Marvel’s Runaways Season 3, Episodes 1-3 Breakdown!

Runaways third and final season dropped on Hulu finally! So, I will be doing a series of breakdowns for the season! It was announced after the cancellation of Clock and Dagger that both Tandy and Tyrone would also be making an appearance on Runaways! While they aren’t in these three episodes, I am breaking down today, they are coming soon.

Sweet Dreams

At the end of last season everyone kind of ended up in different places. Gert was kidnapped by her father Dale. Molly, Alex, Nico and Xavin along with a very pregnant Leslie are all at the mansion. While Janet, Chase, and Karolina are all in these dream tubes with Jonah (In Victor’s body) as well as, his Gibborim family.

While their bodies are in these pods, their minds are in this same algorithm that we saw Victor in last season. For Chase, he is working to rescue his friends and family becoming a hero to all of them. Janet finally gets the accomplishments and recognition for her work she deserves while Victor makes crepes. For Karolina, she married Nico in a beautiful wedding ceremony. Janet is the first to notice that they are in this algorithm but it’s able to get out through the door because there needs to be someone on the other side to open the door.

Need to Feed

One of the things that tipped Chase and Janet off to Jonah being in Victor is the sudden flakey skin which means that Jonah needs to feed on a person in order to be restored. This seems like a simple solution since there are three perfectly good candidates in the basement. However, when Jonah’s wife (The Alien in Stacy) mentions it he is reluctant. This tips her off that there is something going on and she suspects that it is something to do with Karolina.

She then enters Karolina’s algorithm to figure out why she is special and learns that she is Jonah’s daughter as well. However, this isn’t a happy thing. Jonah’s wife is pissed off and activates a beacon to be picked up on Earth instead of waiting for Jonah to build another ship. Jonah’s daughter (The one in Tina) tips Jonah off to this and they strike a deal. They will leave mom behind if Jonah strips his sons of his powers so she can take over after Jonah. This will also leave room for Karolina to join them. Jonah’s son is still in the wind after the ship explosion which becomes a big deal in a bit.

Find Our Friends

Meanwhile, at the mansion it has become clear that something has happened with Gert and Xavin knows that Karolina was taken by Jonah. They agree to split up thinking that they are either all at the Yorke’s house or the Stein house. Molly and Xavin go to the Yorke’s house and don’t find anything other than Molly’s old hair clip.

Alex and Nico go to the stein’s and use the goggles to see inside. They can see that there are three pods inside and assume that it is Chase, Gert and Karolina. They also see that there are two Gibborims with them.  This requires Alex and Nico going back to the mansion to hack the security so they can get into the Stein house.

Emotional Plea

With the help of Xavin, Molly learns that a strong emotional plea may allow for the host to fight off the Gibborim inside temporarily. They use this to lure out Stacy’s alien and Tina’s. They do this by having Xavin pretend to be Gert with the brother alien inside. Of course, the wife and daughter arrive they know that this isn’t the brother however, Molly does get the chance to talk with Stacy and breakthrough. She tells Stacy that Gert is missing and Stacy says that she will find her but can’t talk Molly with her, it is too dangerous.

Level Up

With Dale and Gert, she is obviously resistant to his ideas of just going back to normal. After some time, he realizes that he isn’t going to be able to have what he wants and then switches to better train her with Old Lace. They then have a training session that ends with both Old Lace and Gert knocked out from an impact with a tree. However, they must seem that this is enough because she is planning to leave with Dale staying behind.

On the Inside

With Stacy and Tina gone, Alex a Nico get into the house and to the basement where the pods are. After watching with the goggles before Alex know that in order to reach the people in the pods, they must touch the glass. He connects with Janet since him and Chase are not on good terms. She tells him about the algorithm and that the code to break them out lies in the Gibborim book. The book is in another language and not one that Alex knows, luckily Janet build a translator. With Nico, she has the chance to talk to Karolina and promises that she will come back for her.

After exiting the algorithm Nico and Alex must hide because Tina returns and Jonah come to the basement. They recognize that Stacy is missing but don’t seem too worried. Jonah does feel like there is something going on through. When they go back upstairs, he takes the book with him. This forces Nico and Alex to go up and get it. While he is cracking the code that he finds he can read, she has a dark side moment and drops her staff. Her and Alex then must hide in the closet with the book, but Jonah finds her staff.


