Manifest S2E1 ‘Fasten Your Seatbelts’ Breakdown!

Manifest is finally back with some much-needed answers and a hell of a lot more questions.


When we left off, we knew that someone in Michaela’s apartment was shot, either her, Jared, or Zeke. Jared is Michaela’s former almost finance with a recent jealous streak after they slept together. Zeke is the man that Cal and Michaela both had visions about and found after having a similar experience to those on Flight 828 in a cave.

In the opening scene of this episode Michaela has a dream/vision of being back on flight 828 but instead if mild turbulence they are in a nosedive. I think we are also being reminded from the conversation with her and Ben before the nosedive that she was always very uncertain of Jared.

We then see what happened at the apartment and what most of us thought was right, Michaela was shot. Zeke is the one applying pressure why Jared calls it in and of course, he puts the blame on Zeke. Zeke obviously feels guilty as well and even has that, ‘Oh there is blood on my hands’ moment. Michaela tells him to run before Jared takes over holding pressure and when he is up, he decides that he will listen and then takes off.

In the hospital, she goes into surgery and is expected to make a full recovery. Ben goes back to see her but make a special request not to see Jared. She tells Ben about her new Calling when Cal appears and tells her that he had the same one. His message to her that she missed on the plane was that to ‘save the passengers’.

Two-Months Later

Fast forward so their timeline almost matches up with ours, Ben has made it his mission to connect with all the passengers and to figure out how to avoid this death date that they discovered from the callings and the death of the wolf last season, James Griffin. When looking for one passenger he finds a house that has been tagged by the Xers. The group that Ben confronted last season that thing that there is something sinister about the 828 passengers. When Ben finds the passenger, Randall, it is with a gun to his face. However, once he explains that he is also a passenger and talks about the visions it is smoothed over.

Even Saanvi at this point thinks that Ben is a little obsessive and this is coming from a woman that spends all her time in a lab. As they talk about seeing the passengers, they agree to keep the death date a secret. When Michaela gets home from the hospital, she thinks that they aren’t supposed to focus on the death date but figure out how to help the passengers in the here and now. While talking, she checks the mail that has been piling up and finds a post card from Zeke, letting her know that he ran far away.

The Baby

The baby growing inside of Grace becomes a focus this episode since the question is up in the air about who’s baby this could be. For now, they are treating this like it is Ben’s and plan only to tell Danny after the birth if necessary. They drop the news to the family as well, who all take it well and hope that this will be what pulls them all together finally.

However, when Olive and Grace run into Danny on the street, she doesn’t tell him about the baby which raises concerns from Olive. She now understands that this may be Danny’s baby and may not be the piece that will bring their family back together.

Call Off the Hunt

Michaela thinks that if she can get the new Captain Bowers to call off the man hunt on Zeke, that maybe he will be able to come back home. However, this isn’t going to be as easy as she had hoped. The new Captain is a stone wall. With Jared’s testimony that Zeke intentionally hurt Michaela, and then Michaela giving a statement that she didn’t know what happened, then there is no way she is calling off the hunt.

Of Course, while she is at the precinct she also runs into Jared. Personally, I am starting to like Jared less and less and this conversation didn’t help. He basically refuses to believe that his pressure on Zeke after she asked him to stop had anything to do with the shooting and because of this she is unwilling to talk to him or think about them in the future. When he walks away, she notices two names on the board of missing people. These are two name that also appeared on Ben’s board of passengers. The Vasiks.

Revelations 20:14

When looking into the Vasik’s, Ben remembers talking to the husband on the plane. He mentions missing his kids and never leaving them again which make this disappearance even weirder. In the five years they were missing because of the plane crash the kids were with a neighbor. She tells them that when the Vasik’s came back things were weird but they were making do. She also tells them that they were hearing voices and seeing vision. She takes them to the basement where they see their board of callings and one thing that sticks out is Revelations 20:14 (Which also happened to be the house number) Revelations 20:14 is ‘And death and hell were cast into the lake of fire. This is the second death’

The White Van

When leaving the Vasik’s neighbor’s house, Ben notices a white van just like the one he saw at Randall’s house. He takes a picture and for now only has a hunch that someone is watching them, but the list of who this could be is the government, the Xers, or maybe the 828 church.

I know He is Here

Meanwhile, Cal is up to his usual antics. He heads to Zeke’s mothers house and demands to see Zeke even though she says that he isn’t there. However, with a drawing in hand he shows her that he knows Zeke is there. Inside Zeke and Cal talk with Cal telling him about the death date and that he and Michaela need to be together before time runs out.

A Dog with a Bone

Michaela is looking into the Vasik’s as the precinct but Jared warns her that the new Captain is not into the games she plays and she needs to cool it with the callings. However, Michaela tells him that this is connected to the Vasik’s case. He gives her information that the Vasik’s have mostly likely just left since their bank account was cleared out the day before.

Later she gets a call from the neighbor where she has received a large check and a goodbye note. As she is leaving the neighbor, she sees Zeke on the sidewalk. She is obviously stunned to see him and is worried that he is going to be caught. As we hear the sirens approaching, he admits that he called the police but just wanted the chance to say goodbye to her. He feels that with the limited time he has left he needs to make right on the things he has done. When the police arrive, Michaela has another calling and this time sees an old Pontiac going over the side over a ridge by a bridge.

This leads Ben and Michaela to the place she saw where they can save the Vasik’s by talking them down and finding another car with a family in it that have already gone over the edge. This helps them better understand their callings and that they are a gift to help people. Of course, we can see now that this is going to be an issue with Michaela and her Captain since she wonders why Michaela was able to solve this.

Therapy Sessions

In the last season, after being held at gun point by a church 828 fanatic, Saanvi started experiencing some PTSD and with the help of a coworker sought out therapy. Once we saw that this therapist was the Major, we knew that the doctor was probably a set up.

The therapy sessions for Saanvi are helpful but the Major knows that she is holding back and pushes for Saanvi to talk more about her work. Saanvi is reluctant until the therapist mentions dropping her as a patient until she is ready to talk. This pushes Saanvi to tell that the passengers are all different after returning.

Meant to be Together

After Zeke sent himself to jail, Cal and Michaela have the chance to talk. They get to the core of the issue, Zeke doesn’t believe he matters, although Cal is sure that Zeke and Michaela must be together. This is only reinforced when Mick and Cal have another calling together and this time see Zeke on the plane.

Back from the Dead

While being back from the dead seems to be a thing on this show, we have one unexpected friend from season one makes an appearance. After the scene at the bridge, Ben returns home to find a white van outside of his house. When he confronts it, he is hooded and taken? He is then plopped down in front of Vance!!

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