Crisis on Infinite Earths: Part One – Supergirl Breakdown!

Crisis is finally here! We have been anxiously awaiting the arrival of Crisis on Infinite Earths since last year’s Elsewhere crossover and it has begun with a lot of cameos and some pretty crazy twists. For the most part both The Flash and Arrow have been dominated with Crisis preparation while Supergirl and Batwoman haven’t even mentioned it other than J’onn being prepped by the Monitor. All of these were tests that the Monitor put forth in order to prepare the Seven Paragons for what is to come. We will talk more about Paragons later.

The Creation of the Multiverse

The opening of this episode is the Monitor giving then Big Bang like origin story to the Multiverse with choices made by the people of earth causes different versions of Earth. We have seen this before in previous crossovers and on The Flash. What we don’t learn is the origin of the Anti-Monitor which still is clouded in mystery by the end of the episode.

Opening Cameos

The opening of the episode also included several clips from other Earths that pull in tons of DC based movies and tv shows.

Earth 89

Earth 89 is based on the 1989 Batman movie with Michael Keaton. On the bench is Alexander Snow a reporter that also worked for the newspaper that he is reading. On the cover is a sketch of the Keaton style Batman fighting Joker. When the sky turns red there is a Batman signal in the sky which was kind of confusing. This batsignal doesn’t match Keaton’s version and is more in line with what Batwoman’s bat looks like, I am sure they may have had a reason for it but it was weird

Earth 9

Earth 9 is the DC Universe with the Titans, specifically Jason Todd and Hawk. I was hoping for more of the Titans but understand that this could be the best we get. Stargirl is supposed to make an appearance in the crossover as well although she is a DC Universe Character. There was a deal worked out with DC Universe that Stargirl episodes will also air on CW so this could be why she will have a bigger role in the crossover.

Earth X

Earth X is from the crossover two years ago and we only have the brief images of The Ray flying though the air. While he did end up having his own cartoon spin off nothing else has been confirmed for his character. Since he showed up in this set of ‘check-ins’ from other Earths, I don’t expect to see him again although it would have been cool.

Earth 66

Earth 66 is based on the 1966 Batman TV Series with Burt Ward who played Robin. He Also has a dog that looks very similar to the Ace, the bat hound.

Argo City

The real action begins on Earth 38 which is Kara’s Earth. There is a brief Will Wheaten cameo where he is yelling about the end of the world, although it seems even, he wasn’t expecting it to happen right now. There dragon here that Kara is fighting we have seen on Supergirl before, if you aren’t familiar, this is Spike an alien lizard that grows to a dragon to protect its owner. Apparently, all the animals can sense the coming danger and are panicking.

At the DEO, Brainy confirms that there is some threat that is coming from space, this rules out the Leviathan. If you haven’t been watching this season, this is the threat that Kara has been fighting all season long. J’onn is able to give insight and tells them about the Monitor and the test that he has been putting J’onn through this season. At this point, Earth 38 has about 5 hours to prepare for what is coming.

Unfortunately, Argo city is not as lucky. They have moments to evacuate. Argo city is this small rock that houses the remains of what was once Krypton. Not only is Clark Kent and Lois there, but they now have little baby Johnathan they are raising. This has really been Clark’s plot since last season on Supergirl and it was confirmed in the last crossover that Lois was pregnant. This is prepping us for the upcoming Superman show on CW staring this Clark, Lois and baby Johnathan.

One important thing they remind us of is that on Argo, Superman has no powers because it is orbiting a red sun. Kara can get a message though the barriers of Argo city to warn them to escape but with so little time and only one pod, only Johnathan makes it off in time to avoid the Anti-Matter wave that sweeps across the city.

This is very much a call back to both Clark and Kara’s origin with the baby going off in a pod as their home is being destroyed. Brainy then warns that they are next.

The Harbinger

With the beginning of Crisis, we have the scene from last weeks Arrow with Mia and Oliver talking about his time on Lien Yu and how it made him who he is today. Then Lyla, who is now Harbinger, arrives to warn them about the start of Crisis. She takes not only them but gathers several other characters as well. This includes The Flash who was just ending his fight with Rosso, Batwoman on Earth 1 who is fighting the rabbits looking for her sister Alice, Ray and Sara who were out enjoying trivia night. She then dumps them all on Earth 38 where they will make their first stand against the Anti-Monitor.

Coming Together

For the most part all these heroes know each other but Batwoman being the newest addition is a little stand offish until Supergirl tells her that she trusts all these people. She then removes her cowl and introduces herself. Obviously, Oliver isn’t even surprised by this. Oliver then introduces his daughter Mia who was sent back from the future earlier in the season. This was really a gift from the Monitor but is also set up for a new tv series coming next year called Green Arrow and the Canaries.

