Watchmen S1E9 ‘See How They Fly’ Season Finale Breakdown!

The End is Neigh! The final chapter was far more than I was ever expecting and really a fitting end to the Watchmen Story that began in the comic. There hasn’t been anything definitive about a season 2, but I know many fans feel like a season 2 isn’t necessary given the way the series ended. Why mess with a good thing, right?

Save Me Daughter

Well we finally see Adrian Veidt leave Europa, but with that we learn some vital information. First off, why is this man keeping his sperm in vials behind his desk? Well, as a result of this he unknowingly impregnates Trieu’s mother Bian. Bian was a Vietnamese maid that injected herself with the sperm. Years later, Lady Trieu seeks out Adrian at his base in Antarctica to not only share with him that he has a daughter but to tell him about her plans to steal Dr. Manhattans powers and give them to herself so she can do all the things to fix the world that Dr. Manhattan should be doing. She even tells him about the probe she is sending to Jupiter to confirm his location. This being the same probe that we saw him assemble bodies for a few episodes ago. This comes after she calls his squid storms reruns and pushes for him to restart the countdown clock.

Her plan is great and all but to enact it she needs money, something she doesn’t have. Adrian, of course, has no interest in giving her money since he himself could have inherited money but instead chose to make all his own money. Adrian also claims that he will never call her his daughter.

However, after spending several years trapped on Europa, he changes his tune and we see the completed message on Europa. It says, “Save Me Daughter”. Because of this message she sends a shuttle to pick him up and bring him back to Earth finally liberating him from his prison paradise. For the journey back she makes him into this golden statue that we have seen at her lab several times now. HE WAS THERE THE LAST TWO YEARS!

She thaws him out now that it is time for her to put her planning into action saying that she wants him to see what she builds from nothing. The leave the Millennium clock with this teleportation type pod and head into Tulsa. The location for this final showdown is going to be right there in from of the Dreamland Theater, which is also where the Manhattan phone, and Angela’s bakery also happen to be.

From Senator to God

It was new to find out that Trieu was also going for Dr. Manhattan’s powers, but we learned in the last episode that this is also the plan of the 7th Kavalry. Senator Keene who has now trapped Dr. Manhattan is going to take his powers and then given them to himself in order to restore power to the white men. Laurie was brought into this so that Dr. Manhattan would have someone that loved him there when he died, but we also learn that Looking Glass has infiltrated the 7th K as well. He plans to stop this and get them both out of there.

In Keene’s speech some other things are revealed as well. Judd belonged to Cyclops and got close with Angela to get to Dr. Manhattan. They knew that Cal was Dr. Manhattan because he saved Angela on the White Night by teleporting a 7th K member to New Mexico. The mysterious Lithium batteries from that first episode finally have a purpose as well. They were melted down and used to make this cage that is now holding Dr. Manhattan.

The Exchange

Now with Angela coming into the 7th K Warehouse, all the plots becoming increasingly clear. She is there to warn them about Lady Trieu, that she too is going for Dr. Manhattan’s powers. Keens doesn’t believe her because this is her husband and then think that she is only trying to save him. She points out that their power source is all from lady Trieu even though it was stolen. Lady Trieu let them steal it.

Basically, what happens now is Keene powers it up which then gives Trieu the location to teleport them to her location. The cage, the 7th K and everything, all teleported.  First thing she takes their weapons, then delivers a speech written by William condemning the Cyclops organization for repressing people of color for decades. Trieu explains that the trade with her and William was that he would give her information about Cal in exchange she would get rid of Cyclops. She then vaporizes all of them.

This is after she show them what happened to Keene because he wasn’t smart enough to filter Dr. Manhattan’s power before putting it in himself which turned him to liquid. Dr. Manhattan uses the liquid that leaked in his cage to teleport Wade, Adrian, and Laurie out of there so Adrian would come up with some way to stop Trieu.

In Every Moment We Were Together, All at Once

Now for the saddest moment of the series. When Lady Trieu takes Dr. Manhattan’s powers into this sphere that is hovering above his cage. This kills Jon, but not before he has the chance to say goodbye to Angela. When she asks him where he is as he is dying, he tells her that He is with her in every moment they were together, all at once. As he dies, she is thrown back into the Oklahoma sign.

Rerun with a Twist

To stop Trieu, Adrian comes up with the plan to use these squid rains as a weapon, a weapon Trieu openly mocked in their first meeting. He lowers the temperature of the squid freezing them so instead of being harmless, they impale and destroy. Of course, this puts everyone in Tulsa in danger. Laurie calls the Manhattan booth to warn Angela. Bian pulls her into the booth for safety as the squid fall from the sky moments before Trieu is given Manhattan’s powers.

Dreamland Theater

During the rain, Angela makes it to the Dreamland Theater where William is waiting with the kids. She talks with him and learns that William’s involvement with the plan was all Jon’s way of giving her family after his death. He then mentions breaking eggs which seems like an off handed comment but with Angela and Jon’s history with eggs she knows that there is some meaning, she just doesn’t know what it is yet.

She offers for William to stay with her and he accepts.

Under Arrest

With Adrian, Laurie, and Wade, Adrian gives them the use of the original Nite Owl Ship for them to get home from Antarctica. However, that isn’t enough for Laurie now that she is an FBI Vigilante hunter. She places Adrian under arrest although he says that she has no proof that he did the squid attacks. Unfortunately for him, Wade has a copy of the video he gave to President Redford in his pocket which is all the evidence they need.

Walk on Water

And then this ending!!! Angela, the kiddos and William all return to her home after their eventful night. As they settle in, she sees the eggs she broke on the ground and remembers the scene that played out with the waffles. He says to her, ‘Watch the eggs, Angela” which seems like nothing at the time, but then put that with the walking on water right before that that was so important for her to see we are taken back to their conversation at Eddy’s bar. She asks him about transferring his powers. He said that it would be possible to put his powers into an organic material and then when it is consumed the other person receives his powers. The exact reference from their first meeting was that if you eat the egg you can walk on water. So, naturally Angela eats the egg by the pool and then goes to stand on water. Now, we never know if she stands on water because it cuts out. What do you think? Do you think Angela now has the powers of Dr. Manhattan? And would you like to see a season 2?

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