Catching Up: Arrow Episodes 2-4!

If you follow my blog then you know that I have been off and on over the last few weeks and have been working on getting caught up, especially leading into Crisis this week. These breakdowns will be brief and really point out the most important details for Crisis and Arrow as it comes to a close.

Hong Kong

After the devastation of Earth 2 being decimated with the Anti-Matter wave last episode, Oliver, Diggle and Laurel find themselves in Hong Kong Earth 1. Hong Kong is a place that Oliver is familiar with as he spent time here before reemerging in Star City after the Queen’s Gambit sank.  With familiar territory comes familiar faces but first Oliver gets a warning from the Monitor along with a new mission. First off, the Monitor is sulky that Oliver brought Laurel from Earth 2 with him, but Oliver just couldn’t watch another Laurel die. However, for Oliver’s sacrifice to work he must obey the Monitor. Now he is tasked with getting Dr. Wong to him without any explanation of why he needs him.

After the Monitor Leaves Diggle bust in warning Oliver that they must have accidentally busted up a gang deal and must head out quickly with Laurel jumping in to help. Laurel at this point breaks off but Oliver and Diggle head to an ARGUS safe house with the key phrase, ‘The Harbinger gives her regards’ where Oliver begins looking into Dr. Wong. While looking into Wong he discovers that he is a renowned biophysicist specializing in antibodies and complex proteins who also happens to be missing. Of course, they are attacked here but again are saved by a bad ass woman, this time Tatsu/Katana.

Tatsu takes Oliver and Diggle to her safe house and kind of explains what is going on. Apparently, the gang that attacked them is from the Crescent Order who have put a price on her head after she helped Nyssa Al Ghul. Now she is spending her time looking after the children of Hong Kong. Oliver explains about the upcoming crisis and the Monitor but Tatsu already knows of the Monitor, that he is a being who offers help. She then looks at a picture of Wong that Oliver has and knows the two men in the photo with him as secret police known to silence enemies of the state.

Turns out that Wong was put into protective custody after working on a top-secret government project. They also learn that he is being moved. Oliver, Diggle and Tatsu head out hoping to intercept him. That plan doesn’t pan out though when they come face to face with China White and the Triad who also want their hands-on Wong. The interesting thing is that China White is supposed to be in ARGUS custody but really the focus is getting Wong. This is when Tatsu comes in and makes Oliver aware that he is behaving like he used to when they first met. But Oliver knows the stakes he is up against even if Tatsu isn’t liking his blind faith in the Monitor.

Diggle gets a location on Wong after following a paper trail. The location is a PLA garrison which Tatsu gets the floorplans for. However once in the PLA garrison, Tatsu learns that Wong is making the Alpha/Omega virus while Oliver learns that he was already successful in creating it. Luckily the Triad doesn’t yet have their hands on the virus which is why they have Wong. Oliver’s plan is to use the virus as bait to get Wong to give to the Monitor. Of course, Tatsu is against this but with not may other options Diggle is forced to make the arrangements.

While Diggle is out Tatsu and Oliver talk and she reminds him that it was very similar circumstances that led to the death of her son nine years ago. The fear to Tatsu is that the Monitor could plan to use the virus in a way that it worse than the Triad but for Oliver there isn’t a choice. But we know that on Arrow, ‘There is always another way’

At the docks, Oliver meets with China White. She explains how she got out of ARGUS; it was some deal with the government where she gave information about the Ghost Initiate. While she inspects the case with the virus, Diggle warns Oliver that there is a car approaching which has Wong who has a bomb strapped to him. China White says that she will deactivate the vest when she is a safe distance away. This is when the fighting breaks out. Oliver works on getting Wong while China and Tatsu fight. Tatsu must get the detonator from China White before Oliver can remove the vest from Wong. When Katana gets the upper hand, China gives her the detonator but also stabs Tatsu. Just as China is about to finish Tatsu off, Laurel arrives and saves her.

With all this Oliver decides that before he hands over Wong to the Monitor, he wants answers. This will lead him to Nanda Parbat in the next episode.


