Marvel’s Runaways Season 3, Episodes 4-6 Breakdown!

Welcome Back to my Runaways Season 3 breakdowns series. This breakdown will be for episodes 4-6, but if you missed my breakdown for episode 1-3 click this link: . The first three episodes were really learning about the Gibborim Aliens finding hosts in the Pride Parents, and then in Alex as well. In these three episodes we resolve this storyline and then shift into this storyline that has been building up with Nico and this woman Morgan who has been visiting her in her dreams and in visions. Basically, we are going from Evil Light to Evil Dark which may be where he run into the king and queen of Dark and Light, Tyrone and Tandy from Clock and Dagger. More on that in tomorrow’s breakdown for episode 7-8.

Baby Time

It feels like this has been the shortest pregnancy ever, but it is time for this baby to be born. It comes as Leslie is taken by who she thinks is Alex. Turns out this is he is possessed by the evil alien son of Jonah. He even kills the donut guy! What is setting this up is that this evil son wants to stay on Earth, he likes it here and in exchange to his father he is going to turn in Leslie who is pregnant with another one of Jonah’s kids. We are also on a time limit here since Evil Gibborim wife has activated a beacon that is going to allow for the Gibborim family to teleport back to their home plant. That portal opens tonight. To throw a wrench in the plan, Leslie goes into labor and evil Gibborim son can’t just take her to the hospital where the baby and Leslie will have to stay for a few days. Instead he takes them to Tamar’s house for help, you know, since she has had a baby and all.

Tamar is a little shocked to see Alex since she ordered the killing of Alex’s mother, but that is just water under the bridge when there are evil aliens and a baby trying to be born. By this point Leslie has put together that this is not Alex operating but the evil Gibborim guy. To get a message to Tamar she sends him out to get her bag and while he is gone, she instructs Tamar to get a message to Karolina and get out of the house. Tamar then gets Leslie and ‘Alex’ settled in the bedroom and she then disappears. With her disappearance it becomes clear that evil alien guy has been made. However, Tamar didn’t abandon Leslie and comes at Alex with a bad. Unfortunately, these Gibs are hard to kill.

On the Offense

Over at the hostile, Chase has come up with a plan to fight the Gibborim by coating their weapons in the inhibiters to stop the Gibs from using their powers making it a much easier fight. They didn’t have them ready yet, but Tamar got a message to Karolina before she was attacked by ‘Alex’. This has Karolina, Xavin, Molly, and Nico heading to the house to protect Leslie and stop ‘Alex’. Nico and Karolina chase ‘Alex’ down and Nico does corner him with the gun given to her by Tamar, but he reminds her that she will just be killing Alex and then he will go into her and use her body to then kill Karolina. This has Nico backing down and letting him get away.

Meanwhile, Leslie delivers the baby girl without complication.

Greater Destiny

After the baby is born, the Gibborim abstract in Alex’s bag starts to shake. Xavin says that this is because it recognizes the new baby as a royal heir. In the book she can also see that they Gibborim have activated the beacon and are planning to leave. As Molly points out, this is a good thing. However, with the scrub squad of soldiers sent in after this puts them all in danger. In the books she is also able to find the location for this portal and the others leave to go mount their offense while Xavin stays behind with Leslie and the baby.

While alone, Leslie and Xavin talk. She shows Xavin the journal that her father wrote before he was under the influence of Jonah. It talks about his grandchild and that they would have a great destiny far away and would be raised by another. Leslie thinks that this prophecy relates to the same one that Xavin’s people believe. This would mean that this love she is said to have is not a romantic love with Karolina, but a maternal love for baby El.

Nothing is really that easy though. Later while talking in the other room medics show and Tamar gives them the baby thinking that Leslie called them. The problem is that these were brought by ‘Alex’ who then kills them and takes the baby.

Beam Me Up

Now that the Gibborim are all together it comes to deciding who is leaving and staying. Karolina is out because she isn’t even there. The Evil brother wants to stay behind and lead the scrub squad and then begin building and new Gibborim colony here on Earth. This means they are taking the baby with them instead. They activate the launch pad but it will take some time before the portal is ready.

This is when the Runaways arrive and are ready to fight to stop the Gibborim. The Gibs split up not wanting to fight around the pad. ‘Alex’ takes the baby and hides. Victor/Jonah and Chase end up fighting but when the time comes Chase can’t bring himself to kill his father and he gets away. Gert does stab ‘Stacy’ which stops her from using her powers but can’t finish her off. When Molly arrives for back up ‘Stacy’ takes off. Then Nico and ‘Tina’ fight but that ends pretty much the same with Tina getting away.


