Manifest S2E2 ‘Grounded’ Breakdown!

So, can we just tell Saanvi now that she is telling their enemy all the secrets!!

Follow the Money

At the end of last episode, we learned that Vance is still alive. After the explosion that season that supposedly killed him, he pretended to be dead only start up an operation following the money to this secret government group ran by the Major. He is concerned because recently there has been a spike in cash flow to the project which means that something is probably going to happen soon. Ben and Michaela have no idea what it could be and have had nothing in the Callings to suggest otherwise.

I do find it ironic though that his secret base is in a travel agency.

Paternity Test

Also, in the last episode Ben and Grace decided that they needed to get a DNA test on the baby just so they know for sure. However, when Grace went to get the testing, she had a calling. Yes, you read that right, Grace had a calling. It told her not to get her blood drawn. This is most likely because some genetic marker that Ben has was passed to the baby and would expose the work that Saanvi has been working on. This means that the Baby is for sure Ben’s but is weird that Grace is now having the callings. The looming question now is, does the baby have the same death date?

828 Church

Olive is working on prep for the SAT and inadvertently meets one of the followers of the 828 church and is invited to attend a service. After hearing about her mother having a calling she gets upset. We are led to believe that she is jealous or resentful that she does not have them, but later reveals to Grace that she doesn’t see a point in planning for her graduation when all her family could be dead in five years.

Later after finding the flyer she was given she attends a meeting at the 828 church.


TJ becomes the passenger of the week that Ben must help. He first meets TJ on campus and tells him about his callings. That he sees himself in a grave and worries about his own death. Later he calls Ben again, this time an emergency. He finds TJ at a sight where he has just dug up a body. Apparently, he was not having the calling of his own death.

Jared ends up on this case after he and Michaela have been separated and Michaela gets a new partner. Jared is all ‘let’s gather the facts’ and has become untrusting of the callings since Zeke and Griffin. Later Jared calls TJ in to talk and ends up arresting him because his prints were all over the girl’s room. This is when Michaela gets involved to help Ben, even though she is starting to believe Jared in that TJ may be guilty. After he is taken off Michaela, Cal, and Zeke all have the same calling. Ben thinks that this shows that TJ is innocent, but Michaela thinks it could easily mean that he is guilty too. Cal tries to get to see Michaela but has trouble getting to her since Olive wouldn’t take him. She wanted to help with the calling instead. For Zeke, this landed him in the infirmary.

She and her new partner, Drea Mikami, head to the victim’s room in her sorority house. None of them have seen TJ in the house and don’t believe that she knew him. She was an art student and was preparing for a gallery opening the upcoming weekend. When rifling through her things Michaela realizes that all the stuff that the victim was working with was trash, she had found, Specifically TJ’s old belongings that were discarded when he went missing. This explains the massive amount of prints in her room. They also find out that she had lost her key card in the box but was also found with a key card on her. This means that she recently had one made but there wasn’t record of that in the information they have on file. Michaela has another calling here, this time she sees the boots of someone that is burying the body.

Michaela and Drea then head over to the security office where the key cards are made. Michaela pieces together that it was the guard on duty that night that purposely didn’t log the new card, plus with his new boots she knows that he is the killer. Back at the precinct she confirms that they found more evidence at his home and TJ is set free. Ben then takes TJ to the art gallery where he sees the victim’s art, pictures of TJ and his mom together. Ben also gets a job offer from a former colleague

All is not good though because Captain Bower is getting suspicious of all these anonymous tips that Michaela is getting in her cases. She also forbids Jared and Michaela from working together anymore.

He Couldn’t Hear Us

Early in the episode Cal and Mick have breakfast together and talk about their shared callings. Cal still thinks that they need Zeke out of jail and with them, but they have no way to talk with him since he is refusing visitors. The interesting thing about these new callings is that Cal and Michaela can communicate in them because they are sharing them together. Even though Zeke is in them as well it seems that he cannot hear them.

At work, Michaela swipes a file to find out when Zeke’s arraignment is and attends. This lands her in hot water with the captain since she freaks out when Zeke decides that he is going to represent himself and plead guilty to everything.

After the shared calling that Michaela, Cal and Zeke have together that I mentioned early Zeke is put in the infirmary and is being sedated. However, Michaela can reach him when she goes back to her apartment for the first time and begins to write to him. This opens the calling and she gets his attention; however, he is sedated again and is unable to respond.


Now for Saanvi, she has been seeing a therapist that is the big bad major that is after Cal. After some pressure in the last episode Saanvi has opened and begun to talk to her about the callings and her work. After learning about the baby and the passed genetic marker that makes the 828 passengers, Zeke and Griffin special, she looks for a DNA sequencer to further her research. This drags in Troy, the lab guy from last season that learned about Cal’s weird DNA. He is anxious to help her but for obvious reasons she has been pushing him away. She explains all of this to the major, who notes the DNA sequencer on her notes.

At the end of the episode, Vance tells Ben that the Major bought a DNA sequencer as well. Ben knows about Saanvi’s work and they begin to wonder how the Major has learned about it as well.

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