Speaking of Nico’s dark side, these three episodes Nico is struggling with some dreams she is having that are connected to the weird thing that is happening to her eyes and the staff. The woman in the staff offers to mentor her but Nico feels like there is something bad and about it and fights it off.

Stacy’s Warning

After Molly gets Stacy to surface, she finds Gert and Dale to warn them about the Gibborim’s plan to leave Earth and the plans to wipe out everyone that knows about them after. Unfortunately, she doesn’t get to the part where she tells them how to kill them before the Wife takes back over and starts shooting light at Dale and Gert. Dale fighting was a highlight for me, but Old Lace was the real MVP and was able to knock Stacy out long enough for Dale to run off and Gert to leave with Old Lace.

Wish it Away

In the Algorithm. Janet realizes that they are putting a strain on the device which is causing a lot of glitching. This means that they need to act fast before it collapses and they all die. Chase is the one to realize that with their willpower they can wish for their dream world to be gone. Janet does this and they both end up together. Then they look for Karolina. Once she joins them, they look for the door out of there hoping that Alex has been successful in opening it from the other side.

Unfortunately, he hasn’t been since he and Nico were last trapped in a closet. However, Jonah knows because of the staff that Nico is there and hurts Chase to pull her out. Even though he is hurting Chase externally, this affects him in the algorithm and it is Karolina that saves him from dying. Nico then goes after Jonah and fights with him as a distraction for Alex to get the door open. In the fight Nico’s staff is broken but she is also tough physically, plus the back up from Molly, Xavin, Gert and Old Lace helps.


While Alex was able to open the door and Karolina makes it out, Janet was absorbed into the algorithm while holding the door for her, essentially being trapped inside forever while her body just disintegrated. She has the chance to say goodbye to Chase which was sad and but also the closure he needs to move on. Of course, that doesn’t stop the others from being an asshole to him for leaving in the first place. Luckily Molly is a good person.


Aside from all this Alien business, Katherine and Geoffrey are still in jail after Alex framed them last season. I mean, it was technically a frame but she did also kill Darius. In order to protect her family, she pleads Guilty to killing Darius knowing that if Geoff must stand trial, he will get life in prison. She is hoping that by pleading guilty she can earn some forgiveness from Alex and rebuild their relationship after she is out.

It doesn’t seem like that is going to happen though because she is ambushed in jail with the help of a guard by some people connect to Tamar. She is stabbed and killed.

Baby Trouble

On top of everything else, Leslie begins to experience issues with her pregnancy and goes to the hospital to get checked out. Glowing baby ultrasound was creepy. She seeks out help from the Gibborim church, specifically her mother but all she offers is words of faith.

He is With Us

So, the group is back together but that doesn’t mean that the problems are solved. Xavin is sure that the missing Gibborim brother is inside on of them and until they find out who, they are all in danger. The problem is figuring out which one. Alex remembers that the goggles work to identify them but they have come up missing with is interesting. Later when Leslie returns with the goggles that were outside, they begin to suspect that she may be the one that the brother is in. They come up with the idea to use the inhibitors to detect which one has a Gibborim in them. However, they used them all on Jonah to escape. Alex does some digging and finds that they were developed by Robert and are probably at Nico’s house.

Alex doesn’t go with them because this is where he goes to see his mom in jail before she dies, but the rest head out and find them in the house.


After Nico’s staff was destroy by Jonah, she took the remaining pieces and destroyed them in a in fire after having yet another dream of this woman wanting to help her. I think she senses that this is all just bad. While at her house she sees the woman in a photo. She also runs into her dad who says that the woman in the photo was an old friend of her mom’s.

It isn’t until after Nico leaves that we see that Robert and the picture weren’t there but the ravens that were released after the staff was burned. I am also pretty sure they killed Robert.

Brother Dearest

Well, they have the inhibitor and the issue now becomes figuring out who is the host and preventing Xavin from killing them. That prompts Gert to do it in the park where she can’t just openly kill people. It turns out though that none of them are the host which only leaves Alex and Leslie.

When they get back to the mansion though both are gone so Chase checks out the camera’s he installed earlier. He finds out that after getting the call that Katherine was dead, Alex collected the book he brought with him and then took Leslie with him.

We then see that Alex reaches out to Jonah. He tells Jonah that he wants to stay here but also has something he may be interested in. Leslie’s baby.

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