While everyone was off fighting, Xavin runs in looking for baby El. Her and Karolina find her and Xavin explains the prophecy and the plan to take baby El. They all meet back up in time to say goodbye and send her off before the Gibs return. I think Molly was the saddest goodbye since they had become close, but Xavin promises to see them again.

The Gibs show just as Xavin is leaving for a final showdown. Karolina steps in and protects her friends against the light beam shot at them from all four Gibs, but they are two strong for her and she is overpowered. This is where Nico hears the voice in her head from Morgan, the witch that has been visiting her. Nico then pulls the staff from her chest, just like in the comics, and does the spell that eliminates the Gibborim. She claims that they are not dead, just gone. This was a pretty bad ass moment but as we will see there are some heavy consequences.

Dark Dimension

After doing the spell from Morgan, we then see her in the hospital healing Robert and taking him under her control. Then episode five shows that because of the spell Nico case they are locked in a place called the dark dimension. The place looks just like the mansion they live in but is being run by the original owner. He admits to seeing Stacy, Victor, Tina and Alex but that they left the mansion. This means that they are then trapped in their worst dream where they will then begin to forget reality.

They agree that they all need to stay together but then immediately are split up when going into what was called the Thin place. Nico is taken to a place where her ancestors are but they don’t believe that she is ready for the staff, once she tells them that the staff is in her they begin to hold her down to cut it out of her. They are stopped by a robed figure that ends up being Amy. Amy doesn’t remember Nico but agrees to help her find her mother.

Tina’s worst nightmare is the death of Amy because of her involvement on time. When they find her in the house, she is attempting to bring Amy back to life. When Tina can’t she asks Nico to try. Instead Nico convinces her that they are in some other place. This wakes Tina up and she tells her that they are in the dark dimension and need to get out. She is also surprised to find out that Nico came for her to being with.

Chase ends up in a memory of Victor which shows how Victor was abused as a child. While this doesn’t excuse Victor’s treatment of Chase, it does make it make more sense. Chase being the hero that he is lures out his grandfather by picking a fight with him. He then runs off and circles around to get to Victor and save him. Victor is surprised to see him like Tina was for Nico. When Victor’s dad returns Chase puts himself in between Victor and his dad and ends up taking out dear old grandpa, however, this moment Victor can talk to Chase about their violent tendencies and that Chase can choose better than he did.

After they have resolved Victor’s nightmare they head off in search of other. They find Gert after she ends up living through Stacy’s worst moment. This was a time when Stacy used the memory wipe on Gert in order to make her forget about the Dinosaur in the basement. This really makes Gert see her mother differently and makes her think that this is the event that really gave Gert the anxiety issues she has. They then have a moment where Gert goes on about not needing her mom and to prove it, she is going to feed a prototype of Old Lace. Unfortunately for Gert, this is not Old Lace and they do not share their connection. Luckily Stacy tranquilizes the dino before it hurts Gert too bad. Right after that Dino moment Chase arrives to get them out of there.

Karolina’s place she ends up is interesting and test her love for Nico. She comes face to face with the 17 teenagers that were murdered for Jonah. They then tie her up to offer her as a sacrifice to darkness which ends up being a monster version of Nico who has given into her darkness and is weighed down by a dead Jonah. Karolina tricks her into being let loose and then runs and escapes. However, she is haunted by her fear of Nico after this.

When coming out of her nightmare Karolina and Nico run into each other. They three of them then find Molly. Molly’s experience was also super sad as she comes face to face with the realization that her parents were also active members of the church and were the ones that used to select the teenagers for sacrifice. When Molly backs out of the church everyone then disappears and she is left all alone until Karolina, Nico and Tina find her.

Chase, Gert, Stacy and Victor join them a moment later. Now the only person missing is Alex. However, they know that they have been here too long already when Molly has already forgotten Stacy. They agree together to leave Alex for now and come back for him later.

Left Behind

Not only was Alex left behind but we see in the final moment of episode 5 that he is being held by AWOL. The others meet back at the mansion. Tina and Nico together work a spell with the help of Amy that gets them out of the dark dimension. They try to get Amy to come back with them but she says that she is safer here, that if she left Morgan would know. After they are all gone though we see that it was never really Amy anyway, but the magician. I am curious to know what Tina said to Amy before she left.

Once they are back in the real world at the mansion, Chase discovered on Alex’s computer that they have all been missing for six months.

Church of Gibborim

In the six months that everyone was gone some things have changed. One of the major things is the Church of Gibborim, which didn’t shut down like we thought Leslie was working on. Instead it has changed and grown without the influence of the actual Gibborim. Leslie feels that even though the Gibs were bad, her father’s teachings were pure and there is ultimate destiny in the universe that they yet to understand.

