Crisis on Infinite Earths: Part Three- The Flash Breakdown!

We have reached the halfway point of the Crisis with huge moments this episode and a cliffhanger for the conclusion of Crisis which is coming up later this month. Thus far this has been my favorite episode because we get to see these two moments that both the Arrow and The Flash have been building to all season long.

Gotham 203

The opening of the episode was yet another destruction of an Earth, this time it was from the CW’s Birds of Prey TV Show which ended in 2003. For this they brought back Huntress who we see on screen and then Oracle who we only hear over the comms.

Remaining Paragons

The last episode was dominated by gathering of the Paragons that are needed in order to stop the Anti-Monitor. This included Supergirl as the Paragon of Hope, Batwoman as the Paragon of Courage, Sara Lance as the Paragon of Destiny, and Kingdom Come Superman as the Paragon of Truth. However, there are three paragons remaining.

Cisco, Frost and Ralph join the party since this is the Flash’s episode. This has Cisco figuring out the computer that is identifying the remaining Paragons. Once fixed we have the remaining three members. These include J’onn as the Paragon of Honor, The Flash as the Paragon of Love, and an unknown human, Ryan Choi, as the Paragon of Humanity.

Since two of these three are already on the team, a small group including Iris, Ray and Ralph head out to get Choi. This is really all set up for Ryan Choi to replace Ray Palmer on Legends, like in the comics, since Brandon Roth will be leaving at the end of this season. Ryan is sort of a fan boy of Ray since they are both from Ivy Town and work in the same field of science. Ryan though, is reluctant to join them claiming that he is not a hero and wants to spend the remaining time he has with his wife.

Iris then talks with Ryan privately and finds the words to get him to join the team. This links back to a conversation that her and Barry had before they separated, more on that in a minute. By the time Iris get Ryan to the Waverider, all other Earths have been destroyed.

The Flash’s Sacrifice

Since season one of The Flash we have been waiting for this moment that headlines a newspaper from 2024. Now in 2019, we see this play out differently than they thought. First off, the monitor returns Cisco’s vibe powers claiming that he is going to need them in this crisis even though Cisco doesn’t want them. When they discover that the Antimatter wave that is sweeping through the multiverse originated on Earth One, Cisco, Barry and Frost head to check it out and find themselves in the tunnels that we saw Harrison ‘Nash’ Wells/Pariah in almost all season.

When Pariah appears there with them Cisco Vibe’s Pariah’s memories for the answers to opening the Anti-Monitor’s chamber. Inside they find that the wave is run energy generated from Earth-90’s Barry Allen, the Flash from the 1990’s TV show. This is not the Jay Garrick Flash from Earth-3 that Barry has befriended, but the same Flash from last year’s crossover that the monitor made disappear. Barry attempts to get him off the treadmill but it is protected by a forcefield which requires Vibe’s powers.

Of course, there is a built-in fail safe that activates the destruction of the Multiverse at once instead of as a wave. Pariah isn’t any help at this moment because he disappears, but moments later reappears with Black Lightning in tow. We watched his Earth’s destruction both in his episode and over the monitor on the Waverider with Lois Lane. He can help stabilize the Anti-Matter wave generator, after some confrontation and confusion, while Barry and Barry figure out what to do. E-1 Barry realizes that this is that moment from the newspaper and that this is when he is going to disappear by running backwards on the treadmill which should cause the wave to reverse.

We have a brief flashback to that conversation with Iris that I already mentioned where they say their goodbyes with him already worried that this was going to be the moment he disappears. This is exactly what he has been running toward but promises that he will always run back to her.

Of course, this doesn’t play out the way he thought and it is Earth-90’s Barry that volunteers to be the Flash that dies in this crisis. E-1 Barry tries to argue but it is ultimately Cisco that makes the choice by putting E-90’s Flash through the barrier.


Since Oliver’s death in the first episode of Crisis, Mia has been working hard to bring him back with the help of Barry. Sara got involved as well knowing that effects of the Lazarus pit and wanting to make sure what happened to her doesn’t happed to Oliver. Of course, she brought in John Constantine and in the last episode he raised Oliver but was unable to recover his soul from Purgatory with all Antimatter in the Multiverse.

This has Constantine, Mia and Diggle heading to Earth-666 where we have a surprise and wonderful cameo from Lucifer himself! There were a lot of rumors and speculation about him making in the crossover and I am happy that they found a way to include him. John asks his help getting into Purgatory, and it seems that Lucifer owes him one for help with his friend Maze. If you haven’t watched Lucifer, that his demon friend/assistant. He also makes a comment about Diggle looking like his brother, Amenadiel, which I found hilarious. What they get from him is a card that grants them access to Purgatory for a limited time.

Oliver’s Purgatory happens to be Lien Yu, which is fitting since the name literally means Purgatory. Here they find Oliver and even though he supposedly doesn’t have memories of them, Oliver is easy to talk down. Just as they are about to talk him into coming back with them though a man appears named John Corrigan. He is a police officer that is has been holding the mantle of Spectre, but now it is Oliver’s time to because the Spectre, a job he accepts. This has the bunch returning to the Waverider without Oliver, but that doesn’t mean he is gone for good.

Spectre is a mantle that is literally the god-like embodiment of justice. Basically, everything that Oliver has been working on but now with God powers including time and space manipulation and power over matter. This explains the ending of the Arrow and where he goes after, but also leaves the door open for him to continue to make appearances in that Arrowverse long after. Spectre is also one of the main characters that go up against the Anti-Monitor in the comics. What they don’t explain is what will happen with the Oliver that they resurrected with the Lazarus Pit.

The Book of Destiny

While everyone was off putting the pieces together, Kara was debating on using the book of Destiny to bring back the Earths that have been lost, including her own. This storyline needs to be followed because they are going to have to explain this so the shows can go on after this Crisis. The problem is that the Book of Destiny isn’t the answer and Kate worries that she is going to have to use Kryptonite that she took from Bruce Wayne to stop Kara.

They do consult with Lex Luthor about the book and he admits that it takes an enormous amount of will to use the book, his was fueled but his hatred of Superman. For the feat that Kara is trying to achieve it would surely make her do crazy. This leads to a moment where Kate must stop Kara, but Kara actually backs downs when Kate reminds Kara that she is a Paragon and If she fails and they lose her, then all is lost.

After this confrontation Kate tells Kara about the Kryptonite and wants to give it to her as a sign of trust between them, but Kara tells her to keep it.

The End

With everyone returning to the Waverider it is time for the Anti-Monitor to make his move and for Diggle to figure out where Lyla has been. We know that she was pulled in by the Anti-Monitor and now that rest learn it as she attacks killing the Monitor. Luckily, Pariah can get the Paragons off the ship before everything else in engulfed in the wave of Anti-Matter Harbinger unleashes.

Pariah sent the Paragons to the Vanishing Point which is from Legends season 1 and is a place outside time and space. Before the episode ends there is one more surprise. It seems that Lex read about them ending up in the Vanishing point and changed destiny to make himself the Paragon of Truth replacing Superman

Part Four and Five will both Air on January 14th, I will have post up for them on the 15th!

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