Supergirl S5E8 The Wrath of Rama Khan Breakdown!

The mid-season finale was full of action with a face off with Rama Khan and Lena, both thinking they are working for the greater good. After this episode there is the Crisis episode next week and then no episode until January 19th, 2020.

Lost Your Edge

After Rama Khan’s failed attack on Supergirl and Lena at the Fortress of Solitude he is now struggling to maintain control of the Leviathan. Gamemnae claims to have full confidence in him but she has been pushing her own tech agenda this whole time. With the stars aligning this night he plans to unleash a mass catastrophe just like he did during Pompeii. He takes the Staff of the Shadow World with him but he will also need the medallion, or at least the medallions power, which means he is going to need Andrea as well.

Rama Khan finds Andrea and she is reluctant to help but he promises that with her participation this will be her last job. Remember, she is still reeling from losing Travis.

She is a Luthor

Meanwhile, Brainy and Alex comes to save Kara who is being attacked by the fortress itself after Lena changed the programing. Kara then finds out that she is at Mount Norquay when tracking Myriad. Lena has the opportunity to use Krypton Cannons on Kara but disables it at the last minute.

Kara explains why Lena is made at her and then later confesses to them that she also took Myriad. Kara is sure that she can still get to Lena even though it is obvious that Lena is planning some type of mental attack. This is when J’onn joins them with Malefic with the information they know from Malefic being Lena’s prisoner.

Alex agrees to listen to Malefic after some heavy persuading from J’onn. He explains that he never went to the Phantom Zone but instead was sent to Lena’s lab. He also tells them about the Q-Waves. He also backs Kara is saying that he doesn’t think that Lena is meaning to hurt people.

Kara tries to reach Lena in her bunker by projecting a hologram but Lena no longer trust anything that Kara says and this is only confirmed to her that Alex had a virus uploaded while the hologram was projecting. Kara didn’t know about this and is upset with Alex, but Alex is set that while Lena was their friend, she is still a Luthor and capable of hurting a lot of people. She plans to then bomb the bunker once the virus lowers the shield and disables Myriad.

With the help of Brainy, they come up with the idea to use Malefic’s Q-Waves to counteract that of Myriad and the Q-waves that Lena will be using. However, this requires trusting Malefic which isn’t something that Alex is quite ready to do.

Super Volcano

While wrestling with what to do with Lena, Rama Khan is raising a volcano to destroy National City. Andrea gets away long enough to warn Supergirl and the DEO which then pulls them away from Lena. Rama quickly pulls back Andrea but Brainy got enough information to know that what Rama is planning could be devastating.

This time the Sonic Cannon doesn’t work but what they do realize is that this is more powerful than what Rama could produce on his own. That is when Kara sees Andrea trapped below with the staff. J’onn heads down to help her. Once he pulls out the staff this pretty much stops Rama and he disappears with Andrea.

When arriving back at the Leviathan’s Rama learns that he has been overthrown and Gamemnae is now in charge.

Mount Norquay

Lena has been combating the virus that the DEO installed and it turns out that the earthquakes from the volcano affected her too. It knocks off her satellites making it impossible for her to combat the virus. Eve/Hope is ready to head out and fix it manually but Lena fears that Lex would have booby traps set and doesn’t want to risk it. Hope reminds her that they are not friends, that she was created by Lena for this purpose. Lena then lets her go out, they get the satellite fixed and launch Myriad.

Malefic is combatting the Q-Waves but he is not quite strong enough forcing Alex to choose disabling the inhibitors and risking everyone at the DEO. Once that is done Malefic can stop Myriad.

Now defeated Lena and Hope head back to their lab where the police show, but Lena has a plan for that too. She has Hope take the fall saying that it was all her fault and that Lena was her prisoner.

Both Kara and Lena are left reeling with how their friendship is ended and wondering where it does from here.


After helping the people of Earth, J’onn sends his brother to Mars to help fight the white Martians there. Once he is gone the Monitor comes to J’onn. Now that he has healed from his past, he is now a strong enough warrior to face what is coming in the Crisis.

I should probably also mentions that The Moniter saved Lex from dying as well and has been holding him for what is to come since Lex is one of the smartest people. Of course, Lex wants to strike a deal that involves his sister.

There is also a post credit scene with Nash but I will talk about that in another Crisis only post, so be on the look out for that!

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