The Rookie S2E9 Breaking Point Breakdown!

This episode is really is about people reaching a point where there isn’t a return, or a ‘breaking point’ like the title of the episode. Originally, I thought this was going to be the mid-season finale but it turns out we have one more episode before going on break officially until 2020.

Where’s Barbara?

So, over this last season we have seen Nolan renovating his new home. Now, he has a visitor looking for the former owner of the house, Barbara. Turns out this is her husband, Howard. He says that he left his family several years before because of his drug addiction but now he has been diagnosed with brain cancer and wants to make amends.

This touches Nolan and he does some research to find Barbara even though Harper thinks he is just too nice. As he investigates Barbara, he notices that she just drops off about five years ago with no pings on her SSN. My initial thought was that Howard killed his family and they are stuffed in a part of the house Nolan hasn’t reached yet. However, in the middle of the night Howard breaks into Nolan’s place looking for Barbara again and this time Nolan realizes that he couldn’t find Barbara because she is in hiding from Howard. Howard does attack Nolan but he is easily handled.


Nyla again finds herself going undercover after finding out that one of her former friends from her undercover days, Eve, was beaten. She goes and sees Eve at the hospital as a clean Crystal but Eve is receptive to her and is upset that she up and disappeared. She does tell her that the man that attacked her was named Ripper, something she wouldn’t tell police.

This has Nyla set to go undercover to get Ripper even though Nolan thinks she is doing this to self-sabotage herself because she is nervous about her daughter coming to stay the night with her. Instead of letting her go alone though he stays in the van while she goes in.

When Nyla goes in Ripper wonders out loud if she is a thief like Eve but Nyla assures him that she hasn’t seen her in years. He agrees to giver her a job and wants to take her with him, however, she was instructed not to go anywhere with them. Nolan is worried that this is going to end badly so he stops the SUV from leaving by pretending to be Crystal’s old man. They let Nyla go but with a warning that he will see them again. This is something I really enjoy from this season, is watching their partnership grow.

That night Nyla gets her daughter and even though the bed breaks, it all goes well.


Tim and Lucy end up on a case after a bloody dog is brought into the station. They follow the information on the chip to a house where they find a woman dead and a child in the bathtub obviously traumatized. Night General, Armstrong, ends up on the case and thinks that the boyfriend is involved since there has been a history of calls to the house over the last few years.

Rachel also ends up on this case as Malcolm’s advocate. When talking with Malcolm they learn that not only was the mother the actual abuser in the situation but that it was probably Malcolm that killed his mother and not the boyfriend. When it becomes apparent that Malcolm is about to confess Rachel stops him and suggests a lawyer. Lucy backs up Rachel with annoys both Armstrong and Tim.

They call in Wesley who we have already seen this episode is having trouble adjusting after being stabbed a few episodes ago. While talking about the attack the boy confesses and goes into detail about how he killed his mother. This conversation triggers Wesley into a panic attack where he must run from the room.

Rachel spends a lot of time beating herself up about not going more for Malcolm before this point. Meanwhile Angela worries about Wes but he almost seems to close himself off to her help but we will have to see how that plays out.

Technical Advisor

Jackson and Angela also find themselves doing some interesting work. They are chasing down a suspect and after catching him Jackson is approached by a man named Sterling. He is an actor on a #1 cop show. After their encounter Grey gets a call wanting them to come to the set and be technical advisors. Jackson is thrilled and Angela spends her time with the catering until she is approached by another actress, Mandy Cross.

Mandy thinks that she may have a stalker. She shows Angela all the letters, that they have become more frequent and that she thinks there was someone in her house while she was sleeping. While there isn’t much Angela can do about it, she suggests that maybe getting an alarm system and calling police when she thinks someone has been in her home will help.

Later though things escalate when there are pictures of Mandy sleeping and a lipstick message on her mirror. Mandy tells Angela that she isn’t dating anyone other than on screen but Angela gets her some temporary protection.

Sterling and Jackson have been spending a lot of time together and Sterling really seems to enjoy and like Jackson, even inviting him out this weekend to hang out. Yes, they mean a date. This is when the door to Sterling’s trailer opens and Mandy’s stalker comes in and shoots Jackson and goes after Sterling. Angela stops her with a taser and luckily the bullet was caught by Jackson’s vest.

At the end of the episode Sterling and Jackson are hanging out and he is introduced to Lucy, so this may be an ongoing thing.


This was a pretty minor part of the episode but it seems that things are heating up with Grace and Nolan. He finds out that her son is out of town with his father leaving Grace free and bored. To pick her up he plans out three events for her to go to and then tags along. While they agree not to label it a date, it is a date.

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