In the first meeting we only have Oliver, Mia, Kate, and Kara who are joined by Clark and Lois who Harbinger was able to save from Argo. They are consumed with finding their son Jonathan and with Brainy’s help they get a location on him after he was sucked into a temporal shift which had him landing on Earth 16 in 2046. Superman obviously can’t go and get him because he is needed here but Lois with the help of Sara and Brainy head out on that mission. This after Barry, Sara and Ray Palmer arrives after doing some recon.

The recon included the rising of the Quantum tower which, for the time being, will stop the advancement of the Anti-Matter wave.  These Quantum towers are right from the comics and were placed on different planets at the dawn of time by the Monitor. I like the little conversation with Sara and Oliver before she leaves about him being a parent. Their relationship is one of those that I really am going to miss even though we only really see it in crossovers anymore.

Now They need a plan to defend Earth 38 and stop the Anti-Monitor’s army that will be coming to destroy the tower. Oliver, Mia, Kara, Clark, Barry and Ray work on mounting the defense while J’onn gathers evacuation ships and Alex heads to Lena for help.

I Die in the Crisis

With a few moments of down time Oliver and Barry have a moment for Barry to explain that he is set to die in this crisis. He references that article that he has shown Oliver before that has been on The Flash since season one. This pisses Oliver off because he made a deal with the Monitor last season to trade his life for Barry and Kara’s.

Oliver then calls out to the monitor and they end up in his cosmic space we saw last season. The Monitor tells him that there is no time for this and that basically his deal was only for last season and all bets are off in the crisis. I think that this is just the writer’s way of raising the stacks so we are scared for Barry, although he has the rest of this season. However, if Barry does go missing or is killed it could be a plot for the back half of the season.

There Should Always Be a Green Arrow

Before Oliver’s conversation with the Monitor he meets with Mia and gives her a gift. He passes to her a Green Arrow suit and the mantle of the hero knowing that his death is coming soon. She is reluctant to take it thinking that it should die with him but he tells her that she should carry it for him, she is more than capable. Again, this is all set up for her spin off show with Dinah and Laurel next season.

Earth 16, 2042

Lois, Sara and Brainy are now on Earth 16 in 2042, a place that Sara has been to before on Legends. This bunker belongs to an old Oliver that outlived his family and team. He is haunted by his decisions and is even frightened when he sees Sara, who died on the Gambit here. He found Jonathan and brought him here, which is kind of a play on an Elseworlds comic where Clark Kent landed in Gotham instead of Kansas and was raised by the Wayne family. This baby potentially could have been raised by Oliver become the Green Arrow with Superman’s powers.

Lois finds Jonathan and thanks Oliver while Sara is able to give him the closure that he needs by tell him that on another Earth everything worked out differently, because that was destiny.

The Escape Plan

While J’onn uses the Legion ship to gather up as many people as possible, Alex heads to Lena looking for help in building a portal large enough to send everyone to Earth 1. While there has definitely been some animosity with these two this season after Lena stole Myriad, Lena always had good intentions and is willing to help get everyone to safety. She does include that she will not be friends with them after, even though Alex saves her once from falling debris and gives her an idea for the portal.

The Army of the Anti-Monitor

The Army of the Anti-Monitor is these shadow figures that remind me of dementors from Harry Potter. The are easily killed but there are a ton of them. Their purpose is to destroy the Quantum Tower to allows for the Anti-Matter wave to take Earth 38. While the team work to fight them, the army does disable to tower and the wave begins again.

Kara and Clark head to the top of the tower and use their heat vision to temporarily restore the tower, although I think they know at this point they are really just buying time for everyone to flee and that there planet itself is doomed. This was all set up in the earlier conversation with Kara and Clark where she talked about carrying on the Kryptonian Legacy.

After they both use all their strength on the tower, they slow the wave while the others fight off the demons, even Kelly Olsen shows with James’s shield to help which is probably foreshadowing her suiting up at some point in Supergirl. The Monitor comes then to inform them that they have lost this round of the fight and they need to save their energy for later. He then teleports them all of Earth 38, all except for Oliver who hits him with the Arrow that Curtis has been working on in case the Monitor turned out to be bad. While this doesn’t kill the Monitor, it gives Oliver the time to continue to fight the demons for others to escape.

The Death of Oliver Queen

Oliver was able to save over a billion people with his heroic efforts, it did end with his death at the end of this episode. He has the chance to tell Mia, Barry, and Kara goodbye. He keeps insisting that Mia find Felicity and we were told that she would NOT be returning for Arrow, I wonder if she will be on Mia’s spin off.

I was not expecting Oliver to be killed off quite this early and it surely isn’t the last we see of Oliver Queen in other versions. Even the Monitor did not foresee him dying like this which is his way of saying that things are not going to happen at all like he thought, and most likely that they are going to be different from the comics.


In all the shows last week we saw Harrison ‘Nash’ Wells enter a chamber after tapping the symbols of each Paragon. Well when he arrives in this scene, we now understand that that was the Anti-Monitor’s chamber and he is responsible for setting him free. Now his atonement is watching the results of what he has done play out, which he says is doom.

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