Dale is also staying on the camp site but is off-griding and stinky. Molly has a chance to talk to him when she hears he is there after spending time with a boy there. Dale is basically trying to figure out how his life went wrong and looking for a way to fix it.

Corvus by Wizard

This is where things are getting weird, like glowing aliens weren’t enough. While everyone was gone, Morgan as planted herself in the real world and infiltrated Tina’s company and partnered with Robert to make these new Corvus phones.

Nico is getting increasingly frustrated that she cannot get to the dark dimension to save Alex so she stays behind while Karolina, Chase, Gert and Molly go out to eat with the money that Dale gave Gert awhile back. This gets them involved with the Corvus plot when Gert meets Max, a guy with like interests that is passing out free Corvus phones. This creates some jealously and drama with her and Chase.

However, when they are inside eating Max accidently makes a guy drop his phone when makes the guy angry enough to attack Max. Molly jumps in and saves Max, while Chase takes the phone and wonders why a cracked screen was such a big deal. Gert and Max having a bonding moment while he is getting cleaned up and agree to talk on their new phones together.

Meanwhile, Nico meets with Tina who has been trying to get her bearings as well. She hasn’t been able to get a hold of Robert, who moves out of the house, or in touch with anyone at Wizard. Nico isn’t interested in much of that and is looking for a way to get Alex back from the Dark Dimension. Tina will not help her and doesn’t want her going back there so Nico threatens to go to Morgan for help.

While with her mom, Nico gets a text from Robert wanting to meet. This is where she learns about Morgan and Robert and that Morgan is the genius behind the new phones at Wizard. Morgan temporarily freezes time to talk with Nico and promises to help her train and get Alex back. However, Morgan cannot force her, she must agree willingly.

Chase is beginning to become concerned with the phone and Gert when he tries to talk to her and she cannot even hear him. Then when he accidentally causes her to break it, she goes off the rails. He promises to fix it for her but when he looks inside, he finds a feather. When pulling the feather out the phone turns to ash, which panics Gert with how she is going to talk to Max. Nico explains to them that feathers can be linked to enchantments but would need to investigate it. When doing a ritual on the feather they see Alex in the dark dimension, but Nico is having a hard time seeing Corvus, Wizard and Morgan as evil.

Geoff and Tamar

One of the weirdest new relationships to me was the one with Geoff and Tamar. I mean, she ordered the hit on Catherine. Not to mention all the bad blood previously. However, Geoff as been looking after her and together they have been working with Morgan to build a warehouse for Wizard in the neighborhood that would provide jobs.

Stacy and Victor

Stacy and Victor become this weird pair that we didn’t even know we needed. Due to Stacy pushing they go to an alien abduction support group and was honestly the funniest part of the episode. Victor tells his story, that we know is true, and no one believes him…not even Stacy. After the meeting Victor invites him to his lab for a partnership with a project. While the only clue we have is seeing Janet on the screen when Stacy arrives, I think that Victor is looking to make a body to put Janet’s consciousness in.  

The Ceremony

The end of the episode has most of the cast coming together for this Wizard celebration for the successful launch of Corvus. Gert seeks out Max which has Chase on edge, especially since he professed his love to her before they faced off against the Gibs and she has yet to say anything. Instead she tells him that she would like to see other people because their relationship was only based on the situation they were in at the time.

When talking with Max later though, she tells him about why she is there and everything about the feather in the phone. Their conversation is overheard by one of Morgan’s witches and he is mind wiped of what he heard.

Things get pretty tense when Tina shows up to the party and is upset that she has been pushed out of her own company and Morgan is now the CEO. She gets even more upset to learn that Nico knew about this party and didn’t tell her. Eventually Tina smacks Morgan, after learning that magic would have consequences since Morgan’s witch coven is in attendance. Tina is removed from the party with a warning to Nico not to let Morgan get the staff.

Nico then runs into Geoff and Tamar. He explains about the work he is doing, but also that he is worried about Alex. This puts the guilt on Nico for leaving him behind which ultimately pushed her to Morgan since she can help her get Alex back.

Karolina stumbles across the ceremony preparations for Nico and is concerned about the darkness and evil that is going on. She is even confronted by Morgan who says that she has already controlled Nico for a while now.

Nico then goes to the ceremony that adds her to Morgan’s coven. Some of you may have notices the Darkhold on the table which is a big connection to Agents of SHIELD AND Season Four. It is basically a book of spells from the Hell Dimension and made of Dark Matter. I think that this is a good indicator of how bad this is going to be for Nico.

Under the Influence

Back at the mansion, Karolina, Gert and Chase return home concerned about the hold that Morgan has over Nico. However, they quickly find that Nico is not the only one. Molly returned home while they were gone and was upset to be alone. She then felt a calling to the phone and was in a trance when the others found her.

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