Catching Up: ‘The Flash’ Episode 6-8!

The Flash has been on of the shows most heavily effected by the upcoming Crisis on Infinite Earths with most of this season focused on Barry discovering that he must die and then how the team deals with it. Of course, Arrow has been very Crisis heavy since that will mark the end of the show. Episode 6-8 both deal with Crisis but the end of the Bloodwork storyline plus the introduction on what we can assume will be the Black Hole storyline after crisis.

Allen Barry

Since the beginning of this season Ralph has been pretty consumed with a case about a missing woman, Sue Dearborn. This does end up being Ralph’s love interest in the comics so this is something we could see happen in the second half of the season. Natalie Dreyfuss from the Originals has been cast as Sue but no word yet on when she is going to make her appearance on the show.

Barry gets in on the investigation when he is worried that Ralph won’t make it back in time for a surprise ceremony where the Flash will be honoring Elongated Man to set him up to be the main superhero after crisis. The mission is to get into this Gala to look for information on Sue. He thinks that she has been here from a photo where a woman is wearing a one of a kind dresses made by Victoria Vale, this being a reference back to Vicki Vale from the ‘Burtonverse’ movies. They suit up in tuxedos and head in. Ralph knows that they need to work to get into the VIP section so he talks to the woman in the red dress, January Galore. While she is onto Barry and Ralph, Ralph is still able to get his hands on her VIP token.

From this point on there are just too many James Bond references to point out but most of them are Goldfinger related. Barry and Ralph catch the eye of the host of the party, Remington Meister and they immediately raise red flags when mentioning Sue. Of course, Remington denies knowing Sue and the dress theory is debunked as well when another woman is wearing it. When checking the guest list though he knows that Barry and Ralph aren’t on it either but allows for them to stay.

From here Ralph still thinks that there is something going on because of the type of people that are here, drug lords, weapons dealers and the like. He continues to look for information as just Ralph but Barry thinks that the best way to handle this is to search as the Flash. This has Barry taken out by Remington because there were Meta sensors in the building and then Ralph is caught at the computer getting information about a weapon called ‘The Ring of Fire’ by Ultraviolet. Ultraviolet you remember was the cousin of Allegra that Barry and team caught back in the beginning of the season.

Now that they are captured, they are tied up while a laser shoots at them while Remington sells off the ‘Ring of Fire’ to the highest bidder. He will also be demonstrating the ring by having it destroy Central City. This ring I believe is a brother eye reference which is connected to Sue Dibney and the Identity Crisis in the comics. While being shot at Barry and Ralph escape from the laser in time to make it to the demonstration. Barry creates a distraction by pretending to be drunk. I loved that he compared Ultraviolet to Mortal Kombat, but by the end him and Ralph were able to stop Remington and Ultraviolet.

Honoring the Heroes

After All of Ralph’s and Barry’s exploits in Mid Way, they make it back in time for Flash to honor Elongated Man and in a surprise twist Barry was also honored as just Barry for all his work with the department. This is their way of saying that they are going to remember their friend just as much as they are going to remember his work as The Flash.

Chester P. Runk

After stabilizing in the MAC chamber, Chester is finally free to move on with his life although the rest of the world thinks he is dead. While Frost is the one there with him, his story really is about him and Cecille adjusting to their new life. If you remember, Cecile decided to no longer be a prosecutor but instead begin to defend Metas. She is upset that after all her time there she was quickly replaced and can’t go back.

Meanwhile, she helps him try to land a date with a girl from Jitters. While Jitters was destroyed, they are still running a to go business. While the relationship with Natalie didn’t take off, I think this was a way to just introduce Chester. He is a big nerdy tech guy and honestly, I think they are setting him up to take over after Cisco leaves. When Cisco is leaving is still to be seen, but I do think that Crisis is going to be the opportunity to take him off the show in a meaningful way.

In the Tunnels

For the last few episodes we have seen Nash down in the tunnels, in episode 5 he was trapped down here with Joe which is how he learned about Barry’s fate being connected to the Monitor. Now that he knows that he reveals to them that he is planning on killing Monitor for some reason that I feel is personal. But he has been jumping from Earth to Earth to find him. He knows that beyond this wall is a that space chamber that we saw him in last season with Barry and Oliver. We also so Lex Luthor there in a scene at the end of Supergirl episode eight.

Barry is not able to just phase through because of the Eternium that is surrounding the door, I guess it doesn’t allow for vibrations which is probably meant to keep speedsters out. What Nash is going to need to do is dig around the door which is going to require a UV device. Of course, this brings in our soon to be member of Team Flash, Allegra. He promised to give her a scoop about the multiverse in exchange for her using her powers to help him.

In the tunnels he does this mass information dump including the multiverse and the identity of the Flash as Barry Allen. However, when she learns that Nash’s intention is to kill the Monitor, she leaves not wanting to get mixed up in using her powers in a bad way like her cousin. She gets lost in the tunnels and ends up coming back to Nash and ultimately helps him pinpoint what needs to be removed to reveal the door to the Monitor. After all of that they end up back in Iris’s officer and we learn that there is a connection with Nash and another version of Allegra, maybe a daughter?

Bloodwork VS Elongated Man

At the end of episode six and into episode seven Rosso comes after Ralph. He takes Ralph’s blood but Ralph doesn’t become one of his creatures because Frost shows and bring him back to Star Labs where Barry then gives him a blood transfusion thinking that his speed healing will save him. It does help and then Ralph is sent to ARGUS where he will spend the remainder of his time healing and where he will be at the beginning of Crisis. I think this is going to be important because we already know from Arrow that Lyla is the Harbinger.

