give Ryan the chance to talk with the Monitor and make him understand just how dangerous this experiment is and what is costs. Once that is complete, Barry picks them all up and they all meet at the beginning of time with the Anti-Monitor.

The Final Battle

Well, even though Ryan had talked to the Monitor there was also going to be some version of him that did the experiment anyway. This was just destiny. Now the eight of them must fight the Monitor and his dementor army, yes, I am calling them dementors and you cannot stop me. The plan is for Oliver to create spark, while the others then fan the flames…whatever that means. This will then cause the rebirth of the universe.

While the Paragons fight the dementors, Spectre and the Anti-Monitor face off against each other. Of course, Oliver wins when this fig fire erupts and the other then fan the fire by thinking hard about what they are the paragon for. This results in an explosion with the Anti-Monitor being defeated and Oliver laying there close to death.

Oliver explains that with his death there will be a new beginning and then we see the birth of the new universe!!!

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