Marvel’s Runaways Season 3, Episode 7-8 Breakdown!

Finally, we have the introduction of Tandy and Tyrone, from Cloak and Dagger! They team up with the Runaways in a plan to save Alex while Morgan continues to make her power plays.

Beast Mode

At the end of episode 6, Karolina, Gert, and Chase returned to the house to find that Molly was in one of the Corvus phone trances. The real issue here is when trying to break the trance the person become aggressive and in Molly’s case, she is super strong. This ends with Chase getting punched and almost taking another hit before Karolina blasts the phone with her light energy.

Concerned about what is going to happen when the phone is shipped worldwide, the team takes to the internet to get the message out about the phones. Unfortunately, before anyone sees it, Morgan is made aware and magically deletes the video stopping them from alerting the public. Of course, there is one computer virus that was able to save the video and learn about its mysterious disappearance, Janet Stein.

She alerts Stacy and Victor about the video and they agree that it seems there is something going on. They head to the Wizard facility which happens to be run by Geoff and ask for his help in stopping the shipment. What they don’t know is Geoff is under Morgan’s enchantment and he locks them.

The Darkhold

Nico wakes after her ceremony last episode not really knowing what happened the night before. Morgan explains that it was a simple witch party. Nico pushes for her to help get Alex, but Morgan tells her that it will take time for her to get the power needed for that, oh, and she needs to be the Staff of One to Morgan.

Nico returns to the mansion for the staff and is confronted by Karolina who was worried about her and the path that she is going down in order to save Alex. That maybe she should turn to her mom for help instead of Morgan. The problem with that is that Tina has been locked in a psychiatric facility and is being monitored by one of the witches.

Nico heads there to bust out her mom by first lying to the witch and getting in. She then gets Tina off the drugs and out of the hospital. They head to Morgan’s to get her spell book since it would have the spell they need to get to the Dark Dimension. Instead of Nico going on, Tina goes instead and runs into Robert. She can break the enchantment by breaking his necklace and he becomes Team Minoru and says that he will look for the book after Tina is warned by Nico that Morgan is returning.

Nico does distract Morgan long enough for Robert to hide, since he was riffling trough her office, by again asking about Alex. She says that she will bring the staff once she knows that Alex is still alive. Morgan shows Alex to Nico in the mirror which she says can be used to see across dimensions.

After Morgan and Nico leave her office, Robert goes back on the hunt and finds a secret room where the Darkhold is being kept. He opens the book which alerts Morgan. Because of this she knows that Nico has betrayed, as well as, Robert. She also eludes to some history here between her and Tina. Morgan then teleports back to her office and kills Robert by taking back the life that she gave him in the hospital.

Tina and Nico do have the chance to say goodbye before he is gone and he gives Nico his glasses so she can, ‘See the world as he did’. Nico later has a Wiccan memorial for him where she discovers that Robert had recorded the book on his wiz cam glasses giving her the spell, she needs to save Alex.


After making the video that doesn’t go anywhere, Molly gets upset and storms out of the office. She has been suffering with thought of her parents and their involvement since originally being in the Dark Dimension. Now she takes her anger out on Leslie, who is the one that killed her parents in the explosion. Of course, Leslie has changed since then but does tell Molly that if Milly needs to kill her, she understands. She also adds though, that once you kill someone there is no going back (Probably foreshadowing Alex later) This stop Molly from killing her but she is still very vulnerable and upset.

She is then snagged up by Brody who take her somewhere private so they can talk. She shows him her strength and he tell her how amazing and beautiful it is. The others come looking for her so they can leave and are reunited with Dale who has been staying in the camp. He helps them but, in the end, they are all taken by the witches Morgan sent after them. It was Brody who warned them that the Runaways were there meaning he is one of Morgan’s people as well.

They are then taken to the same place that Stacy and Victor are being held. The conversation between Stacy, Dale, and Victor was hilarious after Stacy confesses that her and Victor slept together while under alien control. Chase is the one that puts in the real effort to getting them out of there before Geoff and the witches return.

Cloak and Dagger

Meanwhile, Nico uses one of the spells that she finds in the video that Robert took but instead of opening a portal to the Dark Dimension, it causes a disturbance in the darkness and alerts Tyrone that something is going wrong. He and Tandy teleport to Nico. Of course, they don’t know each other and naturally Tandy and Nico are openly hostile to each other. Tyrone can settle them down and Nico explains that Alex is trapped in the Dark Dimension and that she was trying to get to him. Tandy thinks that this plan was ridiculous but Nico is getting desperate.

