Marvel’s Runaways Season 3, Episode 9-10-Series Finale- Breakdown!

We have reached the end of the Marvel’s Runaways on a pretty epic ending. I was sad to hear about the cancellation back before the season started but am satisfied with the ending.

The Sacrifice

At the end of episode 8, Molly was taken by Morgan and her witches and put under and enchantment. We learn though Morgan that they are planning to sacrifice her in some type of spell. This is a conversation that Geoff overhears after being knocked out and awakening, not only from his sleep but the enchantment he was under. He gets out of Morgan’s and is picked up by Tamar, but as already worked through a plan to get Molly, calling in Pride.

Tina agrees that it sounds like they are working on a big spell and the parents all agree to work together to get Molly out of the hands of Morgan. The do a fake CDC inspection and Geoff and Tina grab her. This is after Molly gets struck by lightning which is really the only reason Morgan needed her, to give the witches and energy bump. This was really the plan all along.

Unfortunately, Molly is still under her enchantment and fights backing seriously injuring Geoff in the prosses which becomes an issue later. They do take her back to the hostile where all the remaining parents and the kids talk over everything. They all agree that they need to work together to stop Morgan and that she will most likely come for Nico before she pulls in the Dark Dimension because she needs the Staff of One in order to rule.

The Plans

So, the plans become pretty multilayered with everyone have their own level of expertise. Stacy and Dale mostly work on Geoff who Is bad off. Chase and Victor, along with Virus Janet, work on taking down the cell phone towers. This will weaken Morgan because she is drawing power from every person that is entranced with the phone.

Tina and Nico are working on making salt that will trap Morgan. Not only is this salt mixed with blood, but Tina also traded years of her own life to make it stronger. Nico is also betting on this dagger that her and Tandy forged in the Dark Dimension as being a weapon that can kill Morgan, even though Karolina doesn’t think it is a good plan.

There are a few important conversations that happen as well. Gert and Chase seem to be on the mend when she confesses that she was rude to him because of her fear. He only half heard her because he was also looking into colleges for her. So, this ends in a mutual kiss for the future.

Alex is distant even when talking to his own dad. Of course, he is still haunted by what happened in the Dark Dimension. Top that with what Tandy saw and Alex seems to be on a dark road.

Molly and Gert also have a talk which is probably one of the most impactful where Molly talks about being happy that they are heroes. She even takes a page out of Captain America’s book and talks about always getting back up, as many times as it takes.

And then Leslie and Karolina talk about Karolina’s worry that Nico is going down a path in search for magic that is going to separate them. They are interrupted by Dale who talks with Karolina about hearing the enchantment voices. Karolina confesses that she can’t hear them which must make her immune to them. Dale has the idea to make a sort of vaccine to Morgan’s enchantment.

The Vaccine

The vaccine is made by Dale in some modified equipment that he finds around the house. One of the issues that arise is Gert’s fear that this could break her link with Old Lace. The implications of that could mean that Old Lace is then a raging murderous Dino. So, she decides that she is going to lock her away just in case.

The last person to take the vaccine is Chase who gets it just in the nick of time. When walking down the hall he stumbles across a box with a Corvus phone in it and is then entranced. He almost shoots Gert with a fistagon but Molly stops him and Gert injects him.

The Final Battle

As Chase is brought out of the trance Morgan makes her appearance. Tina is occupied with keeping the dark dimension that is coming through the mirror at bay so she is not in the fight. Stacy, Leslie and Dale are all hiding in the room with Geoff, basically leaving their kids to handle the situation.

Right out of the gate Nico stabs Morgan with the dagger from the Dark Dimension that her and Tandy made, but it doesn’t hurt her. It adds to her power as she absorbs it. This has all of them in her clutches as she offers for them to be in the new world and help build it. Alex is the first to cave because he does not like the alternative idea and the others follow suit.

Moments later Victor and Janet finally knock out the cell towers, which the kids knew was coming and were stalling. This severally weakens Morgan but she is only temporarily knocked back. She then goes after Nico but Karolina protects her in a light bubble so it becomes a battle of who can hold it the longest.

Gert takes this moment to go get the salt that Tina made. When she comes back in the room Karolina loses her battle with Morgan and is thrown back. Molly and Gert then move in but Morgan throws them back as well. Morgan then makes the mistake of making a speech about them all being children. This gives Gert enough time to get up. She then counters Morgan by calling her a bully, all the while walking in a circle around her. She repeats Molly’s words about getting back up again just as she completes the salt circle.

Trapped in the circle, Tina then can let go of the mirror and come out and send Morgan back to the dark dimension. Just as they all think they won, Gert then collapses and they realize that she received a severe wound when she was thrown back into the chandelier. She then bleeds out in Chases arms. Old Lace was the saddest part when he breaks from the room and screams.

