Catching Up: Arrow Episodes 5-7!

Arrow this season has really been about prepping Oliver for what is to come with Crisis and in the process has taken us on a farewell tour through the seasons. These three episodes lead right into the beginning of Crisis. My next post will be for Crisis episode 1, which is the Supergirl episode.


We have already seen Oliver head to Hong Kong, Nanda Parbat, and face off with the Deathstroke gang in Star City. Not to mention, both William and Mia from the future have been in the present and there with him. This has given William that time he needed to forgive his father for leaving him, although, he had already really come to accept it. Mia though is struggling with seeing her father for the first time.

The opening of episode 5 is Oliver and Mia spending time bonding over training which has given Mia time to improve the training that she received from Nyssa Al Ghul when she was younger. In the last episode when leaving Nanda Parbat and before finding himself transported back to Star City, Oliver learned that he would need to head to Russia to get the plans for a weapon that could be used to stop the Monitor, at this point Oliver is question the Monitor and his motives. Curtis was able to get him the location of the Pulse Wave Generator.

Oliver decides that he is going to take Mia and William with him to Russia although Diggle reminds him that there were some dark times in Russia for Oliver when he was in the Bratva. Oliver thinks that he will be able to show his kids the good parts while hiding that dark side of himself.

Anatoly was there to greet Oliver which was a surprise since last we knew he headed to Corte Maltese after all that mess with Diaz. Instead Anatoly is now a respectable bar owner making drinks with umbrellas. Anatoly helps Oliver locate General Burov, the man with the plans for the Pulse Wave Generator but it isn’t going to be easy. He is the owner of a fight club, which William clues Oliver in that that is where he first met Mia.

Oliver meets with the General and in exchange for the plan Oliver must fight in the arena to which he agrees. This give Mia her first real chance to see Oliver in his element as a fighter and she is impressed. However, she is mad that for the most part she is sidelined this mission. She gets in the action though when she goes snooping while Oliver is getting the plan from Burov that he earned. It is the Bratva that brings her in and they have a bone the pick with the Kapiushoun. They then knock out both Mia and Oliver after killing Burov.

Now they are being held captive and Oliver tells them about the weapon plans in order to save Mia’s life. She is put to the test with the bell challenge we saw Oliver preform back in his Russian days although Mia fails, the life is spared because he believes that Oliver was telling the truth. Later when they are left alone, they work to escape with Oliver using his signature ‘dislocating his thumbs’ technique which has them running into Laurel and Anatoly after William was able to locate them.

Now that Oliver and Mia are out of danger, he is planning on sending her and William home to keep them safe while he gets the plans from the Bratva. Oliver argues that he made a promise to Felicity and he is not planning on breaking that promise. Anatoly is there to give Oliver some wisdom, that maybe he should reveal this dark part of himself to the kids so that it can make them better heroes.

Meanwhile, Laurel and Mia talk with Laurel pushing for Mia to stand up to her dad and stay. Mia is feeling bad about herself for not ringing the bell and the death of Zoe. Laurel reminds her that she has failed but that she isn’t a girl that gives up. When she decides to march in and tell Oliver that she is staying he informs her that he has changed his mind too. The plan is to have Oliver and Mia go into the ring at the fight club with William playing the role of the investor while Laurel and Anatoly go in for the drive. Remember, Laurel was sent by the monitor at the end of last episode to betray Oliver….

In the end Oliver and Mia kick ass in the ring and exit via smoke bomb and Laurel and Anatoly get the plans. Oliver then sits the kids down and talks with them about his dark past here in Russian. At the end of the episode he takes the opportunity to say goodbye to Anatoly, you know, the fun Uncle.

Old Friend Jason

While Oliver and Fam was in Russia, Diggle was on the task of getting the plutonium they are going to need for this device. Instead of taking on of the team members he seeks out Roy who has been hiding under the name Jason. Jason being a hint to Roy’s comic book pal Jason Todd. Roy has been struggling with his Blood Lust that we learned about toward the end of last season. He has since left Thea thinking this was best for her and has been living life as a loner and avoiding confrontation. We know from William’s arc last season that Roy ended up on Lien Yu alone to combat his blood lust. Diggle though wants to give him the opportunity to fight his bloodlust now as a team instead of him ending up alone for 20 years.

At first Roy has no desire to be back on the team because he fears the blood lust but agrees to help Diggle. When getting the plutonium there is a moment where his blood lust takes over but Diggle is able to help him control it making him realize that maybe he does need the team and he decides to stay on the team for the foreseeable future with Crisis coming.