He’s In Your Head

When Barry gets home, he has an interesting run in with Rosso which seems to be either a dream or hallucination but is this new established connection that Barry has with him. It turns out that while giving Ralph blood some of Ramsey’s blood found its way into Barry so now, he is connected to him. This is how Ramsey knew about Barry being the Flash and the coming Crisis. Although, he seems surprised that he has nothing to do with Crisis and we find out why in this last two episodes.

After the first dream with Rosso, Barry gets check out by Frost but she doesn’t find anything wrong and sends him home with a monitor. However, now he sees his mother which the manifestation of the Speed Force is talking to him like it has done before. This is how Barry learns that he is infected and that he is in for a fight for himself which is really what the remainder of the episode is for Barry.

The horror Thanksgiving was pretty funny to me when I think about the cast sitting around filming that, but then gets less funny when Ramsey takes him to a grave yard with pretty much everyone that has died connected to the Flash, people that Barry blames their death on himself. The real lure for Barry is baby Nora in her crib with the XS mobile and then later a scene where he is holding Nora. I though including Reverse Flash was interesting. In the comics he is the real reason for the creation of Negative Flash, but I think this is more of a reminder that we are going to be seeing him coming up soon in the Crisis like he told Barry in the last Crisis.

When Barry begins to really doubt his commitment to dying in the Crisis, he is pulled away by the Speed Force who reminds him that once he is taken over by Ramsey he won’t be ‘Barry’ anymore but an extension of Ramsey. Barry gets upset though when learning that Ramsey isn’t really lying about eternal life and even attacks the Speed Force in the same way that Reverse Flash killed his real mother back in season one.

With that big argument with the Speed Force, Frost and Cisco are alerted to Barry’s distress and bring him back to the lab. Frost panics but Cisco grabs the Velocity X which boosts the Speed Force in Barry. In the end they basically fight over Barry and it seems at first like the Speed Force and Barry won.

Black Hole

After collecting information on the Black Hole last episode ralph passed the information onto Iris. She along with Allegra and Kamilla are looking into this organization and its connection to Ultraviolet being taken from the hospital. All the while Allegra is concerned about Iris and the article from the newspaper that Iris has been working on.

In the end they find the man walking around with the secret Black Hole society pin on his shirt but it explains that it is just a curer service and nothing more. However, when he shows up dead later with UV damage, they know that they are on to something. By the end of the episode Allegra confesses to Iris that she knows about Barry being the Flash and pushes her to finish the article.

We do see Iris write it and I imagine it is pretty like the original

That’s not Barry

After Barry wakes, he gets back to work but when Iris comes to see him, she knows that it is not Barry inside. Barry leaves to join Bloodwork and Cisco puts in place the Babel protocol which is a Batman Easter Egg to a program he built for all the Justice League members incase they went bad. This is the similar case here, Cisco built this in case Barry ever went bad.

Cisco also has the plan to use a photon blaster to destroy Ramsey and then to cure Barry but Iris is concerned that it will kill him since it hasn’t been tested. I thought this was a dumb argument, how many times have they done experimental, not time for test, things on the show. However, this leads into Iris meeting with Barry to get through to him. He offers the eternal life to Iris which she refuses and is almost killed but makes it back to Star Labs.

From here Cisco argues that they need to use the Photon Blaster because ultimately, they are going to lose Barry anyway. Even though Iris isn’t on board, Cisco goes to the park where he uses it on Ramsey. While it works a little, he is stopped by Flash and almost killed but it let go to be a part of the plan later. The plan being to use the particle accelerator to create an explosion with Ramey’s blood to infect the entire city.

Blood Workers

Meanwhile, every other member of team Flash is in some way fighting with the blood workers around Central City. Cecille and Kamilla spend their time trapped in the office and end up using Cecille as a zombie detector to escape.

Joe and Frost end up fighting together along with Allegra. When Joe is hurt, they all get to Star Labs to get him help. Frost again has a freak out moment when it comes to preforming medical tasks but it walked through it by Caitlin which gives Allegra the push, she needs for what she must do later.

The Pipeline

Together with some little clues Iris and Cisco have figured out that Barry is in 6Ethere fighting against Ramsey so when they come to the force field around Star Labs, they let them in when Barry says, ‘Let the light in’. Cisco knows that they are going to need Allegra to blast the pipeline with her UV powers to stop Bloodwork.

Ramsey does put his blood in so now it is the fight to stop it from exploding. This has a showdown with Ramsey and Barry vs Iris and Cisco. However, when ordered to kill Iris Barry can’t go through with it. While Ramsey tries to regain control of Barry this gives Iris enough time to blast him and knock him out. Also gives Allegra the time to blast the pipeline with the UV light and end it once and for all.

They use the MAC chamber to trap Ramsey and he is shipped off to ARGUS.

Red Sky

The episode then ends with them all sitting around waiting for the Crisis which begins with the Red Skies. Down in the tunnels Nash was also fighting the Blood workers until Allegra stopped them. We then have the post credit scene that Supergirl and Black Lightning also had which is Nash having access to the Monitor’s chamber by pressing the Paragon symbols on the door. I will be going a Crisis post separate before Sunday so be on the look out for that as well.

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