Five Years in the Future

The beginning of episode 10 is five years in the future with Chase. He gives a one-man speech about making things right and then zips himself into the past. Apparently, he invented time travel.


We are then in 2022, which is three years in the future from when Gert died and two years in the past from where we just saw Chase. Here we check in with all the Runaways. Karolina is living with and dating another woman named Julia. Molly is back at Atlas school and a member of the dance squad like she wanted to be back in season 1. Her and Chase are still living in the mansion, but he has pretty much locked himself away, probably solving this time travel issue. Alex has started his own company along with his father. When he is in his office, we see that him and Chase communicate with each other and that Alex still has the Gibborim Abstract.

Nico seems to have changes a lot and really leveled up her powers. She is about to message the group about getting together for the three-year anniversary for Gert’s death when there is a knock at the door. It is Alex, but not the Alex we just saw. This is Alex from the future, in the same time as Chase from the beginning. He is here to kill Nico. Luckily, she stops him and then Chase from the future moves in and helps her.

Future Chase tells Nico that they need to get the group together, which was what she was about to do anyway. I like that she points out his scar and he make the off-handed comment about never trusting a Victor. I think that this is referencing Victor Mancha, the Cyborg son of Ultron in the comics. So sad we didn’t get to see him play out on the show.

Back Together

They all meet at the mansion, which has some interesting upgrades. They do not bring in the current timeline Chase because he really needs to continue working on time travel. He explains to the rest of them that Alex is here from the future to kill them all because one of them tried to kill Alex in the future. Apparently, some of them turn out to be more like their Pride parents then they hoped. He planned on killing Nico at that moment because it was the moment that brought them all back together again.

Instead, Chase thinks that he will go after someone they love since he has not been able to get one of them. This leaves Julie, Karolina’s new girlfriend. We see Alex meet with her and take her hostage. Luckily, Karolina and the others get there in time but Alex then time travels again future into the past.

Nico is surprised that Karolina has a new girlfriend but it is Molly that reminds Nico that she basically disappeared for the last three years in the pursuit of training in magic.

Back to the Beginning

Chase figures out that Alex went back to where it all started, the day they all met at the Wilder house for the meeting. This was during that day at school before Alex brought them together and before any of them knew they had powers making them most vulnerable. Each of them separates off looking out for their younger self. The best and saddest part is that Gert is just walking around like she isn’t dead or anything.

Gert first interacts with Karolina who is being bullied for being the light and part of the Church of Gibborim. She then interacts with Molly who wants her to put in a good word with a girl in Gert’s class for the dance team, and then she is being bullied by some of Chase’s former friends. Future Chase steps into this and it is just the sweetest interaction. He obviously is being way too nice by her standards at this point in time and he is just happy to see her alive.

It is about this time that future Nico and Future Alex see the Dark Alex from future in the future (It’s getting complicated) and take off after him. Chase see this and runs after him as well. The chase ends with the Dark Alex getting on a bus for a field trip that this time’s Alex should be getting on. Chase and Nico stop the bus and confront this Alex just as the present Alex is getting on which creates a pretty confusing scene for everyone else.

Nico knocks everyone out, mind wipes them, and captures Alex.

The Real Mission

With Alex in custody, Chase decides to send back the three years in the future Alex because it is just getting really complicated and he is worried that Dark Alex is going to do something that is going to change time. Chase then decides that he is going to send the others back as well and head out on his real mission, to save Gert.

The others decide that they want to help as well and all of them go back to the night they faced off against Morgan with the goal to save Gert. For the most part this plays out like it should but there were some moments that were different. For instance, future Nico talks with Nico and tells her that she needs to stick with Karolina, that it is more important than leaving her for magic.

Once Morgan arrives and the Chase in this time is knocked back by Morgan, future Chase takes the fistagons and knocks him out. He then stops Gert from going back out to face Morgan and tells her basically that they win and she needs to stay there. Chase then goes out and does the salt circle instead with future Nico protecting him with a shield until Morgan knocks her back as well. Gert obviously comes out of the room but because of the chances to the set up with Chase being there, she hits the wall instead of the chandelier and isn’t impaled like before. Instead, Chase is impaled by a spell as he closes the salt circle. Tina then comes out and sends her back to the dark dimension.

So, now Gert holds a dying Chase in her arms which confusing when the current Chase comes down the stairs. Both Chase and Dark Alex disappear followed by the future Nico, Karolina, and Molly.

Then we see them all in current time going off to get breakfast together as a team. The ending we deserved!

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