We knew that the plan was to have Lyla be the Harbinger. They gave us the clue this week with Diggle’s coded message, but there have also been announcements confirming this. This episode we see Lyla turn over Wong to the Monitor behind Oliver’s back. Even her outfit in this scene resembles the Harbinger suit.


Laurel pretty much spends episode 2 anger and, on a path, to getting back to Earth 2. Lyla ends up joining her on her search to accepting that Earth 2 is gone. By the end of the episode Laurel accepts that her Earth is gone although she isn’t done grieving it. She will however help Oliver stop this from happening to another Earth.


In Episode 2, Mia, William, Connor and Zoe work on figuring out what JJ is up to with the Deathstroke gang he leads. They did get a flash storage when they were at Vasquez’s which William is working on decoding. Zoe though says that she knows where JJ is going to go to unload valuables that the Deathstroke gang took.

At the black market, we get a peek at how JJ turned out bad while Connor is good. I guess after Diggle adopted Connor, JJ felt shortchanged which made him angry. This eventually led him down a bad path to the Deathstroke gang. JJ and his gang later arrive which leads to a fight. they are joined by more Deathstrokes who come in holding with Zoe. JJ figures that there’s a better way to resolve things, but he has business to attend and suggests that he and Connor have a friendly chat, to which Connor agrees despite Mia’s objections.

JJ and Connor’s conversation is pretty much just Connor trying to appeal to the good in JJ he still hopes is there. However, this was all a set up by JJ to distract Connor from the real target. The real target is the bunker where William currently is working on that decoding. William can hide but the Deathstrokes get information from the drive which leads the team to learns that they are working on taking out people that support the unification of Star City.

Mia is ready to go back in the headquarters even though Zoe thinks that they need a better plan. The get in and William works on getting the information about their other plans while comes to terms with her fear of losing William, her last relative. Mia then gets the notification from the others that they have a location on JJ and the Deathstrokes so she heads there to help. In the fight JJ almost kills Mia which gives us all this Slade and Felicity feels, but Zoe jumps in and saves her only to be stabbed and killed herself.

Nanda Parbat

Oliver heads on his mission to learn more about the Monitor which has him back at the home for the League of Assassins. When arriving he is reunited with THEA!!!! She explains that while her and Nyssa did destroy all the Lazarus pits, Thea is working against the Thanatos Guild after what they did to Roy. Roy meanwhile is off trying to get over his bloodlust from the Lazarus pit while Nyssa is working on something else. We do know that Nyssa ends up with Felicity and Mia since she was the one that trained Mia.

Oliver takes the time to both catch her up on having a baby and that he is going to die soon. You know, that cosmic being said so. Unfortunately they have killed off most of the League members that could be of any help, however, Oliver knows one that owes him a debt.

This brings in Talia and a small league she has been building. She agrees to help if it clears her debt to Oliver. She says that there is a library in the catacombs under where the league used to be. Luckily, the only thing left is the one thing they need, even Thea points that plot point as ridiculous. However, when burning it they are given a map that will lead to the answers that Oliver is looking for. There is an obstacle though, Thanatos Guild.

After fighting an escaping Talia tells them that in the grave, they are going to is a sword that would allow for someone to rule the league indisputably. That makes this a grave that everyone wants to get to. While Thanatos ended up with the map to get there, Talia memorized it. Oliver has Thea rejoin Talia’s league while he and Talia head to the next stop. Luckily Thea isn’t a good listener because once Talia gets her hand on the next map, she knocks Oliver out and goes on without him.

Oliver knows a short cut to the destination and gets there just as Athena arrives with Talia as her prisoner. Athena sends Oliver, Talia and Thea in ahead so that they can sort out any traps instead of her sacrificing her men. I am going to cut this part short. Oliver fights with the Thanatos while Talia goes ahead with Thea following. Once Talia has the sword Thea challenges her with Thea winning and really becoming the leader of any league that is left. Thea doesn’t want to lead a group of assassins and instead proposes to create a league of heroes instead with Talia by her side.

