Crisis on Infinite Earths: Part Two- Batwoman Breakdown!

This crisis is not disappointing with the epic crossovers and the sudden early death of a main character. The first episode was about getting all these main players on the same page. This includes bringing together Oliver, Mia, Diggle, Kara, Clark Kent, Lois Lane, Sara Lance, Ray Palmer, and of course Kate Kane. Lyla is also playing the major role as the Harbinger. Now that they all know about the crisis and Supergirl’s earth (Earth-38) is gone, they team must seek out the other paragons in order to take on the Anti-Monitor.

A Drink for Oliver

Kara, Sara, and Kate all take the moment to have a drink in honor of Oliver Queen who died at the end of Part One in order to allow for more time for the people of Kara’s Earth to make it onto Legion ships and escape. Kara is thankful for this sacrifice but also thinks that there must be a way for her to get her Earth back. We were told early on in released information that after crisis all our heroes would end up on one Earth so, the chances of that are slim, although I am sure Kara is going to try.

We need the Waverider

The Monitor needs the Waverider, specifically it’s tech. The thing is Sara has promised her crew that they won’t be doing anymore crossovers. I am sure that this has something to do with scheduling since at this point the Legends season has started. We so see some Legend characters in these episodes but only characters that started out on either Arrow or The Flash.

Luckily, Harbinger has an answer for that. They will just use another Earth’s Waverider. On Earth 74, we are introduced to Mick who has been living in an abandoned Waverider after the remainder of the crew retired. Probably the coolest part of this ship is Gideon is voiced by Leonard Snart. Harbinger lures Mick into the fold with the ship at the promise of beer and adventure


The goal of this episode becomes to find Paragons. We have seen the symbols of these seven Paragons with that post-credit scene with Harrison ‘Nash’ Wells and together they can defeat the Anti-Monitor as they have ‘the purest will’.

 The Monitor was able to get some information from the Book of Destiny, yes, the same book that our heroes destroyed last season. Luckily, the Monitor was about to go back and time and pull it from the timeline. Of course, Kara wants to use the book to bring back her world, while Mia wants to use it to bring back Oliver. Both are a quick no-go because the Monitor has been growing weaker at the Anti-Monitor grows stronger.

Anyway, about these Paragon. Collecting these seven should be easy. Both Kara Zor-El, the Paragon of Hope, Sara Lance, the Paragon of Destiny, are already on the team and known to the Monitor while he only has descriptions for two others, they are also easy to decipher. One is a second Kryptonian that has lost everything who will be the Paragon of Truth and the fourth is the bat of the future and the Paragon of Courage. The thought is that the Batman from Earth-99 is going to be the Paragon because it’s timeline is in the future.

I loved that Felicity is named dropped in this conversation at the one that was able to procure the Tomb of the Guardians, which gave these descriptions and clues.

Lex Luthor

It wasn’t surprising to us to see Lex Luthor show up after seeing him at the end of Supergirl episode 8, Kara is shocked to find out that Lex Luthor is here on the Waverider and working with the Monitor. This pushes Supergirl to become skeptical of Monitor for taking on Lex as an ally. To cheer her up Kate takes Kara with her to get this Fourth Paragon.

This leave Lex open to take the Book of Destiny with the purpose of wiping out every Superman which happens to be his part to play.

Earth-99, Gotham City

Kara and Kate head over to Earth-99 to find a very dark and disturbing Batman. This batman is played by Kevin Conroy who has been voicing Batman in the Animated Series (Arguably the best Batman) This has Batman Beyond vibes with an older Bruce Wayne but the exoskeleton he is wearing is pulled from the Kingdom Come comic.

What Kara and Kate find here is a broken and defeated Batman, along with Luke Fox. He mentions both Clay face and Jane Doe here as they are both Gotham villains that can take on the appearance of others but on this Earth, they have both been defeated. This Batman also no longer honors the no killing rule, after one kill, they just kind of add up, don’t they? Kate tries to appeal to him by telling him that this will be his chance to be a hero again, but after Kara finds Bruce’s kill trophy collection (Joker’s card, Riddler’s cane, and Superman’s glasses) they realize that this Batman can’t be the Paragon they are looking for. This is reinforced when he hits Kara with some Kryptonite. They end up taking down this Batman and getting back to Earth 1, but Kate sneaks back some Kryptonite for herself which is probably going to cause some trust issues later.

In this test though, it is confirmed with the Monitor that Bruce Wayne was never going to be the Paragon of Courage, it was Kate all along.

The Paragon of Truth

Both Clark and Lois from Earth-38 end up on this hunt to find a Kryptonian that has lost everything. While on Earth 75, drawn from the Superman Musical, Iris catches up with them to warn them about Lex and his work with the Book of Destiny. As it turns out, they are already to late for this Earth because this Superman has already been killed.

Then they jump over to Earth 167, the Smallville Earth, where they find Tom Welling’s Clark Kent. Right off the bat Tyler Hoechlin’s Superman knows that there is something different about him and that turns out to be that he gave up his powers for the sake of his children. Which is honorable but also feels a little weird to me. Anyway, Lex shows up and sends to Lois, Clark, and Iris away but then spares Tom Welling’s Superman because he is now powerless.

Then Iris, Clark and Lois end up on Earth 96, for the year that the Kingdom Come comic was published. This superman is the Kingdom Come Superman who has lost everything after an attack from the Joker on the Daily Planet. He is obviously played by Brandon Roth, who played Superman previously, with this Superman supposedly being a mix of his Superman and the Superman from Christopher Reeves movies. Since he has lost everything, he fits the bill for the Paragon of Truth, but before they can bring him in Lex shows to put an end to him. However, instead of outright killing Superman, Lex thinks it would be cool to have the Supermen battle it out. I love this fight scene and is probably a good look at what we will be seeing on the upcoming Superman CW show staring Tyler Hoechlin.

Iris and Lois can stop the fight after getting the Book of Destiny from Lex. Lex then ends up locked up on the Waverider when they bring back Roth’s Superman.

The Lazarus Pit

As if there isn’t enough going on, some people just can’t let Oliver go. This includes both Mia and Barry who are determined to use the pit. Of course, we can all see the glaring issues here which Sara attempts to warn them about since she herself has been brought back from the pit. Also, Thea has destroyed all the puts on Earth-1.

This has Sara, Mia, Barry with the help of Constantine on another Earth using a Lazarus Pit. They have one interruption from this Earth’s Jonah Hex. To stop him Sara gives him that trademark scar we have seen him with on Legends.

They put Oliver in the water and for a moment it doesn’t seem to take, however, Oliver does rise. The problem is, with the collapse of the Multiverse he cannot reach Oliver’s soul, meaning Oliver is a soulless monster.

The Anti-Monitor

Throughout this episode once the Book of Destiny was opened Lyla has been struggling with hearing voices and is eventually called to the Anti-Monitor who is strong enough now to take control over her. This gives us our first look at him at some version of a Star Labs. In the comics it is the Harbinger that kills the Monitor, but that we will have to wait and see.

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