Before they get any further in plans to save Alex, Janet contacts Nico through Alex’s computer to tell them about the other being kidnapped. Ty and Tandy agree to help and he teleports them in just in time to save them from Geoff and the Witches. I love that he teleports the parents out but doesn’t really know where to take them since he is from New Orleans. So, he takes them to the only place he knows, the Hollywood Sign.

The Dark Dimension

After dropping them off he grabs the others and teleports all of them into the dark dimension. While hey were going things have changed. I should mention that Tandy and Ty have both been here in this dimension over on their show as well. They don’t find Quentin the Magician and when they leave the mansion they are not separated like before. Instead they must navigate a very messed up version of LA.

Chase becomes upset when seeing where he was in the dimension before with his father, while Tandy comes across a ballet slipper. If you watched Cloak and Dagger then you know that the ballet slipper represents to her a time before the father died when she was happy.

It isn’t long before they are found and chased down by AWOL. Luckily, Quentin the Magician saves them and gets them away. He explains to them that these men have been taking over the dimension in preparation for Morgan’s plans to have the Dark Dimension take over their reality. He wants to get them out of here but they are insistent on going to the most dangerous part of the dimension, the prison, where Alex is being held. He gets them close but says that he will not take them further.


While headed to where Alex is being held, Gert runs into a manifestation of Molly who was left behind by her as a child. It was extremely creepy and to save her from its Tyrone must teleport them out of there and they end up on the top of the wrong tower. He has trouble pinpointing Tandy here in this dimension so they agree to head to the destination and meet the others to get Alex. That plan is slowed when running into AWOL and his men. They hide until they pass but Get has become increasingly agitated since seeing Molly left behind. She begs for Ty to take her back to reality but he isn’t willing to leave Tandy behind at the risk of not being able to find her again. When he reaches to comfort her, he sees her fears. He fears are that she will be leaving her family behind, this family includes Molly, Gert, and Chase. When backing away from Ty, Gert knocks over dominos alerting AWOL and his men. They run into the next room where they are then trapped with more men. Tyrone works on clearing them but he is still having trouble controlling his powers.


After Ty, Gert and Chase leave, Tandy wonders to Karolina about how stable and dependable Nico is in her current state. Tandy is not one to easily trust and is concerned about following her down here. However, when she and Nico touch, she sees her hopes, which is a wedding with her and Karolina. Tandy sees that like her and Tyrone, they are the opposites of Light and Dark balancing together. After that Tandy has renewed trust in Nico.

While looking for the others and Alex they see Gert and Chase through the window and know that they need to get over to them. Karolina’s powers to fly aren’t working here, but Nico can use the staff to make them fly. The three of them fly across just in time to help them fight a now zombie version of Quentin.

Kill to Save Them

While all of that has been happening, poor Alex is still being tortured. Apparently, he always had the power to leave and end his suffering but to do so he had to kill someone. His mom is there with him reminding him that he is a good person and that he doesn’t need to go down the same path that she did.

However, once Darius (the man in charge) sees that his friends are there he uses this to push Alex. He shows them coming for Alex, but that they are in trouble. He says that the only way they live and make it out of the Dark Dimension is if Alex kills. This pushes him to kill Catherine and as he does all the men that the other has been fighting disappear.


After being reunited with Alex, Tyrone takes them all back to their reality. In the process Tandy reads Alex’s hoped and sees that things are not as they seem. In his hopes it looks like he wants to take the other’s powers. She thinks that he should be taken back to the dark dimension, but Alex is able to tell the others that he is just a little messed up from being tortured. He is still their Alex. Obviously, I think that Tandy is right and something has broken in Alex. Like Leslie said, there is no going back once you have killed someone.

One thing they notice at the mansion is that the dark world is being to seep into their reality with the plants sprouting in the floor. Tandy and Ty then leave with a promise to team up again. (Not that we will see that since both shows are not over)


Now that they are back, Gert looks for Molly but she isn’t at the mansion. We then see her with the witches being enchanted with one of the necklaces. We know that she has turned because her eyes now glow green.

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