While there have been a lot of sad moments in this season so far, the hardest was watching Oliver and Thea say goodbye to each other.

Lyla and Diggle

While Oliver was in Nanda Parbat, Diggle was helping Lyla with an ARGUS mission. The mission was to save Connor and his mother from the man that kidnapped them. The kidnapper is a man that Bronze Tiger killed back last season to save Lyla so now Lyla really owes it to them. I thought for sure that Connor’s mom was going to die here but they all make it through alive. We do know that at some point soon though Connor is going to come live with Diggle and Lyla.

One interesting conversation was Lyla commenting to Diggle about making sure that he knows she always loved him, obviously he doesn’t know the depths of her involvement with Crisis and she expects that isn’t going to go well.

The Future is Now

At the end of episode 3 something rather unexpected happens. Mia, William and Connor are all transported to the bunker at the present time. Oliver is also transported here with Rene, Dinah and Diggle already being here.  Obviously, the big shock is that Mia and Oliver are really meeting for the first time. William is reuniting with Oliver, the last time they talked was last season when William left to live with his grandparents. Diggle also finds it shocking that Connor is now his son. Rene notices that Zoe isn’t there but the future three decide it is best to keep their situation secret. Connor also admits that he did not kill JJ, and they have no idea if he ended up here too.

They call in Laurel and Curtis for back up in sorting this out and I LOVE how everyone who meets Mia knows that she is without a doubt just like Oliver. William and Oliver spend time working things out and William is opening to forgiving Oliver, even telling him that he is gay although Oliver already knew. Parents just know. Mia is a tougher task to get to because she is really struggling with how to feel.

Deathstroke Gang

While Oliver is reuniting with his kids, the Deathstroke gang is moving into Star City. Connor helps Diggle and Dinah with the investigation and finds evidence to suggest that JJ is involved. Mia, Connor and William set out to get him without telling the others. They find the Deathstroke gang where Galaxy One is for them and find not only is this where the bombs are being made, but that they are caught in the trap that was set. However, JJ isn’t here. Instead it is Grant Wilson, son of Slade. Connor knows Grant in the future as he is the one that groomed JJ.

They are saved by Oliver, Laurel, Dinah and Rene who are also on this trail but they now want answers as to why they though Grant was JJ. This has Connor confessing that JJ is not good, the leader of Deathstrokes even. This is hard for Diggle to digest and even harder once William adds that he also killed Zoe.

There is a temporary rift with Diggle and Rene but that is all patched with Dinah’s help. She talks Rene through his fear by deciding that together they can make sure that the future changes. Dinah also helps mend Diggle and Connor. Mia and Oliver only drift farther apart when she wants to go after Grant hoping that if she kills him now then it will lead to JJ being good and Zoe being saved. Oliver doesn’t want her going because he knows this is an emotional decision that is only going to end bad. Laurel soothes the situation though by offering to take Mia to the hospital to investigate the bombing.

Laurel and Mia talk and while Laurel doesn’t have much nice to say about Oliver, she does talk about Felicity and that she once wanted to kill someone (Diaz) and that she was talked out and was later thankful. Mia though is still ready to take out Grant.

This all ends up coming to a fight when Grant announces a siege on Star City. Connor knows that this is a cover for something bigger and the team, Oliver, Dinah, Diggle, Rene, Connor, and Mia head out to stop the plan. Connor ends up defusing a bomb with the help of Curtis and William on comms. Meanwhile, Mia gets her shot at Grant but is stopped by Oliver. The do capture Grant and he ends up in Gotham’s Blackgate.

Side Mission

While all of that was going on, Oliver gave Curtis a side mission to test fabric that he thinks could be made into a weapon against the monitor. This after he read in the scroll from Nanda Parbat that the Monitor once gave orders to keep the balance of good and evil. He thinks that because the scales have tipped that the Monitor is going to be the one destroying the world. Curtis thinks he can build this weapon for Oliver with Plutonium that Oliver is going to have to get from Russia.

The Monitor isn’t playing games though and meets with Laurel and offers to bring back Earth 2 if she will betray Oliver.

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