Black Lightning S3E9: Earth Crisis Breakdown!

Finally! Black Lightning officially becomes part of the Arrowverse with the red skies appearing over Freeland. Of course, no one on this Earth has been prepped for Crisis so they have no knowledge of what is happening, but it does create an interesting episode of Jennifer as she struggles with who to side with, her family or the ASA.

Pick A Side

Over the last few episodes we have seen clear lines drawn with the people of Freeland (Henderson, Anissa, Gambi and Jefferson) opposing the quarantine the ASA has placed Freeland in. Lynn struggled with her decision but eventually Gambi had to rescue her from the ASA. She struggled with leaving because of her research and her addiction to Green Light that was orchestrated by Odell.

Jennifer found herself right in the middle though. She has been doing side jobs for Odell and the ASA, like taking out a Markovian location. However, she also isn’t blind to the fact that the ASA also beat her father in front of Garfield school. When the Red Skies hit signifying that the Anti-Matter wave is about to hit their Earth (73), Jennifer is put into a coma type situation. Later Gambi explains that her energy is disrupted by the Anti-Matter energy. While in the coma she has the chance to talk and see two other versions of herself which will help her determine what to do about her situation.

Earth One: Genn

On Earth One, Genn decides to go against the ASA but putting a Meta Cure in the water of Freeland. This upsets the ASA because they are no longer able to farm the people of Freeland into super soldiers. This lands her in their custody, but she is currently out for Christmas.

However, she later has to watch her father die at the hands of the ASA because he is working with Reverend Holt in order to get people out of Freeland, I guess the idea is that he wasn’t able to protect himself without powers. This in a way makes Gennifer responsible for his death.

Earth Two: Jinn

On the other hand, Jinn that decides to side with the ASA becomes brutal and ends up killing a lot of people including her entire family because she has just become too powerful. Pretty much either way her father dies and she is in a way responsible. This has her confronting her two other selves.

In this conversation she understands that these are two other versions of her on different Earths.

The Wave

Eventually, like on Earth-2 and Earth-38, Earth-73 is swept away but the Anti-Matter making Jennifer’s argument pretty much non-existent. Black Lightning however, he saves before the Anti-Matter wave hits him but the others are all dead.

I am very curious how this is going to affect the remainder of the show since after crisis the word was that only one Earth would remain. So, we won’t be getting back the same characters as we know them since they all just died. However, I don’t see the show completely changing because of the crossover. I guess this is something that will just be answered with the conclusion of Crisis and the second half of the season.  

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