Double Cross

After Laurel’s time in Russia with Anatoly and seeing that real change is possible, she decides that she doesn’t want to betray Oliver and that she wants to be a hero. She then pulls in Oliver and Diggle to her meeting with Lyla. Of course, Diggle is upset with Lyla but the argument stops when she tranquilizes all of them.

Time Loop

In episode 6 Oliver wakes after being knocked out and finds himself in a time loop. In this reality Laurel is also aware of the loop and the goal they think is to save Quentin from dying. Yes, Quentin Lance is back. The story is that he was shot by Diaz but didn’t die, he felt like he cheated death and then went on to become mayor. Quentin goes along with the time loop trusting both Oliver and Laurel and works with them several time trying to figure out what is going on. I am not going to break down each loop but, in the end, there was a lesson to learn here.

For Laurel she was given the opportunity to say goodbye to Quentin since she couldn’t do that before. She gets to not only say goodbye but to let him know that he inspired her to go on to become a hero.

For Oliver the lesson is a little harder. He must come to the realization that the only way for him to save his family is to stop fighting fate. He is going to die in crisis and he needs to work with the Monitor to see his mission through in order to save everyone else. He then also has the chance to say goodbye to Quentin.


After finding their way out of their test with the Monitor both Oliver and Laurel end up on Lien Yu on Earth 1 for one final mission. Lyla brings in Mia, William and Diggle all to help with building this weapon that Oliver has been working to collect the parts for, although even Lyla doesn’t know that purpose. The plutonium is on its way with Dinah, Roy and Rene flying in by plane.

Oliver must take the time to talk with Diggle, Mia and William and tell them about his new revelation that he must accept his fate and trust the monitor. This means that for Mia and William they must accept that their father is going to die and for Diggle his partner is going to be left behind. Mia obviously doesn’t take this well and spends the rest of the episode pretty upset with Oliver.

Lyla and Diggle also have the chance to talk and explain how she was brought into Moniter’s plans. Apparently, she has been helping to assemble a group of Heroes, most likely his Paragons, that will be able to fight the Anti-Monitor.

Now is where the fun begins, as Dinah, Roy and Rene are coming in for a landing their plane is shot down although Lyla was sure that the island was clear. This has the team splitting up for a rescue mission and recovery of the plutonium.

Lyla, Diggle and Connor all head to find the others and it was nice seeing them together as a family. He also drops that it was Diggle and Lyla that start Nightwatch in the future which is cool. Meanwhile, Oliver and Laurel come face to face with a long dead enemy of Oliver, Edward Fyers. What they end up concluding is that the energy burst that are happening on the island have manifested these people from the past. Oliver ends up fighting them while Laurel heads off with the plutonium case.

Oliver get away from Fryes men to then be reunited with Yao Fei who the island has also brought back to life. He and Oliver are looking for Fryes camp. When they find it, they walk right into a trap where they spend time together strung up. Oliver is impatient wanting to get back with his kids who both stayed behind to work on the device. Yao ends up talking Oliver into taking a step back and using patients, especially with what little time he has left with his kids.

While Oliver is on his side mission, the others have an interesting situation. Laurel finds them in time to tell them that Fryes is on the way, however, they are stuck because Roy’s arm is being crushed by part of the plane. It is Connor that suggest the best play is to amputate but Diggle is sure that there is another way. In the end they di end up cutting off Roy’s arm in order to save everyone else.

They all return to William and Mia. Mia is upset that now Oliver is off on his own and plans on going out after him but it is William that talks her down and into trusting Oliver. Of course, they are both upset to be losing Oliver but it is more important to cherish the gift they have been given.

With the camp now surrounded, Oliver gets through and they plan. The whole team goes out to fight while William works on getting the device powered. This works as a distraction until William realizes that they need Oliver’s DNA to activate it. However, when he gets back it doesn’t work. It was really Lyla’s DNA they needed. With the machine powered up all Fryes men disappear and Lyla leaves through the portal.


As they all plan to head off the island there are a lot of moments here. Oliver thanks Rene and Dinah for always being there. Roy talks about losing his arm and there are plans for a replacement with ARGUS. William tries to give him the arrowhead that will lead to Roy in the future but Roy thinks that it should stay in the family. Even Oliver wants it to stay with William. I can’t help but to think that we are going to see it again before the end of Arrow. Dig and Oliver also have their talk where he promises to stay with Oliver if he can, although he knows at some point Oliver is going to have to go it alone.

Oliver has one more thing to do before heading off the island and that is spending time at Robert’s real grave site. He is met here by Mia. She tells him how she also thought as a child that he put being a hero above being with his family, but now she is just grateful to have the opportunity to be part of his story.

As they head back to the boat Lyla, who is now the Harbinger, appears as the sky turns red warning them that the Crisis has come.

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