Crisis on Infinite Earths: Part Five – DC’s Legends of Tomorrow Breakdown!

We are now entering Post-Crisis my friends! After Oliver’s death (again) in the last episode to rebirth the multiverse things are not how they were before which this episode explains. I like that they did it like this, that there was some explanation of how things have changed before we separate back out into other shows. However, I do think that the full extent of the changes won’t be felt until we move into each of the show’s regular episodes.

Not How It Was Before

Supergirl is the first to give us an idea of the changes that have happened. As far as we knew before Crisis Lex Luthor was dead, killed by Lena. We learned early in the Crisis that the Monitor brought him back because he had a purpose in the Crisis. Now, on this new Earth he is a hero of sorts, even willing a Nobel Peace Prize. This could have just been how things panned out but I am also willing to bet that there was destiny rewriting with Lex and the Book od Destiny. He remembers everything from Crisis because he was a Paragon, which is something we learn in a moment. This is going to have a big impact on Supergirl’s show since the DEO is now part of Luthorcorp.

When she is called out for an alert, she comes face to face with Weather Witch, who is a Flash villain. This is what opens the door for their team up and discovery that they are on the same Earth now. It seems that teaming up is just something they do quite often on this Earth and probably something we will see more of in the CW-Verse as a whole. There was a fun little Easter Egg here, the man they sign the comic book for is Marv Woofman, the writer of the original Crisis on Infinite Earths comic and the creator of several DC characters.

Sara is the next we see discovering that this world is not going to be how she remembers when she meets up with Ray who has no memory of the events of Crisis. I love that throughout the episode they joke about being in Crossovers. He is like, ‘Oh, you’ve been off on a crossover again.’ But it is J’onn who has already put together that only the Paragons remember. He also gives as many heroes as he can the memories of the Crisis. This has Ray excited that there is a ‘Super’ version of himself.

Of Course, there was one character that didn’t make it to this Earth and that was Oliver. I am not sold that he is gone for good and I expect that he will pop up again since the Spectre is a celestial being. I am sure that will be explained more on the Arrow. We know that eventually several years in the future that Felicity will meet with the Monitor to go be with Oliver, this from last season’s Arrow finale.

Nash was found in the tunnels by the old entrance to the Anti-Monitor and brought to Star Labs. He doesn’t have memory of the events nor does Caitlyn, but J’onn fills them in as well and they are all mad with him since he essentially unleashed the Anti-Monitor on them all that led to Oliver’s death. That is where most of the episode focuses on is grieving, remembering and honoring Oliver.


Well, of course there would be a Beebo attack since this is technically the Legends episode for the crossover. I know not everyone watched Legends, but Beebo has been a fixture for a few seasons now. Some of the characters on Legends even created this huge Beebo Voltron a few seasons ago to defeat a demon. Eventually, with the help of Batwoman, they realize that Beebo is the distraction for the Gold Age comic Villain, Sargon the Sorcerer. Sara take care of him quickly with a punch to the face

The Dementors are back!

A few moments later, Nash starts to get Anti-Matter readings and while Diggle is skeptical, we see moments later that the Dementors (The Anti-Monitor’s shadow demons) are back and attacking all the Paragons. Sara and Barry who are talking about Oliver and Sara’s loss of anyone that knew her before she was a hero, are attacked first. Sara then rushes to save Ryan from being killed and he comes along.

Not they need a plan to once again defeat the Anti-Monitor. What they come up with is with the help of Ryan and Ray. They will build a bomb that will essentially continuously shrink him into the Microverse. To give them time to build this bomb the others will head out and fight the Anti-Monitor.

There are a few dementors that attack Star Labs while they are building the bomb but Mick, Frost and Black Lightning hold them off together.

The Final Battle Part Two

I thought last episode we were having the final battle but this one is officially the final battle (Don’t quote me on that) It has The Flash, Supergirl, Superman, Sara Lance , Alex Danvers, John Diggle, J’onn Jonzz, Mad Dog, and Dreamer all facing off against the Anti-Monitor and really not even making a dent in him. At one point he does this ground punch thing and grows into a giant.

To help speed the bomb along, Barry joins them in the lab and builds the bomb. I love Ray, Ryan and Nash’s reaction to him and the sensitivity of the bomb. He and Ray then take the bomb back out to the fight with Ray taking it up to the ‘Sky team’.  Ray shrinks Superman in order to get him out of the grasp of the Anti-Monitor and then Kara throws the bomb shrinking him down and basically ending him.

Post-Crisis Universe

With the Anti-Monitor neutralized, we can move on from this fight. We see the president address the nation explaining the attacks on Earth and the sacrifice that Oliver made marking him as a hero. However, we get a big idea of the changes we can expect going forward.

For the Diggle family, baby Sara has reappeared after being switched out by John Diggle Jr. during Flashpoint. She looks to be about the same age as Jr. but I am sure this will be explained in the next few episodes of Arrow and we may see them crop up on the new series coming out Green Arrow and the Canaries.

The Diggle’s aren’t the only ones with more kids than before. Superman and Lois don’t just have little John Kent anymore. I guess he is a twin, which we will see play out in the new Superman show that will begin next fall.

As for the rest of the Universe, we have an explanation by Oliver Queen. So, all the CW shows are now on one Earth, Earth Prime. From there, we have Stargirl on Earth-2. Stargirl is a new DC Universe show that will also be airing on CW. There is a possibility for crossovers, but I wouldn’t expect that. Her show is going to focus on the Golden Age Justice Society. Earth-9 is still for the Titans like it was explained in the beginning of Crisis. Earth-21 is for Doom Patrol which is on the same service as Titans but other than that one episode in season one of Titans there haven’t been any other crossovers and it doesn’t look like any are expected. Earth-12 shows a Green Lantern scene from the 2011 movie, but I think is really hinting more at the new Green Lantern show that will be airing on HBO Max. Earth-19 is Swamp Thing, and then Earth-96 is for the Kingdom Come Superman. There was one big change to his suit and that is the black is gone from the logo making me think that with the reset that the attack that killed all his loved ones didn’t happen now.

Hall of Justice

And then the final surprise of this crossover. The crew gets together to have a memorial of sorts for Oliver in an old Star Labs warehouse. We have seen the team meet here before and now it seems that Barry wants to make this their permanent meet up spot, complete with a round table. There are seven members, and then an empty chair for Oliver.


Oh, one more surprise. Gleek is hinted at when they hear a noise in the new Hall of Justice. We see the empty cage and the Superfriends theme song. I am not sure what to expect with this but I imagine that we will be seeing Gleek around here on Earth Prime!

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